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  1. mfleeson

    Products without categories

    Just a silly bit of SQL. I realised that products I had used in previous promotion were not displaying as they were not in any categories, so here's a little bit of SQL to help fix databases if you've been using other tools to administrate your products. 1 - Check for products not in categories. SELECT * FROM products WHERE products_id NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT products_id FROM products_to_categories); 2 - If none display then you're fine. If they do then choose a category to put them in and get the category number. If need be create a new category and look for the number in the database, i.e. SELECT MAX(categories_id) FROM categories_description; 3 - Move the uncategorised products into your new category... If the previous query resulted in 211 then INSERT INTO products_to_categories SELECT products_id,211 FROM products WHERE products_id NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT products_id FROM products_to_categories);
  2. mfleeson

    Royal Mail shipping module

    My version of the code includes a fallback so that if the none of the pricing works out, it assumes I will send it via courier and charges £12.99 (hermes pricing) I've almost finished updating the pricing matrix for the this years Royal Mail pricing so I'll tack it here soon.
  3. As part of my experimentation with Phoenix, I wrote the following database script to move my current live data into Phoenix so I could see what it did. I thought I'd share it for anyone who's needing to move a live store to test or vice-versa. Any questions/comments please let me know. For this script to work, load it into your database tool and search and replace changing old_db to the name of your current live site (or origin data), select the new phoenix database and run the queries there. A couple of things I noticed moving from a 2.3.4 to Phoenix. Check your old sites categories_description table. Some older sites do not have categories_seo_description so this will fail on the select. change to '' in select. Check your manufacturers_info table for 'manufacturers_seo_description',and other seo fields and if it fails change them to '' in the select. If you get an error Data truncated for column then it means your old table has larger text length than in phoenix. Adjust phoenix field length and re-run query. A lot of old products table do not have products_gtin fields, modify field to '' in query Test Move SQL.sql
  4. mfleeson

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Hi I have a two versions of the Royal Mail, one for UK and one for Airmail both which work with 2.3.4 BS. I'll be looking to port them to phoenix once I'm up and running development again. Let me know if you're still interested in this being available. Cheers Mark
  5. mfleeson

    Paypal App 4.039 on 234BS - Fatal Error

    Tracked the issue down. My version of oscommerce is wrapped in Joomla JCommerce and in application_top is a whole load of globals. Added it to that and it worked although it came up with define errors and didn't come up with the auto-configure. Will continue to experiment. Thanks Mark
  6. Has anyone here tried installing the new Paypal App. I'm getting an error 500 after clicking install. Traced it to Fatal error: Call to a member function getDef() on a non-object in /home/testls/public_html/2016/components/com_jcommerce/includes/apps/paypal/modules/PS/PS.php on line 24 which is trying to access a global but doesnt appear to have been defined! In the function OSCOM_PayPal_PS there is a global $OSCOM_PayPal; but it's returning null. Any ideas? Thanks Mark