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    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    its will be good if it will be a hooks . its work well now .. one issue .. that I can't delete the records as you see there is not delete button.. I will check it again ..I don't think its that important just delete the the records via phpmyadmin
  2. Omar_one

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    thank you @ecartz 👍
  3. Omar_one

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    Thank you @ecartz that fix if but now I get 2 another error Notice: Undefined variable: trInfo in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\admin\ship2pay.php on line 112 line 103-117 <?php $s2p_query_raw = "select s2p_id, shipment, payments_allowed, status from ship2pay"; $s2p_split = new splitPageResults($_GET['page'], MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, $s2p_query_raw, $s2p_query_numrows); $s2p_query = tep_db_query($s2p_query_raw); while ($s2p = tep_db_fetch_array($s2p_query)) { if ((empty($_GET['s2p_id']) || ($_GET['s2p_id'] == $s2p['s2p_id'])) && (empty($trInfo)) && (!isset($_GET['action']) || (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new'))) { $trInfo = new objectInfo($s2p); } if ( (is_object($trInfo)) && ($s2p['s2p_id'] == $trInfo->s2p_id) ) { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRowSelected" onmouseover="this.style.cursor=\'hand\'" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $trInfo->s2p_id . '&action=edit') . '\'">' . "\n"; } else { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRow" onmouseover="this.className=\'dataTableRowOver\';this.style.cursor=\'hand\'" onmouseout="this.className=\'dataTableRow\'" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id']) . '\'">' . "\n"; } ?> and Notice: Undefined variable: trInfo in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\admin\ship2pay.php on line 128 and here the lines 121-129 <?php if ($s2p['status'] == '1') { echo tep_image('images/icon_status_green.gif', IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_GREEN, 10, 10) . '&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id'] . '&action=disable') . '">' . tep_image('images/icon_status_red_light.gif', IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_RED_LIGHT, 10, 10) . '</a>'; } else { echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id'] . '&action=enable') . '">' . tep_image('images/icon_status_green_light.gif', IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_GREEN_LIGHT, 10, 10) . '</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;' . tep_image('images/icon_status_red.gif', IMAGE_ICON_STATUS_RED, 10, 10); } ?></td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><?php if ( (is_object($trInfo)) && ($s2p['s2p_id'] == $trInfo->s2p_id) ) { echo tep_image('images/icon_arrow_right.gif', ''); } else { echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link('ship2pay.php', 'page=' . $_GET['page'] . '&s2p_id=' . $s2p['s2p_id']) . '">' . tep_image('images/icon_info.gif', IMAGE_ICON_INFO) . '</a>'; } ?>&nbsp;</td> </tr>
  4. Omar_one

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    @BrockleyJohn I installed it and there was errors I fixed all of them except this one on the admin Notice: Undefined index: action in C:\xampp\htdocs\test\admin\ship2pay.php on line 108 and here is the line (on just this line there was 4 errors... fixed 3 of them and still the last one " this line after the editing ") if (((empty($_GET['s2p_id'])) || (empty($_GET['s2p_id'] == $s2p['s2p_id']))) && (empty($trInfo) && (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new'))) { here is the original line if (((!$_GET['s2p_id']) || (@$_GET['s2p_id'] == $s2p['s2p_id'])) && (!$trInfo) && (substr($_GET['action'], 0, 3) != 'new')) { any idea how to fix it ? Br Omar
  5. Omar_one

    ship2pay for 2.3.x

    @BrockleyJohn is there any plan to update it to Phoenix?
  6. Maybe using cURL instead will fix the issue.
  7. Hello @raiwa ,, I am testing it on and it show error when I go to install the "Points" payment method module. (Modules -> Payment) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function show_total() on null in C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php:69 Stack trace: #0 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\system\versioned\\abstract_zoneable_module.php(19): points->update_status() #1 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\system\versioned\\abstract_payment_module.php(16): abstract_zoneable_module->__construct() #2 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php(32): abstract_payment_module->__construct() #3 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\admin\modules.php(174): points->__construct() #4 {main} thrown in C:\\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php on line 69 and line 67-75 (points.php) if ($this->enabled == true) { $this->enabled = false; $cart_show_total = $cart->show_total(); if ( tep_not_null($max_points = check_points_redemtion ($cart_show_total)) ) { if ($order->info['total'] <= tep_calc_shopping_pvalue($max_points)) { $this->enabled = true; } } }
  8. Hello guys, I would like to ask, for a few months we have one weird IP address's start (144.119.160.XXX - 144.119.165.XXX) shown on the whos_online.php page all the time with so many pages open , and last and this month we got Bandwidth Limit Exceeded error (509) , so my question is can this IP address case much site traffic .. I know there can be another thing case this issue ( size of the images,..) BR Omar
  9. Omar_one


    I checked it last night , fixed some error ... still a few error .. but I am sure your fix more professional.
  10. Omar_one


    Hello @Jack_mcs is the textmaster compatible with Phoenix ? Br Omar
  11. same here and the problem is if the products don't have attributes you get the same error Error! Unable to determine the page link! Tomatoes has attributes , Grapefruit without attributes Hope this will help
  12. I have the last one PWA_Phoenix_4.3.0
  13. I have same thing ... new phoenix installation without any add-on and after the enabled the modules it shows they are not active (but they are active) but its seem to me its working
  14. Omar_one

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    Hello @Jack_mcs, is there any plan to update Gift Vouchers Secure for Phoenix? Br Omar
  15. Omar_one

    Express checkout 1_2 pages

    @hungryfrank I have edit the checkout_payment_exp.php to work with Phoenix v1.0.7.2 and here is the file checkout_payment_exp.php
  16. Omar_one

    Attribute Images

    @LeeFoster check this oscommerce-Options-as-images it look it has update to Frozen version but its not uploaded to Apps Marketplace.. and on readme file typed there "This is a working version for osC CE Frozen version, and will only work on the community bootstrap versions of oscommerce.." I installed on phoenix small editing to options_images.php (admin) I get it working there the shop side need to create pi module
  17. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    @eaglik as @ArtcoInc said there is a list of approved developres in the Phoenix club they will take your shop to the next level..
  18. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    if is not installed then your admin -> modules -> Header Tag -> install -> Product Schema JSON-LD
  19. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    @eaglik check if you have the module installed (Product Schema JSON-LD) your admin -> modules -> Header Tag -> Product Schema JSON-LD
  20. I installed last year .. but and I was put it off as I was not need it ,,, today I put back on ,, but I can't block the any countries. when I chose the country and press Block Countries - NEW nothing happens..
  21. I tried this but they are not banned ..
  22. @burt I was planning to do that ,, I just want to know if that IP can case the issue
  23. Omar_one

    Free Shipping Per Product for v2.3

    Hello, Did anyone got this working on Phoenix?? some of change code it can done by new modules and the class files can go to override ,, but the changes on catalog/checkout_shipping.php hard to find !! any tips Br Omar
  24. Hello @raiwa there is no Guest module in Admin =>Modules => Customer Data
  25. Omar_one

    Free shipping mode

    I am using this on our shop (Frozen) and working well, ,, I still not try it on Phoenix .. its need some change on the core code.