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  1. Hello Rainer @raiwa Yes the latest Phoenix and latest Point and rewards. Strangely there is nothing changed in my checkout_payment.php after installing the addon. Installing did go well with no error messages. Will PM you a print-screen.
  2. @raiwa After installing it shows in checkout_payment.php tripple the Shopping Points Redemptions box. Cant figure out what could be wrong.
  3. MITCH70

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    @raiwa Changed in swc_hooks.php if (isset($postcode)) $postcode = $this->RemoveShouting($postcode); to if (isset($postcode)) $postcode = strtoupper($postcode); and works correctly now.
  4. MITCH70

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    @raiwa Noticed that the postcode not working correctly. For example must be 4545BE and swc changed it to 4545Be. All letters must stay capital. Could you check.
  5. MITCH70

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    @raiwa Same line is also in automatic installation file st_swcleaner.php. Changing $password to $telephone solved it.
  6. MITCH70

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sloppy Words Cleaner

    Hi @raiwa I this line in the manual correct because i dont see this in account_pwa.php $password = tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['password']);
  7. MITCH70

    Display Tax Info V3.0

    @raiwa Works perfectly on my Phoenix Maybe possibility for next version to add text also in attributes drop down list.
  8. @raiwa Misses that when reading in the instructions. Thanks.
  9. @raiwa Never thought about testing the customers side but found a little bug. When I go to My Order History and clicking on View buton from the orders made you get ( 1054 - Unknown column 'discount_codes' in 'field list' ) It’s caused by the change made into the $order_query in includes/classes/order.php. When replace only the query with the original it will run with no problem. Other solution that works is to use the query change and create the column into the database table Orders. Then test it multiple times and it works fine but cannot see what change it made into the database. Maybe you can try it also.
  10. @raiwa Replaced the file and so far it works perfect. Thumbs Up and great work !!
  11. @raiwa Yes I did. Will look at it again tomorrow.
  12. @raiwa Did a quick test but for so far it does not validate the code. Keep saying its wrong.
  13. @raiwa Sorry my mistake. Forgot some other needed input fields.
  14. @raiwa Make sense. But when testing this ill noticed that It does not saves the input given into the number off use field. Also can not enter anything into the number off products to apply field on the admin. One input field color is also darker then the one above.
  15. @raiwa Did some testing with the new 5.0.0 BETA files and looks great. Only thing I noticed is that there is no apply button in checkout_payment. Usefull when you don’t want to have the discount input field already visible in shopping_cart I gues. Again great work !!