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  1. LeeFoster

    Royal Mail shipping module

    Probably yes, once I move to phoenix.
  2. LeeFoster

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    Next step to allow control of API, Pages etc from admin?
  3. The only change I would make to admin is to split products and categories but no one else seems to want this. Otherwise the admin isn't important as @burt has said
  4. LeeFoster

    OSC CE - Item Display

    Is the site live or on a local host?
  5. LeeFoster

    OSC CE - Item Display

    You can see the Category names in your second image - Medals, Other Items & The Pendant.
  6. LeeFoster

    OSC CE - Item Display

    Looks like you've not added any images to your categories as the names are there.
  7. LeeFoster

    Horizontal Megamenu

    Thanks, gives me a starting point at least.
  8. LeeFoster

    Horizontal Megamenu

    I thought you might say that. What version of php was it written for?
  9. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    I suspect this is what you would class it as then
  10. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    I tried this and couldn't get it to work.
  11. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    No it's just going to be B2C
  12. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    I am aware that it will be a custom development, that's why I stated I am in discussions with a developer and looking for other people who may want something similar to reduce my own and possibly their outlay for the same thing.
  13. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    As @burt has pointed out it might not be clear what the addon does. The main functions are that it will allow a vendor to login and upload products themselves as well as setting the price and getting notifications when their product sells. The vendor will also be able to login and see orders that they will need to action (but only their items on that order). As as shop owner you will have the ability to control who is allowed to sell and will be able to set a percentage that you add to their sales (This would usually be agreed in advance with them). I am hoping that we can also add a way to split the payments for the % to go to the store owner and the rest to go directly to the vendor (need to discuss this still). I am also open to any user suggestions on this addon.
  14. LeeFoster

    Vendor Login

    Morning all, I am in discussion with a developer to have a vendor login module built. Before discussion go any further I wanted to reach out to see if this would be of use to anyone else? As it is a commercial request I would be asking interested parties to contribute to this. Should no one be interested I will go ahead with this myself. Please drop me a message if this is of any interest. Thanks
  15. LeeFoster

    Horizontal Megamenu

    @kymation Do you have any ideas? I suspect it's an issue with either BS4 or PHP 7.3 but don't know where to start.