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  1. valquiria23

    Please Review my Website - comments are welcome

    My relative is adjusting all the prices of his old items. In a few days the real prices will remain. While I posted a message that the page is in maintenance.
  2. valquiria23

    Please Review my Website - comments are welcome

    Hi, @altoid, @JcMagpie, @Hotclutch, @puggybelle, @bonbec and @mattjt83 Thank you very much for looking at my site and for your comments. I like silders because they are very practical in mobile devices and as you know more and more online purchases are made of mobile devices. The only problem that I am left with, is the text displaying on top of the images . But the author of the addon @auzStar is traveling and could not help me The addon of the blue box that appears on the bottom right corner is: back_to_top http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9307 The pixelated images came from the migration of an old site, the idea is to replace them in the future. Best regards. Valqui
  3. Dear Dominic @auzStar, I hope you are very well. I tried to turn off the other addons that use Carusels but I had no luck. Would you kindly check the addon to see if you can think of a solution? Thank you very much!! Valqui
  4. Thank you very much Zahid for contributions to the community, sometimes simple improvements make great changes! Do you know if someone is gathering all those bugs reported in Frozen and plans to publish an update package? The members of the core team should do it as soon as possible because otherwise they will remind me of Harald Ponce de Leon and the official version .... Best greetings Valqui
  5. Thank you very much Zahid for another excellent addon !!! Thank you very much for your contributions to oscommerce community! Best regards Valqui
  6. Hello everyone. After 2 years of work I managed to finish (at last) the site that I made to a relative of mine, in production. I like to receive your reviews, opinions, criticisms and suggestions before I enable it to the public. The site is: www.ferreteriaideal.com.uy I would also like to thank all those who helped me in this process directly and indirectly: Harald Ponce de Leon - for creating oscommerce. @burt - for creating the Community Bootstrap Edition EDGE. @raiwa - for creating the EDGE version in Spanish and its great addons. Also for excellent support that he gives them. I need to mention @Jack_mcs, @Tsimi , @kymation , @auzStar and many others for their great addons and support. But the one who deserves special thanks is Zahid @JcMagpie for his help, willingness to help and the passion he has for oscommerce. I learned a lot from him, from his publications on the site and the advice he gave. It is important to mention its great addons that contributes to this community (which every time unfortunately is shrinking due to lack of leadership). Anyway, I thank all those who interacted with me in the good and bad times, because from everybody I learned, although I only keep the positive. Kisses and I hope you have an excellent weekend Valqui
  7. thank you all for sharing your individual experience !! It is good to know the good and the bad in order to form an opinion.
  8. Hi @Dennisra Just a recommendation, if you liked the addon and the support that he gave, you could at least give a LIKE to that person who did it. Best regards. Valqui
  9. valquiria23

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.4.0 Joli Beta

    @Ninolan Lately most people abandoned this project and are continuing it with another name. On the one hand, it hurts me that this project is abandoned, on the other hand, hopefully they will be able to do what is not achieved here because of lack of leadership. Best regards. Valqui
  10. valquiria23

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.4.0 Joli Beta

    Dear @Ninolan You can find a link to Frozen (the latest version of the CE) in my signature below. The person responsible for the great version is @burt, one of the best Oscommerce coders. But there are several in the community that support this version. Best regards. Valqui
  11. valquiria23

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.4.0 Joli Beta

    hi @Ninolan My personal opinion is that this proyect will never be available as step with V3.0 The leader of the team is missing in action. Core members are with their other new project. I think @Gyakutsuki is the only one who is doing something with this, but it is also in a parallel project to oscommerce. My recommendation is that you do not wait and use the glorious Frozen version of Burt. Best regards Valqui
  12. Thank you very much Zahid for another great addon. Your support to the community is invaluable!! Best Regards Valqui
  13. It was fixed very well! Test in chrome and Mozila !!
  14. Hello Zahid @JcMagpie I test it in chrome and Firefox seems to be doing well. On PC the objects in the navbar are misaligned. On mobile devices the button on the top right of the navbar does not work after selecting an option. Best regards. Valqui