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  1. Dear @@mcmannehan Where can I see a screenshot or a live site with this addon? Best regards, Valqui
  2. Hi All, Does anyone out there know of a module for Mercado Libre payment Module mercado pago? Best regards. Valqui
  3. Thank you Jack, you're a genius !! Please let me know when you have the new package. Best Regards Valqui
  4. Hello @@frankl how are you? I wanted to know if you are going to publish this excellent contribution officially, or it will continue as a beta test. Best regards Valqui
  5. Dear @@Jack_mcs I attached some links for you to see. Best Regards. Valqui
  6. Dear @Jack_mcs I replace all the files and the issue continues :( any clues? Best Regards. Valqui
  7. Hi! How are you? I'm looking for an oscommerce Bootstrap EDGE addon that allows visitors (without being customers) to subscribe to the newsletter. Any recommendation? Best regards, Valqui
  8. Hello how are you? Did anyone tested this addon Social Login on OSC EDGE? Best Regards Valqui
  9. Hello everyone, I need to duplicate the eubanktransfer Payment Module, so customers can use two different banks. I duplicate the files eubanktransfer.php and and change its name to bank.php in the following two directories: /catalog/includes/modules/payment/eubanktransfer.php And catalog / includes / languages / espanol / modules / payment / eubanktransfer.php But when I go to the admin - Modules - Payment this new "bank" module is not appear to install, the other eubanktransfer is installed correctly. Do i missing something else? I have OSC EDGE. Best regards. Valqui
  10. Dear @@auzStar Just tried the new version and everything works flawless. You're a genius!! thank you very much !! Best Regards, Valqui
  11. Excellent work. This work adds significant value to the community. It would be nice to do it with other issues. Congratulations!!!! Valqui
  12. Hola Tito, muchas gracias!! Next week I will try it , and give you a feed back. thank you very much for your attention. Beso Valqui
  13. Dear @@auzStar I just install this add on a OSC EDGE with the "Modular Front Page" installed and perfectly working with all the modules, and i get the folowing error : Fatal error: Call to undefined method currencies::display_raw() in /home/content/n/e/w/xyz/catalog/includes/modules/content/front_page/templates/new_products_carousel.php on line 53 any clue Best regards, Valqui PD In the installation instructions the line : b) If upgrading, delete old templates files that contain names like this "cm_fp_new_products_carousel" as per examples below (you may not have all): catalog\includes\modules\content\front_page\templates\cm_fp_new_products_carousel.php should be b) If upgrading, delete old templates files that contain names like this "cm_fp_new_products_carousel" as per examples below (you may not have all): catalog\includes\modules\content\front_page\cm_fp_new_products_carousel.php
  14. Hi @@Jack_mcs I have already installed the second addon (Modular Front Page Bootstrap). I saw the link you sent me but does not match this addon. Also installation instructions are wrong and incomplete (not like yours Jack that are always perfect :) Anyone is encouraged to try this addon and write a better manual for silly like me? Best regards Valqui.
  15. Hi all !! Someone test this addon? The documentation is very poor any help is appreciated. best regards Valqui