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  1. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Hello @oscoMMarket , Where can I download the latest version of Frozen + ADMIN BS4? Best regards Vaqui
  2. Dear Dominic @auzStar. Sorry for the inconvenience, could you investigate this problem that I have? Best regards Valqui
  3. Hello @Bobber I did not do any of that. Just try with my normal facebook user number (I had to create an account). I do not create or use a developer or developer code account. I will investigate how it is done and try again. Thank you so much Valqui
  4. valquiria23

    Category on Index

    When you have few categories and products it is easy to make these changes. But if you have many it becomes more complicated since the ones with the lowest order = 0 are the ones that appear first. So if I have 500 products, do I have to change the priority to all (for example, to 1) and leave the 10 best sellers in order 0? BR Valqui
  5. just try this page on my cell phone and it works well. Inspecting with Chrome I see some errors but I do not know if they are related to this problem that you report. regards Valqui
  6. valquiria23

    Category on Index

    Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpie for your help I'm going to try it. By now seen all my categories are with order 0. If I want to put only 3 categories, would I have to order the 3 categories 1, 2 and 3 and all the others with the order 4? Best regards Valqui
  7. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Yes, definitely excellent work of the two of you. Congratulations!!
  8. valquiria23

    Category on Index

    thank you very much for your answer Jack. It would be great if you could add that improvement in some future version. regards Valqui
  9. valquiria23

    Category on Index

    Dear Jack @Jack_mcs I do not testyour addon, but I have the doubt: This addon adds all the categories to the index or I can select which categories to put in the index? Best regards. Valqui
  10. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Congratulations Henry, it seems that the impossible with dedication and effort is possible!
  11. Hi @Bobber Could you setup and assign an administrator for comments? ¨ I can not get the "Moderation Tool" button to appear as it appears in the image below. Any ideas? Best regards Valqui
  12. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Yes, it's true, I do not understand anything in programming, but it's my personal wish that we all join in moving forward this project and here is where I'm making my effort to unite everyone, trying to forget the past and think about the future. I will respect your wish and I will never mention you again, but I still think in a positive way trying to help unite people. peace and love Valqui
  13. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Sorry @burt I was a little confused , as you did not answer my PM I thought you left with the other people in this forum to the new secret project. How lucky you stayed, and I was wrong, it would be great if you and @wHiTeHaT come together and integrate @wHiTeHaT BS4 admin to your glorious Frozen !!! What do you think? You two have done an excellent job and I will always support you to move OSC forward. Best regards Valqui
  14. valquiria23

    BS4 admin

    Thank you for your unconditional support to move OSC forward, especially now that it seems that you are the last active core member due to the abandonment of the others to another project. This BS4 admin project is of great value to the community. Best regards Valqui