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    SpicyGirl reacted to kymation in [Addon} Theme Switcher   
    That's right, it's another typo. Thanks for the bug report.
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    SpicyGirl reacted to Jack_mcs in TextMaster   
    Yes, to both. :)
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    SpicyGirl got a reaction from Tsimi in Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread   
    Thanks @@Tsimi, will check, despite the addon area is messed up. Time to clean up that area and to have a section for BS
    Dont know anymore, install everything like it is in the install directories.
    Meantime I installed without hassle the version of Jim Kymation.
    I have the latest Whishlist version, installed & works, but found some different codes.
    Thats why I informed you, so that you know there are differences between Gold & Edge
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    SpicyGirl reacted to raiwa in Product listing   
    Hello @@ndiggity,
    Just to let you know that I uploaded a new KissIt Thumbnailer version which supports transparetn background for PNG and GIF images.
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    SpicyGirl reacted to raiwa in Optional Related Products, Version 4.0   
    If you do not see the Related Products in the Catalog box you missed to do Step 2 of the installation instructions.
    To see the button in Admin =>Catalog=> Categories/Products, you  need to select a product. It doesn't show on category level (category selected). Otherwise you missed something in step 1b.
    Make also sure to do all explained in Step 5.
    There is nothing strange, filename is hardcoded here following the latest best practice guidelines.
    It saves adding the filename definition to includes/filenames. This will be practice in the future OsCommerce versions.
    See this forum:
    This add-on is published since  one year and is tested and works.
    Just follow all instructions and double check that you applied all Steps correct.