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  1. Another great addon Zahid, thanks for improving OSC !!
  2. valquiria23

    Documentation Initiative

    Translating from English to Spanish so that someone later translates it into English seems like an inesan job. The best thing will be that when you have the final documentation in English, send it to me so I make a Spanish version. Valqui
  3. valquiria23

    Documentation Initiative

    Go ahead, Pass me what you advanced and I will do some missing part. Note that my screenshots are not going to work since my test site is in Spanish. Regards Valqui
  4. valquiria23

    HoneyPot Captcha

    What a nice update Jack !!! Thank you!!
  5. valquiria23

    Continue Shopping

    Nice job Jack !!! This addon should be part of the Core, but hey ... Thank you for your contributions to the OSC community !!! Best regards. Valqui
  6. valquiria23

    Documentation Initiative

    I'm not good at documenting in English, but I could help translate to Spanish if it's of interest.
  7. Thank you very much Zahid for your constant support to oscommerce !!!
  8. Hola Amigos como estan? Cual de los paquetes de idiomas sirve para OsC Responsive BS versiones EDGE o Gold ? Gracias a todos!!! Valki
  9. valquiria23

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    A week has passed and we already have 41 Phoenix-compatible addons in the market. Bravo !!! Thanks to the respective authors for helping the OSC community project and moving it forward !! Valqui
  10. valquiria23

    Marketplace Category/Version Cleanup

    Thank you very much @Harald Ponce de Leon for listening to the community's requests !!! This is a great support for Phoenix, now Phoenix can get off the ground and fly. Let's continue working as a team to improve the community and OSC. Regards Valqui
  11. valquiria23

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Excellent @burt !!! This is a community team work !! Also to make things easier, I consider if there are people who don't know how to work with github, they can send you the files with the changes and you could upload it to github, what do you think? BR Valqui
  12. Thank you very much @burt for returning my post. I appreciate the positive contributions of each one of you related only to the theme of this post. Best regards Valqui
  13. Hi everybody, I did a little research on the core team members. Here are the results: Member LAST reply LAST VISITED John Doswell May 13, 2013 Tuesday at 04:55 AM Jan Zonjee December 29, 2014 1 hour ago Stefan Kanitz March 15, 2018 Monday at 02:16 AM tgely August 23 August 23 IngoPhisto August 31 September 16 henri December 19, 2006 September 30, 2018 dabri May 28, 2018 March 14, 2008 As you will see Outside Bart all the other core members are inactive, they do not contribute to the community and I really do not understand why they remain core members when they seem more like a ghosts. It is obvious that without the work of Burt, OSC was dead, so we must all thank Burt for his fantastic work. It is time to take out the 7 ghosts mentioned above and replace them with new Core Team members. What do you think? Regards Valqui
  14. valquiria23

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor your contributions to decorate and make OSC more modern. These simple changes would be great to incorporate into the OSC core to give the Admin a renewed look. have a great day. Valqui
  15. valquiria23

    Making Phoenix Invoice look a bit better

    It would be nice if you can share it, so we have more options to choose and try. BR
  16. Do not worry Steve , if I did it, you could also do it !!!
  17. Hello everyone I don't have a business, I became an oscommerce fan a 3 years ago when I offered help to a family member to update their broken site of osc 2.2 due to an old version of PHP. I do it as a hobby in my free time, on the way I learned a lot from SQL, PHP, BS3 and HTML. Much thanks to the help of community users. That is why I believe in the need to share and help each other. With much effort and thanks to the help of all of you, last year I finished an EDGE site that works flawlessly in PHP 5.6 and 7.0. My hosting told me that it has no plans to remove version 5.6. That is why I am testing a new FROZEN site that is already mature and has several addons in the market. Phoenix looks great, but I need more information to make a decision to see if I change to Phoenix or continue with Frozen. Best regards Valqui
  18. Hi @14steve14 Thank you so much for sharing your opinion. I don't want you to think that I am negative, on the contrary I am VERY positive and just as a community we must be united to look for problems and propose solutions. What we should not do is accept things as they are or say that something cannot be changed. If we lose hope of improving, what is left? I agree that Burt did and does an excellent job and that's exactly why we should help him. We need 2 or 3 more people to work with Burt and help him with the core. Is this a community edition or not? Is not necessary for these new Core Team members to do everything. They can focus on a certain segment or they can work on the admin side (which is very outdated) by adding more features. There are several people who offered to help and participate, we have to accept that help !!! But that depends on us !!! Let us get together and make our thoughts heard. Best regards Valqui
  19. Thank you Dan for sharing that information, sorry for the case. Also Jan Zonjee can be an Ambassador, but as a core team (with all due respect) he is not. You Dan do an incredible job of moderation and you are not a core team .... haha I think nobody knows them ... That is correct, but we as a community must propose options and replacements to the core team members to change the old members for new ones that will help Burt. Burt needs our support !! This is where we can influence as a united and undivided community !! Best regards. Valqui
  20. valquiria23

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Darkly theme looks very nice !! nice job!!
  21. Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor this excellent contribution to the community. This demonstrates that good constructive conversations and ideas in the forum, result in excellent contributions to the OSC community. 👍
  22. Hi @ArtcoInc I was looking and found the reason why I had that problem. The problem arose from some <style> ... </style> within a template file. I don't remember well if I finish it with </ style> instead of </style> .... (a space within / and style) In summary look at the changes you made recently to your template files and look at the style code to see if it is well written. I wish you luck. Valqui
  23. I agree Jack I would love to have a second professional developer to Phoenix to work on the code on an ad-hoc basis. Jack would be a good candidate for his very interesting ideas and his great contrubuitions and addon. Hopefully some can be added to the core of Phoenix to make it more attractive to new users. But well ... it would be good to know what others think about my constructive suggestion.
  24. I agree Jack @Jack_mcs. I would love to if we can add Juck as the second professional developers of Phoenix to work on the code on an ad-hoc basis. He has very interesting ideas and addon that can be added to the core of Phoenix to make it more attractive for new users. But well ... it would be good to know what others think about my suggestion.
  25. Nice suggestions Juck, It would be great to incorporate it as an addon or have two types of modules in the core and that the user selects the one he likes the most, don't you think?