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  1. valquiria23

    Return to Top App

    Hello @lhi10 Try this made by @JcMagpie: https://apps.oscommerce.com/XNhjj&jcm-back-to-top-header-tags-v1-0 Best regards Valqui
  2. Thank you very much Zahid for another excellent addon and to move oscommerce forward.
  3. valquiria23

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    OK, it turns out that the site is very old (osCommerce 2.2-MS2). I'm going to have to migrate it to EDGE or Frozen very soon. While the hosting enabled me the mail () function again. Thanks to all who answered me. Best regards Valqui
  4. I love this module Zahid @JcMagpie !! One question: in addition to the Contact Us link, can I place another link under "Contact Us" as "site map"? @Gyakutsuki It would be great if you can provide the missing code to approve or not approve the script, to improve this addon Thanks Valqui Valqui
  5. valquiria23

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    Dear, @Jack_mcs I have a linux server, is changing the setting in admin->Configuration->Email to SMTP going to work? or do I need to make changes the code and correct it tu use SMTP so that it does not use the mail () function? Yes, spam was sent from the Contact us form and the mail () function was blocked, now no form works I think that installing reCAPTCHA will be the easiest solution, what do you think? Best regards Valqui
  6. valquiria23

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    Hi, @Jack_mcs My hosting blocked the mail () function of PHP and it asks me to install reCAPTCHA to be able to activate it. The hosting asks me that the new configuration of the contact forms in our services when sending emails from PHP will be through the SMTP protocol. What function does OSCOMMERCE EDGE use to send emails? Best regards Valqui
  7. valquiria23

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

  8. valquiria23

    reCAPTCHA addon recommendation

    Hello , I see that @Demitrypublished an addon in the market. Somebody tried it and can you tell me about his experience? Best regards Valqui
  9. Hi all, What addon of reCAPTCHA do you recommend installing for an oscommerce EDGE version prior to Frozen? Kiss Valqui
  10. valquiria23

    Email marketing done right.

    Thank you very much Zahid for the summary of available options. surely this article is very good for new users. Thanks for your contributions to the community! regards Valqui
  11. I do not think you produce crap Zahid! you are very wrong. I love your addons and in my opinion you were the person who contributed most to the community lately. I use several of your addons and I need to let everyone know that you always give excellent support to me and many more people. Also when you find errors you always upload an update. Please reconsider and do not stop contributing, this is the true spirit of oscommerce. Best regards Valqui
  12. I personally prefer to have 50 addons that may not be coded in perfect form, but that professionals who know how to code will help to improve them . Today we see 3 different models of addons: 1. Payments Addons made by professionals who do not publish anything in the market. 2. Basic free addons made by professionals, published in the market and that sell a pro version in private form (for example @raiwaand @Jack_mcs). For me it's the best way to advertise yourself. 3. Non-professional users like @JcMagpiewho create free basic addons and share them with the community, this is the spirit of OSCOMMERCE, what happens that these basic Addons interfere with the $$$ interests of professionals who try to sabotage them in any way. I like the second business model (basic version and a Pro version) but regarding the third point remember that if nobody makes the first effort we will never get anywhere ... Anyway, I'm totally in agreement with @burt, the criticism must be constructive and friendly. Best regards. Valqui
  13. This topic has a double intention, the first is visible, very logical and necessary. The continuous improvement makes man grow and perfect himself. But there is a hidden second intention and it is rediculizing and humiliating @JcMagpie and that does not seem good to me. You can not compare the work of an amater who is making his first addons with the addons of a professional coder that there is not even an addon updated in the store ..... Instead of encouraging @JcMagpie for his contributions and his attempts to improve the community, yo all only criticizing him. Better when you see an addon with errors report it, propose solutions and upload them to the store. I only see criticism and criticism and in the middle $$$. @burt, another thing, the site http://www.oscbooks.com/ is down. It is not good to have links to partners that when you arrive at them site, the site are fallen or broken, Best regards. Valqui