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  1. @@kymation, :thumbsup: tnx for the last suggestion. With that code I see the page.
  2. Since I'm not coder, so all I can do is read and try, test and see result. So far only thing worked as in I did get a page, was to "ignore" that line by // it. Will this result in problems?
  3. Hi, First of all thank you for your contribution. I was looking for a good order editor.. and saw this contribution. I installed it on a fresh 2.3.4 BS version. (only style addaptions) When I open the order handler in admin I see a blank page and in the log file on the server I see: " PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in ......./catalog/admin/includes/modules/order_handler/general_functions.php on line 575, referer: ...../catalog/admin/index.php " Line 575 in the general functions.php is: 574 function dump( $var ) { --> 575 $backtrace = debug_backtrace() [0]; <-- 576 $fh = fopen($backtrace['file'], 'r'); 577 $line = 0; 578 while (++$line <= $backtrace['line']) { 579 $code = fgets($fh); 580 } 581 fclose($fh); 582 var_dump( "\n$line: " . trim( $code ) . "\n________________________________________" ); 583 var_dump($var); 584 die; 585 } When I searched for the error message, I read that it might have to do with the version of php : This is the info I get from the server with the admin tool server info: database: MySQL 5.5.47-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 and PHP Version: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.16 (Zend: 2.3.0) Any idea's what the problem can be...
  4. I'm no coder, but I sure want to help you with feedback, but I'm not sure what kind of feedback you are looking for. Are you looking for error's or for tune-ups, improvements? Michael
  5. @@burt: Well been a few days and with your suggestion I have come up with a new approach to change the look of the website. For this I had to alter the template_top.php and template_bottom.php Coding in the template_bottom.php you suggested, I extended with more options: <div id="columnLeft" class="col-lg-2 col-sm-3 col-xs-4 col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth(); ?> col-lg-pull-8 col-sm-pull-9 col-xs-pull-8 col-md-pull-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridContentWidth(); ?>"> and <div id="columnRight" class="col-lg-2 col-sm-6 col-xs-6 col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth(); ?>"> To make sure the left column is shown left of the content all the time, I coded the following in he template_top.php <div id="bodyContent" class="col-lg-8 col-sm-9 col-xs-8 col-md-<?php echo $oscTemplate->getGridContentWidth(); ?> <?php echo ($oscTemplate->hasBlocks('boxes_column_left') ? 'col-lg-push-2 col-sm-push-3 col-xs-push-4 col-md-push-' . $oscTemplate->getGridColumnWidth() : ''); ?>"> It is not yet 100%, but it is getting there... I would like to see if I can get the right column underneath the left column when screen width is below 768px.
  6. @@burt, Thank you for your suggestion. A pointer in the right direction is what I need and with that advise I will continue "my quest" to get it as I want. Now I also understand the different php files a little better aswell.
  7. Thus far I came up with this in my user.css @@media (min-width: 375px) and (max-width: 579px) { .col-md-2 { float: left; width: 33.3333333%; } .col-sm-6 { float: left; width: 50%; } } @@media (min-width: 580px) and (max-width: 991px) { .col-md-push-2 { left: 20%; } .col-md-pull-8 { right: 75%; } .col-md-2 { float: left; width: 20%; } .col-sm-6 { float: left; width: 50%; } } This way I do not have to alter "core code" to change the col-**-* classes, but I still run into a challenge which I do not seem to find. I want to have the left column shown longer until a smaller width at this moment 580px.. (but this might have to change to keep it all readable) What happens at this moment the content is "floating" 25% from the left side, but I do not see the left column. Next to this the content is now partly outside the browser window on the right.
  8. uhm... :blush: oke. At least I know now it is already possible... :D
  9. @@burt, What I came across with the responive version when I open the website on my laptop with full screen (over 1200px) the website shows with the panels/boxes somewhat like a 6th of the whole page on either side. When I start the narrow the browser at a certain point, I think this somewhere set in one of the stylesheets the panels/boxes are moved below the main page. At that moment the panels are as wide as the main page.. Would it be possible to keep them as wide as they were when it was a full page? In that case you could also have two panels/boxes next to each other. Which saves srolling..
  10. I do not exactly know, see how this helps me.. Like I said I also did a lot of reading for the previous version of the Oscommerce webshop. Now I am trying to comprehend the bootstrap version, especially the numerous different stylesheets and their functions. I do not need to build them for others, I want to build it for myself and learn how to adjust the website to my needs. So if anyone can tell me where to find the scaffolding.less file or otherwise how I should read it, since it seems to be the leading stylesheet in this matter. Thank you.
  11. Let me start with I am a noob and no-no in scripting, programming etc. With the "old" oscommerce website I learned how to use the stylesheet to alter my website. Now I needed to change the website and thought I better use the bootstrap version; easier to alter according many.. I guess it is the complete lack of knowledge about the bootstrap philosophy, because I have a hard time to find the files I need to use to copy the specific style I want to change. I read about the tip to use the developer tool in firefox. This made it already a lot easier, but now I have a challenge (not a problem) which I was not able to overcome: I know I have to make my personal adjustments in the user.css file.. But ofcourse you need to know what to use, so I use the developer tools in firefox to see what I need to copy to the user.css file... I changed the panel header and font colors in the user.css and this works, but it does not work for the panel titles that are a link e.g: REVIEWS or SHOPPING CART. According to the developer tool the color of the link text (<a ref=...>) is done by the scaffolding.less file on line 58, but I have not yet found the scaffolding.less file ( the link which is shown is /catalog/ext/bootstrap/css/less/scaffolding.less .. well there is no map LESS in the CSS map.. and even copy/ paste the style element to the user.css file does not work in my case at least. First of all I hope I posted this in the correct thread, second I hope someone can help me with this and point me in the right direction. Below I copied the result of the developer tool when use 'inspect element' the panel title REVIEW element { (inline meaning this defined on the page itself) } a:focus { (bootstrap.css:1101 meaning on line 1101 in the bootstrap.css file this is defined) outline: thin dotted; outline: 5px auto -webkit-focus-ring-color; outline-offset: -2px; } a:focus, a:hover { (scaffolding.less:58) color: #23527c; (this is the colour which is used) text-decoration: underline; } a { color: #337ab7; text-decoration: none; } a { background-color: transparent; } * { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box; box-sizing: border-box; } .panel-default > .panel-heading { color: #fff; } .panel-default > .panel-heading { color: #333; } body { color: #000; font-size: 11px; font-family: Calibri, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; } body { font-family: "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.42857143; color: #333; } html { font-size: 10px; } html { font-family: sans-serif; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;