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  1. Hi


    just wondering if your still supporting this product? been trying to message you for a few days now with no reply :(

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    2. andyc321



      I was gonna use that but it didn't even install correctly. have to get on to themeforest for a refund...thats why i went back to using your system - which works fine out of the box with no hassle (Well minimal stuff thats easy to deal with :) )

    3. multimixer


      Hello Andy

      I have your email now, you actually sent a support request 3.5 hours ago, and already replied to it.

      Why do you state that you are trying to contact me without success some days now?



    4. andyc321


      with silly spam settings being to strict and me being [slightly] impatient - my Apologies..

      thnx for the help its a brilliant asset to have... makes styling and setting up templates very easy :)

  2. hi anyone know this chap or if he is still active? Bought a copy of his template techno store and having issue with it... i.e. admin side works but front end gives multiple errors... change the php version and the error changes which is weird - have tried running on php 5xx to 7xx and no joy... apologies admin if this is in wrong section.
  3. Tax Zones v2.3.4

    Need to add in the euro tax zones - tried most of the stuff in the Add ons section and most are just throwing DB MySQL error replies... basically need to add tax zone for ireland 23%... cheers