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  1. Much apprieciated :lol: jules :lol:
  2. Joe, Is it possible to highlight what needs changing manually in each of the files. I am currently using Ian Wilsons loaded 4 snapshot and do not want to overwrite the files. :lol: jules :lol:
  3. looks an awful lot similar to the one that was made available here: www.dcpcwebdesign.co.uk :lol: Jules :lol:
  4. jules

    New theme contibution

    Mmmmmm almost spot on :?: you will nead to alter two more files look for the following in:- catalog/popup_search_help.php and catalog/advanced_search.php new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, true); and replace with new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, $newtheme, true, true); :lol: Jules :lol:
  5. jules

    New theme contibution

    Hey Hey!! Now Now children, its Christmas. Sound like sour grapes here. But I must say thanks for a great contribution and the instructions on web site are spot on. :lol: Jules :lol: