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  1. Dear @burt Your BSv4 front page test site looks amazing, congratulations! Is it planned to integrate it with the admin side that @wHiTeHaT is doing? Best regards. Valqui
  2. Hi @burt Tested with Google Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (Official build) (64 bits) seems everything normal
  3. just the probe and they are excellent! congratulations, you are very creative Zahid @JcMagpie! Thank you very much for your contributions!!
  4. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    Dear @Dan Cole I really share your thought, but we have to keep in mind that the competition advanced light years these years and an Ecommerce platform without a wysiwyg html editor in the admin size for example scares new users. I am not a programmer but I know that there are several addons on the subject, so we only have to integrate them into the basic package, it should not take a lot of work and with little effort we would make a lot of progress to modernize oscommerce. Best regards. Valqui
  5. MATC BS

    Dear jack @Jack_mcs Is this addon only compatible with the Frozen version? Best regards. Valqui
  6. Hello !! Does anyone know if this addon is compatible with OSC EDGE? Best regards Valqui
  7. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    wysiwyg html editor for the admin size , like CKEditor :)
  8. Last active OSCOMMERCE team member

    Dear @wHiTeHaT Just a cosmetic detail, to make better marketing to osCommerce. It would be nice to add some modern products such as Samsung S9 or iphone 8 cell phones or iphone x to the catalog to give it a renewed look. Having prehistoric images does not help new users thinking that osCommerce has not evolved in all this time. Best regards, Valqui
  9. Hi @frankl how are you? Since 2.4 is very delayed, do you have plans to publish this addon for Frozen? Best regards Valqui
  10. Dear Zahid , @JcMagpie The carousel look and works fabulous !!! I congratulate you for this great addon and it would be very nice if you can upload the latest version to the store because several will surely like it. Congratulations again! Best regads Valqui
  11. Dear Zahid , @JcMagpie Thank you very much, I will try it and I tell you what the result was. Best regads Valqui
  12. Dear Zahid , @JcMagpie Another question, how did you do to add an outline with a shadow to the images? Is it possible to add arrows to rotate the images to the right or left with the mouse or fingers on a mobile device? Best regards Valqui
  13. thank you very much Zahid , @JcMagpie You are the one!!
  14. Dear Zahid , @JcMagpie Another excellent addon, you are a genius! I try it and it works OK. The only disadvantage is that it adds comments to the global site, so the comments are the same in each product. Is it possible to change the data-href parameter to each product page so the customers can comment about each single product? looking in the forum I found this code, but I think we have to adjust it .... data-href="<?php echo urlencode(tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'], 'NONSSL', false)); ?>" Opinions are heard. Best regards Valqui
  15. Dear Zahid , @JcMagpie As always excellent your addons, congratulations! I have an idea of improvement for this fabulous addon. It's possible add a link to each image, so if you click with the mouse on the Image , it send you to the page of the category or the product? Best regards. Valqui