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  1. Mibble.... You are my biggest hero!!! Thank you so much for your help. Everything is working as advertised now.
  2. Hi Mibble, Thanks for the reply. Here's lines 21 & 22 $tempdir = "catalog/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "catalog/temp/"; I don't have this anyplace in my easypopulate.php file: global $products_with_attributes; $products_with_attributes = true; Here are lines 96 thru 103: // **** Max Category Levels **** // change this if you need more or fewer categories global $max_categories; $max_categories = 3; // 7 is default // VJ product attributes begin // **** Product Attributes **** // change this if you want to download selected product options // this might be handy, if you have a lot of product options, and your output file exceeds 256 columns (which is the max. limit MS Excel is able to handle) global $attribute_options_select; //$attribute_options_select = array('Size', 'Model'); // uncomment and fill with product options name you wish to download // comment this line, if you wish to download all product options // VJ product attributes end
  3. Hi, I am reposting a question that mibble was kind enough to point out was in the wrong place (thanks mibble). Hopefully I'll be able to get the help I need. I have about 1500 items on my site, i am trying to download the complete tab-delimited file, but it isn't working....is it because theres too many items? is it possible just to download 1 category at a time? Mibble said "it all depends upon how you have your attribute download configured" But I don't know what that means. Thanks!
  4. twocents

    Easy Populate: Too many items?

    I'm having the same problem! If anyone could please help it would be greatly apreciated! TIA
  5. twocents

    Easy Populate won't download

    Great! Thank you Very Much for your help!
  6. twocents

    Easy Populate won't download

    Thanks for your reply. I've waited a good amount of time and still no replies. Can anyone help me? thank you!
  7. twocents

    Easy Populate won't download

    How come I can never get any replies on this forum? Please, am I doing something wrong? Someone please let me know. I'd like to be able to participate here. Thanks
  8. twocents

    Easy Populate won't download

    Darn... I just noticed I put this in the wrong place. Is there a way to get this question moved to the Easy Populate thread? Sorry for my mistake, but would still apreciate help. =)
  9. Hi, I've searched and searched with no luck. I hope someone can help me out. I've been using Easy Poulate without any trouble for a bit. Now I have a pretty decent size database and it will no longer "Download complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit." I'm guessing it's become to large and my server is timing out on the download but I have no idea how to fix this. Is there a way to have easy populate split the file on download as it does when uploading? Is there some setting I can adjust? Thanks for any help!! Here's the error masseage: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in /home/virtual/site13/fst/var/www/html/admins/includes/functions/database.php on line 45