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  1. estrich

    Product Tags

    Thanks for all the suggestions - that already helped me a lot! I will be looking into the suggested add-ons and see what might fit best for our scenario. Thanks again, estrich
  2. estrich

    Product Tags

    Thanks for your input Dan! I may have worded my request badly. I don't need my customers to tag the products, I just want to tag them myself and then built a menu where the items query for products with a certain tag. Cheers, estrich
  3. estrich

    Product Tags

    Hi, I'm looking for an add-on which allows me to add custom tags to my products. I want to create a second menu (besides the categories list) with a list of properties (as in health properties) certain products have (one product can have more than one property - therefore needs more than one tag). The items on this list trigger a search for all products with a certain tag and list them. The properties list itself should not be generated dynamically. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, estrich