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  1. Hello @raiwa ,, I am testing it on and it show error when I go to install the "Points" payment method module. (Modules -> Payment) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function show_total() on null in C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php:69 Stack trace: #0 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\system\versioned\\abstract_zoneable_module.php(19): points->update_status() #1 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\system\versioned\\abstract_payment_module.php(16): abstract_zoneable_module->__construct() #2 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php(32): abstract_payment_module->__construct() #3 C:\xxxx\xxxx\shop\admin\modules.php(174): points->__construct() #4 {main} thrown in C:\\xxxx\xxxx\shop\includes\modules\payment\points.php on line 69 and line 67-75 (points.php) if ($this->enabled == true) { $this->enabled = false; $cart_show_total = $cart->show_total(); if ( tep_not_null($max_points = check_points_redemtion ($cart_show_total)) ) { if ($order->info['total'] <= tep_calc_shopping_pvalue($max_points)) { $this->enabled = true; } } }
  2. Omar_one


    I checked it last night , fixed some error ... still a few error .. but I am sure your fix more professional.
  3. Omar_one


    Hello @Jack_mcs is the textmaster compatible with Phoenix ? Br Omar
  4. same here and the problem is if the products don't have attributes you get the same error Error! Unable to determine the page link! Tomatoes has attributes , Grapefruit without attributes Hope this will help
  5. I have the last one PWA_Phoenix_4.3.0
  6. I have same thing ... new phoenix installation without any add-on and after the enabled the modules it shows they are not active (but they are active) but its seem to me its working
  7. Omar_one

    Gift Vouchers Secure

    Hello @Jack_mcs, is there any plan to update Gift Vouchers Secure for Phoenix? Br Omar
  8. Omar_one

    Express checkout 1_2 pages

    @hungryfrank I have edit the checkout_payment_exp.php to work with Phoenix v1.0.7.2 and here is the file checkout_payment_exp.php
  9. Omar_one

    Attribute Images

    @LeeFoster check this oscommerce-Options-as-images it look it has update to Frozen version but its not uploaded to Apps Marketplace.. and on readme file typed there "This is a working version for osC CE Frozen version, and will only work on the community bootstrap versions of oscommerce.." I installed on phoenix small editing to options_images.php (admin) I get it working there the shop side need to create pi module
  10. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    @eaglik as @ArtcoInc said there is a list of approved developres in the Phoenix club they will take your shop to the next level..
  11. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    if is not installed then your admin -> modules -> Header Tag -> install -> Product Schema JSON-LD
  12. Omar_one

    Google search console errors OSC v2.3.4.1

    @eaglik check if you have the module installed (Product Schema JSON-LD) your admin -> modules -> Header Tag -> Product Schema JSON-LD
  13. I installed last year .. but and I was put it off as I was not need it ,,, today I put back on ,, but I can't block the any countries. when I chose the country and press Block Countries - NEW nothing happens..
  14. I tried this but they are not banned ..
  15. @burt I was planning to do that ,, I just want to know if that IP can case the issue