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  1. Thanks @Jack_mcs for your very clear explanation. I currently have no time to test each addon on each version of Phoenix and therefore I take version as a point in time. There is also no clear documentation of how to go from to 1.0.5.X which I understand is FUNDAMENTAL! You are all welcome to try those same addons in new/old versions and share your results. This is the purpose of this post, test, certify and share. Have a beautiful day. Valqui
  2. Now it looks much prettier !!! Thanks Zahid.
  3. Hi Zahid, what a nice addon!!! Thank you very much for your contributions to the community !!
  4. thanks for the explanation. It's good to share those things
  5. @JcMagpie It would be good to be able to put the TOTAL and the price in a separate line, below the quantity of items so that it is better visualized in small devices.
  6. you are welcome @JcMagpie!! I am not a coder but I can test and give good ideas. This is what OSC is about, sharing and working in community.
  7. I said: I would like to see positive acts of yours towards my person. You could show some acts of greatness, so everyone sees it.
  8. Look nice zahid !!! When your addon is finished I will try it and certify it !!
  9. Ignoring people and excluding them does not generate positive attitudes. Never mind, it's not my case. I am always positive and willing to help. Love Valqui
  10. @bonbec Thank you very much for your clear answer. Would you be kind to moderate my other post? today someone moderated it they forgot my request. Thank you!! Valqui
  11. It seems that we are several that are not admitted to the Club, I wonder why?
  12. I could not say it in better words. Bravo!!
  13. @burt Sorry if something was misinterpreted. I am sure you appreciate my positive contribution to the community with this post. In case you forgot to moderate, below is my request: From already thank you very much!! I appreciate you so much. Your supporter Valqui
  14. No way !!! We all appreciate your work on OSC and you know it !! You are a great Burt, don't forget it !!