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  1. Hi @burt The orders page in admin is displaying the IP address from the database correctly (I manually added it in) so it would seem the IP address isn't being inserted into the Orders Table
  2. Thanks @14steve14 Hi @burt, I've found but there is code missing from step 2? I'm guessing it for the table heading and table content for the admin orders page? Would this work for v2.3.4 Bootstrap as I can't seem to get it to work? many thanks @burt
  3. Thanks @14steve14 I've been onto but can't seem to search on the site anywhere to find anything specific to recording IP addresses nor a category for header tag modules. I don't suppose you have a link to it directly by any chance? Many thanks
  4. Hi I'm wanting to record the IP addresses of all customers. I've found this add-on which fits the bill perfectly but is over 14 years old... ...does anyone know if it can work for osC v2.3.4 bootstrap? Many thanks Glen
  5. Hi Everyone We're using Feedmachine but some products have colour and size options to them which we would like to include in the feed. According to Google we need to have an item_group_id field as well as [colour] and fields. Doe anyone know how I can get feedmachine to look at the product attributes and display a different line for each option? Many thanks
  6. Hi Sadly the sitemap isn't picking up the SEO friendly URLs add-on I have installed, which is The Product URL is still showing as Any ideas how I can get the SEO friendly URLs to be included on the site map? Many thanks Glen
  7. Hi Can anyone recommend a XML sitemap add-on which works with this add-on? The one I installed ( is outputting the original non-SEO friend URLs - eg Many thanks Glen
  8. Hi I have v2.3.4 bootstrap but can't find the following in my files... In catalog/index.php... tep_draw_form('filter', 'index.php', 'get') in catalog/includes/application_top.php... require('includes/languages/' . $language . '.php'); ..any help on how I can install this add-on would be much appreciated. Glen
  9. Hi Everyone Currently using v2.3.4 Bootstrap and when a 404 error occurs you get redirected to the home page, which is a bit confusing for visitors as there is no message as to why. I've added in the normal line into .htaccess but this makes no difference and still redirects you to the home page... ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.php ...I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but how do I stop osC redirecting to the home page for a 404 error and to my custom error page instead? Many thanks Glen
  10. Solved. Updated code from line 337 in /catalog/admin/feedmachine.php... $i=0; $fields = array(); while( $i < ( mysqli ? mysqli_num_fields($master_query) : mysql_num_fields($master_query) ) ) { ++$i; $cur_field = ( mysqli ? mysqli_fetch_field($master_query) : mysql_fetch_field($master_query) ); $fields[] = $cur_field->name; }
  11. The error I'm receiving is as follows... catalog path: /home/elmstok/F5BEJ3D3/htdocs/ languages array built currencies array built taxes array built countries array built categories array built number of products: 467 number of cycles: 1 Warning: mysql_num_fields() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in /home/elmstok/F5BEJ3D3/htdocs/admin/feedmachine.php on line 339 The field products_id specified in the google-product-feed.txt feed does not exist in any of the queried tables. Please ensure you have entered the correct field name and that it exists in one of the tables queried in $master_query (see code)
  12. @@lupole, I'm having the same issue on v2.3.4 bootstrap. How did you solve it please?
  13. Hi @kymation Many thanks once again for your help. Unfortunately when I make those changes, all delivery options are coming up as £0.00. As you will see in the attached screenshots, the order is under 30kg so I would have thought all the various delivery options should have a value. Also, if they are £0.00 shouldn't they not be visible too? Many thanks Glen
  14. Hi @@kymation Many thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work. What I'm trying to achieve is that if the weight is over 30kg the only delivery option available is pellet delivery, otherwise, if it's under 30kg then they can have the delivery options of standard, next day, before 9am and before 12noon. Is MZMT the right module? As it stands, your code above is showing the delivery price for the 30kg+ when the product in the checkout is under 30kg. The values in MZMT looks like 29.99:4.125,9999999:50.00 Many thanks