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  1. I 've already did that, before posting here actually, But i am still waiting for an answer from G. In the meantimne i just wanted some opinions from other sitemap users and i would like to hear how other users solved this problem. Did the majority sign up for a business account or for a personal account? But as you stated i shall wait for my answer from G,..cuz there's no good information over here.. :thumbsup:
  2. Tha't's true it's definately a blanket clause, but how it is used and to whom it is , is up to G, it could be the black SEO's , but could easily be"" many companies with "millions of ever-changing pages"" , just for not signing up to a business account and still using google services to promote sales . The blackhat SEO's still can use their services without an agreement , As i see it they tell me it does not cost anything to use their services and i can use their services with my gmail account, wich i already had But then my problem is the terms And true, with millions of companies, who can say what G will do to the ones who still use their personal account for commercial purposes and what are the chances you will be involved in this. In that case you rely on safety in numbers.. But you have no garantee G wouldn't pursue you for violating their rules. What should i do then, use a business account, just to be safe?
  3. Unless you sign up for a business account, i think your violating the G rules. True or not?
  4. That's true!! When opening an account for your sitemap you must agree to the terms. I've read the terms of google and i am a bit confused how to read this; Does this mean , I cannot use their sitemap service for commercial purposes?
  5. hakan haknuz

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Please check your html_output file for empty spaces or maybe text after the last ?>
  6. hakan haknuz

    Spider sessions Mod Rewrite

    Maybe you didn't edit the file properly, did you edit your htaccess file with notepad? Did you leave empty spaces, did you try to use the original supplied.. In any case i tried the original as well as modifying my own. But i am unable to see any sessions id being stripped off.. My site does work normal, but spiders still have the id's added to their urls :huh:
  7. Thanks a lot Willross , I must have missed this clear explanation, while reading trough all the posts. :blush: Now it is very clear to me ... it will surpress the categoriebox's errors . Again thanks a lot for your explanation :thumbsup:
  8. Hello Willross, I am experiencing similar problems with teh wrong datatype in array error. My categorie box has in_array (not @in_array). So therefore i am willing to use your solution, but i have really no idea what this will do to the rest of my store. So willross since your the only one i've found to propose this solution i am asking you; Can you explain what this @ sign will do and if it is a potential danger to the rest of my very modified oscommerce ms2.2. Thanks in advance and i hope you are kind enough to eplain me a little bit more
  9. hakan haknuz

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    I posted this in the 2.0b thread but its for 2.01
  10. One thing i found was that when using the default settings . The reset option didn't work. The turn seo off switch didn't work, when i turned it off my site wasn't able to load normal cpath values this means they entire categorie box.Also products wouldn't load. I tried putting oscdefaultcache off and page_cache also your 7 caches in configuration. I deleted all cache files and cleared cache in database. No help there, it seems like im tied to put seo on. I shall put things back on and test this later in the evening because i really don't want to bother visitors or spiders Come to think of it maybe this is because the htacces file has still rewrite on.. I suppose the switch set SEO off cannot remove these rules from the htacces file..but i will test some more this night regards hakan
  11. Hello first of all thanks a lot for this very nice and pretty c'trib, It seems to work ok, install was easy and well documented. But nevertheless I am experiencing some minor problems. I have a main link in the categorie box called -homepage- (index.php?cPath=0) When i click on this link it shows me the main categories. These all have a cpaths starting with index.php?cPath=0_.... But all of these cpaths starting with 0 give me a page not found Is there anything i have done wrong?
  12. hakan haknuz

    [Contribution] Compare Products Side-By-Side

    Yes that is absolutely true, but i must agree with the former post . If i had an example (let's say a clean osc product_listing.php, with compare code implementations )i could compare this file with mine and find out where I have made a mistake. Or better i can rename mine and use yours instead, if it is still not working like it should the problem is somewhere else to find. Altough your readme.txt is written in a nice manner, there is still the fact that humans make mistakes and i am also human . A given example can help in the learning process
  13. hakan haknuz

    [Contribution] Compare Products Side-By-Side

    I think that's because of the tag coloured in red, when i removed this </td> the normal layout came back on my site. /* BoF Compare Products side-by-side */ echo tep_draw_form('compare', tep_href_link("compare.php", tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')))); ?> </td> <?php /* EoF Compare Products side-by-side */
  14. Anybody has any idea what this means , i have an auto refresh of 30 seconds and left it alone for an hour when i got back this message appears instead of the autorefreshing whosonline.php. Normaly it doesn't automaticaly loose database connection because of the auto-refresh. But i am a little bit concerned about the delete line (I really don't see why something should be deleted from my database while i am not the one doing this) 2013 - Lost connection to MySQL server during query delete from whos_online where time_last_click < '1097062565' :blink: :blink: [TEP STOP] 2002 - Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) select count(*) as total from sessions where sesskey = '2c084ea2bc4c59792496fbfc2a43c922' [TEP STOP] Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0
  15. hakan haknuz

    [Contribution] Compare Products Side-By-Side

    I think this could be a nice contribution, altough I never got the chance to see and test it in action Dutyfully I have applied every patch and fix sugested in this forum but to no avail. I am still receiving the "..please select 2.. " error after comparing 2 or more products. :( That's one thing, the other thing is that my site layout goes terribly wrong, I mean the centering of my site is corrupted and column_right is pulled out of it's own frame. :'( I am using a very heavily modified osc 2.2 ms 2 version. The buy now button as well as other product listing options have been opted out in admin\configuration\product listing. But this didn't resolve anything. I have used my own product listing and an original stock osc product listing. (didn't resolve anything.) I am not using the contributions wich are supported by this contrib, maybe that's the reasen i haven't come across the mysql errors described in this forum or maybe these are the next ones to come up when could get rid of the first error. BTW when using debug i got the message array() anyway I have spend 5 hours working modifing experimenting with this contrib and i must say it could be nice, but not for me, because i can't get it to work. I hope somebody else can learn from my errors and maybe a tip for all contribution makers out there, start with building contribs based on stock osc files and later make extra add-ons /enhancements for this stock osc contrib. Furthermore I have the utmost respect for the creator of this contrib and the support she is giving all those people with care and considerance, thank you very much :thumbsup: