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  1. Has anyone managed to adapt this addon to work in Phoenix
  2. Playing with CE Phoenix v1.0.6.1. The most complete OSC ever made!

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    2. valquiria23


      Testing CE Phoenix v1.0.7.2 Beta!!! for now everything is working fantastic !!!

    3. DivebombInc


      Built my site yesterday using it. Like it a lot. Not a website guy, so this is fun. Site is already up and running though.

    4. valquiria23


      Phoenix does not stop !!!

      CE Phoenix v1.0.7.5 was released today !!!

      You can download it here: https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix

  3. valquiria23

    Lost with version to use

    Los buenos hosting pueden habilitarte una versión de PHP diferente por directorio. Te sugiero abras un caso en el soporte y consultes qué posibilidades tienen. Saludos cordiales Valqui
  4. valquiria23

    Lost with version to use

    Hola @plutomon Pode bajar la ultima versión de Oscommerce Phoenix en el link de mi firma. Los paquete del idioma español están en el siguiente link : https://apps.oscommerce.com/f8hiQ&espanol-para-osc-ce. Suerte Valqui
  5. valquiria23

    Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold

    Como siempre muy clara la explicación. Hoy le pregunte a 3 personas si sabían que significaba albarán y nadie sabia (yo tampoco), por eso fue mi sugerencia. En mi país le llaman "Remito". Tenes razón lo mejor que cada usuario lo adapte a sus necesidades. Saludos cordiales Valui
  6. valquiria23

    Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold

    Hola @raiwa, espero estés muy bien. Muchas gracias por el excelente trabajo que haces en el mantenimiento del pack de idioma Español. Quería sugerir un cambio para futuras versiones: En catalog/admin/includes/languages/espanol/espanol.php cambiaría const IMAGE_ORDERS_PACKINGSLIP = 'Albarán'; Por una de las siguientes posibilidades mas modernas: const IMAGE_ORDERS_PACKINGSLIP = 'Recibo'; const IMAGE_ORDERS_PACKINGSLIP = 'Comprobante'; Muchas gracias por considerarlo. Saludos Valqui
  7. Hi Valquiria, how I install a spanish pack for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 thanks


    1. valquiria23


      Hola Luitor, espero estes muy bien.

      Pode bajar los paquetes de idioma español en los siguientes link :

      Versiones pre EDGE: 


      Versiones EDGE y posteriores:


      En todos los paquetes hay un instructivo de como instalar los paquetes de idioma. 



  8. I think we have to understand that several environments coexist here. The base environment is ocommerce.com that was a great idea of Harald, that project was born as OpenSource software was an innovative idea and revolutionized the market where each shopowner was allowed to have their online store. But as every new thing there are always improvements and commercial interests are what drive changes to improvements. That is why many talented coders took the OSC code and went off to do their own business. In the middle, Harold got bored with the project (or surely he will have his own very justified reasons for abandoning the project). As we know the OSC site is maintained by business partners (paypal, solomono, oscTemplates and others). Those partners contribute money to appear on the OCOMMERCE.COM site because they want to earn money, that's what capitalist life is like, and that's fine, it's their right. In my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) Phoenix is another business partner, Phoenix pays Harald to have his club and therefore he has the right to have commercial profits and that's fine !! No one works for free. So if some modules are given only to people who support Phoenix that in my opinion is fine. I think you have to look at things in proportion and see the progress Burt made in Phoenix. Some reward he deserves for that effort ($$$, Beers ...)!!!! Burt took Oscommerce and improved it to a new level. As we can see above, the improvement list is huge and I am sure there is much more to come. So I send you Burt, good luck with your project. Best regards Valqui
  9. Ban people from the forum and exclude them don't generate good relationship. however everyone appreciates the great work the Phoenix team is doing. Perhaps it is time to look for new ways to involve people in the project by changing attitudes. and let's not forget Phoenix saved osc.
  10. Shopowners and coderes always think differently. It will be good put your foots in to others shows sometimes to understand why he thinks different from you. Love Valqui
  11. valquiria23


    Hi Jack, Thank you very much for your complete and detailed explanation. I'm going to give that thing a try. as always you give excellent support Jack, congratulations BR Valqui
  12. valquiria23


    Hi Jack, @Jack_mcs Maybe it is not the correct topic to ask this question, but does this addon let you know if the number of users connected simultaneously is less than 200, for example? The other day I had 500 IPs from Singapore on my site on the whos_online and only one client from my country (it was me looking at the site in addition to google), that slowed the site down a lot. It also gave me this error sometimes: Warning: mysqli_connect () [function.mysqli-connect]: (42000/1203): User already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in includes / functions / database.php on line 20 I had to block singapore IPs ... But I wanted to create an alarm in case that amount of Ips happens again ... I appreciate your comments if this addon works for me or if there is another. Cheers Valqui
  13. valquiria23

    Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold

    Hola autopartes. Tenés dos opciones. Bajar la versión usando el link de arriba y usar el paquete de @raiwa o seguir con la y esperar que salga el paquete de idioma más actualizado e instalarlo. Yo esperaría un poco ya que @raiwa los actualiza muy seguido y tiene excelente soporte además de ser una persona muy amable. Saludos Valqui
  14. Just a question, in cell view I do not see the carousel moving the products. Could the carousel is stopped?
  15. Thank you very much Zahid @JcMagpiefor your contributions to the community. You are always ready to help and improve oscommerce. I love carousels, before trying it I went to your test site at the link above but it seems to me its send me to another site. Would you be kind to check the link? regards Valqui