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  1. @frankl after the host update the php from 5.4 to 5.6.33. We had some issue with osPOS. When I chose order reporting or view more from History (drop menu) I get blank page. Do you have any idea how to fix it? BR Omar
  2. @Tsimi I just reinstalled the Held Orders addon (I have been editing it to fit to my needs). There was some duplicated line by mistake... now it is working Thank you Omar
  3. I just disable the Held Orders addon for now.
  4. I found whats made the problem, I tried to fix it but no luck
  5. @Tsimi @raiwa sorry guys the addon working well ... I installed the Held Orders addon a few months ago and it made this problem, I fix the held order addon to work with Discount BS addon... as we are talking about Discount thing I am offering to both of you -15% from our hat shop as a thank you. if you are interested in hats just PM thank you again Omar
  6. I was think about that I have empty it and install the addon again.. it was not fix it :(
  7. bs. This was the first time we used Minimum Order Sub-Total, maybe it can case this issue? and another thing when we added the discount by mistake we added like this 20€. I mean with (€). after we have the issue . ya. here is over 4:00am Thank you Omar
  8. The old shop osc2.2 we had Discount Codes and after we moved to osc2.3 edge installing Discount Codes BS and upgrading from an older Discount Codes BS version to the latest from time to time.
  9. @Tsimi We create discount this kind of Taxes 24% Prices show with taxes Matkahuolto = shipping it looks like its takes the discount (-20) double times from the total
  10. @Tsimi just update it and still same issue
  11. Ya, it was working well before ... code changes recently there no code changes recently .
  12. @Tsimi we have version 4.2 bs installed
  13. Hello @Tsimi We have been using this addon for awhile and working well , today when we create discount 20% or 20€ they are duplicate in the checkout_confirmation.php example : subtotal 100€ discount (20%) -20€ same if we use 20€ TAX 24€ Total 60€ it should be the total 80€ Any ideas?
  14. Product Listings - Item Per Page

    Try this BR Omar
  15. QTPro BS

    @PiLLaO @raiwa I think the best things for that to modified stats_low_stock_attrib.php from QTPro add the Categories and Manufacturers menus(filter) and editing some code there and using jQuery Ajax for Inline Editing in that file , Br Omar