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  1. Hi Lee,

    The site won't let me message you, so here's what I tried to send:

    Hi Lee


    I've disabled login so you should be able to get straight in. If you click on Products and then edit an existing you can see how Harald used variants on the Dymo. If you want to access the raw product attributes component then check it out under Mark's Debug Menu!

    I've backed up the database so if anything goes wrong I can always restore it.



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    2. mfleeson


      Oh. That's wrong. I'll check. Thanks


    3. mfleeson
    4. LeeFoster


      Now I can do it.

  2. Hi Fredi I've been using and developing for Oscommerce since it's inception. Due to it's limitations I moved to using oscMax and ended up being a developer on that project. I came back to Osc 2.3.4BS when I needed code that would work with updated php. I'm currently writing code for that works within the confines of the current core. I just wondered why this forum section was restricted to when phoenix is really rising from the ashes of the code of oscommerce and seeing modern coding standards applied. It was just a simple question/answer post. Best Wishes M
  3. Hi Jc. Not missing the point, I was one of the developers on oscMAX a spin off from the original Oscommerce and understand about public domain software and I've run it my own store since the early 90's. I was more concerned about the disparate groups of development going on and the idea that one could authenticate 'addons' over another. Just trying to see what was going on. M
  4. I found it on the other forum. Many thanks for the file. All ipn's are now working. Cheers. M
  5. mfleeson

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Thanks so much for this thread guys. I started having issues with paypal payments not coming through and I've been chasing all around the place trying to find the issue. The old version was missing both DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA and DigiCert Global Root G2 (SHA-256) I ran araxis merge on the phoenix cert and the one downloaded from here and they're identical. Thank you. Can I suggest this gets made as an announcement in the forums so people know to update. On a slightly different issue my Paypal app says its version 5.0.10 and then pops up An update is available for this App! . Clicking the button does nothing and from what I can see on the forum it's the latest version. Anyone got ideas? Cheers Mark
  6. I'm having the same issue, i receive a payment email from paypal but it doesn't call back to the website.
  7. Hi Valquiria Just wondering, why you are offering this when Phoenix is actually on not and also why you are offering this when you're don't appear to be a project developer? Like I said, Just wondering.... M
  8. mfleeson

    CE Sub categories

    It can be done but you need to modify the core code to show the products and then all of the subcategories and products. I have it on my 2.3.4BS site and I'm currently looking at how to implement it in Phoenix.
  9. It sounds like although you increased the length of the product_attributes you didn't change the matching order_product_attributes. Can you supply the create table sql's for your product and order tables?
  10. Hi Mike

    The database changes in were increasing the varchars to 255. I created an update script for Gary but he's not included it in the package. You can use the following SQL.

    /* Update to existing installations adjusting VARCHARs to 255 in length */

    ALTER TABLE categories
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_image categories_image VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE categories_description
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_name categories_name  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_keywords categories_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_title categories_seo_title  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_name manufacturers_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_image manufacturers_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers_info
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_keywords manufacturers_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255)  NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_title manufacturers_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products_attributes
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options products_options VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values products_options_values VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_image products_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_description
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_keywords products_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NULL ,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_title products_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL ;

    ALTER TABLE products_images
    CHANGE COLUMN image image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_options
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_name products_options_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

    ALTER TABLE products_options_values
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values_name products_options_values_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';



    1. Mikepo


      Thanks Mark, that saved be time!


    2. mfleeson


      No worries. The original git update to Gary had this script in but he didn't include it in the update.

    3. ecartz

      ecartz is available on GitHub, but for updates, the SQL is here. 

  11. mfleeson

    Royal Mail shipping module

    My version of the code includes a fallback so that if the none of the pricing works out, it assumes I will send it via courier and charges £12.99 (hermes pricing) I've almost finished updating the pricing matrix for the this years Royal Mail pricing so I'll tack it here soon.
  12. mfleeson

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Hi I have a two versions of the Royal Mail, one for UK and one for Airmail both which work with 2.3.4 BS. I'll be looking to port them to phoenix once I'm up and running development again. Let me know if you're still interested in this being available. Cheers Mark
  13. mfleeson

    Paypal App 4.039 on 234BS - Fatal Error

    Tracked the issue down. My version of oscommerce is wrapped in Joomla JCommerce and in application_top is a whole load of globals. Added it to that and it worked although it came up with define errors and didn't come up with the auto-configure. Will continue to experiment. Thanks Mark
  14. Has anyone here tried installing the new Paypal App. I'm getting an error 500 after clicking install. Traced it to Fatal error: Call to a member function getDef() on a non-object in /home/testls/public_html/2016/components/com_jcommerce/includes/apps/paypal/modules/PS/PS.php on line 24 which is trying to access a global but doesnt appear to have been defined! In the function OSCOM_PayPal_PS there is a global $OSCOM_PayPal; but it's returning null. Any ideas? Thanks Mark