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    [Addon] Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap)

    It would be nice to have the ability to add (external)web links too to the navigation bar. Now you have to edit the source code.
  2. the 2.3.4. BS shop is online, few hours work. One table was missing categories_description field. Why it wasn't a problem in 2.3.4? It was not in the sql I had to import to switch to BS. But anyway, solved. Thanks for the support and making the software.
  3. @@raiwa, Thanks for the great help, it was spot on. I edited the language box out of the navigation bar, one currency, one language, then it's not needed. For my understanding, why had <div class="clearfix"></div> to be added, it wasn't above inserted code. Now I have to find a moment to merge this with the live shop.
  4. raiwa, the height doesn't make it better, best works without it. Only at small with, the background I use doesn't scale, where the logo does. But that is on smartphone size. I use an 1px width image for that #storeLogo { background-image: url(images/mgcn-header-bg.png); } The logo not on top is a bigger problem. Can't think I'm the only one wanting a header above the shop. It wasn't hard in the old version. I have forgotten what I have done for it, but overwriting everything with new code during upgrade didn't change it.
  5. Thanks, the logo bar is now left to right, the img width made the logo go wrong with sizing the site small. Only left, can I get the logo on top of the navigation bar? Switch them
  6. Hi, I just moved my webshop from 233 to 234. It started as 2.? in 2007 While I'm at it, moving to 234BS seems next. The webshop is standard, only a different skin. And that only are colors and the thing I can't find to do it proper, is the title/logo bar. I want that on top, as in here: http://www.mgcn.nl/clubwinkel/ here my test 234BS shop. http://www.mgcn.nl/cw/ From the past I have learnt that hacking php files to get things done isn't best, next update you have to do it all over. So is there a way to get the header on top as in my sample?