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    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    Dear Jim, I apologize but I am a very beginner. I changed the class name in catalog/includes/modules\boxes\bm_banner_rotator.php from class bm_banner_rotator to class bm_banner_rotator1. In the Admin it works fine. I installed the module and uploaded 2 banners. But on the side they do not appear. I guess I have to change something else. Maybe you could give me a clue? Thank you very much.
  2. Reisende20

    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    Hi, I installed the latest version of Banner Box, but when I want to install the module in the admin panel, this error appears: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class bm_banner_rotator in C:\xampp\htdocs\oscommerce234\catalog\includes\modules\boxes\bm_banner_rotator.php on line 15 What is it that I have to do to make it work? Thank you very much.