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  1. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    @cables24h this is something that is very specific to me and would most likely not be used by anyone else in the osCommerce community. So I guess my question here is are there any developers here that have dabbled with Android development that might be interested in working on this? If there is I will provide more details via PM. @cables24h if you are not interested and whilst I suspect your not even if you were I wouldn't work with you, please kindly keep your negativity to yourself.
  2. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    Unless you have an interest in tabletop wargames or Dungeons & Dragons you probably wouldn't. And I'm asking here because I know there are a lot of good developers here that use JS and android apps are built using JS.
  3. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    Bit more information about the app - The front screen will have 2 buttons "Get Tag ID" and "Get Roster Data" Clicking "Get Tag ID" will take the the user to a page where they can scan the tag and it will display the serial number. Clicking "Get Roster Data" will take the the user to a page where they can scan the tag and it will trigger a connection to an API that will collect data from a table in my osCommerce database and display it on the users screen. Both screens will have a back button.
  4. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    Can you recommend one?
  5. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    I've had a look but not really had the time to dig any further.
  6. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    It will not be touching any of the osCommerce information, my OSC store is used as a CMS primarily with a store attached to it. I have a table that contains information that I want to retrieve when the RFID tag is scanned. If you want to think in terms of osCommerce it would be most similar to the product information table, so an example would be you scan the tag and it brings back something similar to the product info page but with no option to buy etc.
  7. LeeFoster

    Android Developer

    Morning Al, I know this is not related to osCommerce as such but I am looking for an Android developer to build me an app that will connect to my osCommerce site via API and retrieve some information. As most Android apps can be built using JS I thought here might be a good place to start. Thanks
  8. LeeFoster

    Option Types BS

    @Tsimi I'm trying to get this working with Phoenix, any chance you're around to help?
  9. LeeFoster

    Option Types BS

    Will this be getting updated for Phoenix?
  10. I don't think that's what he's wanting to do. If I understand it right he wants the image on the product listing page to change when you hover over it.
  11. LeeFoster

    Does osCommerce work "out of the box"?

    You may need to install some addons to get everything you want but for the most part yes. Just make sure you go for Phoenix as it is the latest version and is going to be the best one.
  12. Can the advert be a link? And can it be amended to be more than 3?
  13. I've got several core code changes in this file that I now need to work out how to get in with hooks.
  14. Looks good. Like the product tabs in admin, would still like to see products and categories separated. Very clever adding a link to the Phoenix Club on the install complete page.