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  1. LeeFoster

    Cost/Weight Shipping

    I added $cart to the globals which is why it works on the front end. Unfortunately this doesnt carry over to admin.
  2. LeeFoster

    Cost/Weight Shipping

    Added the below code and it now hides the shipping option in the cart $cart_total = $cart->show_total(); $table_costtable = preg_split("/[,]/" , MODULE_SHIPPING_UKFIRST_UT_COSTTABLE); $size = sizeof($table_costtable); for ($i=0; $i<$size; $i++) { if ($cart_total > $table_costtable[$size-1]) { $this->enabled = false; } } I now get this error in the shipping modules section of admin. I know it's because the function doesn't exist there but how do I get around it?
  3. LeeFoster

    Cost/Weight Shipping

    Original developer appears to have had the same issue and added in the below code to fix. However it no longer fixes. if ($order_total > $table_costtable[$size-1]) { $table_pointer = $size-1; break; }
  4. LeeFoster

    Cost/Weight Shipping

    I am currently working on getting this add on working with Phoenix, it's almost there except for one issue. https://apps.oscommerce.com/BSHzP&cost-weight-matrix-shipping-rates I have set up 2 values for cost £50 and £100, the theory being that once the cart goes over £100 that shipping option should no longer be there. In case you didn't guess it's still there and showing the lowest shipping amount. Testing on Phoenix PHP 7.3.3 Local Xampp server
  5. LeeFoster

    Google analytics dashboard

    I've recently been helping out with a wordpress website and there is a plugin that shows a basic version of the Google analytics page. Does anything similar exist for oscommerce? Is anyone working on an add-on for this?
  6. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    Thanks, I thought that might be the case.
  7. LeeFoster

    PC Pro Creator question

    I had one working on Frozen but not for Phoenix.
  8. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    @raiwa One issue that might be there is that I have to tick the ones I want to hide not the ones I want to show on a page. I can't remember if this has always been this way, can you confirm?
  9. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    @raiwa I found that some things still use the osc_template.php file however it is now located in includes/system/versioned/ I made your original changes in this file and it now works. Not the long term solution I'm sure but it will do me for now.
  10. Would you not call it hMenu.php and place it in the override folder?
  11. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    @raiwa I just realised, the osc_template.php class file was removed. I suspect that's the cause of the issue.
  12. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    Any thing I can do to help?
  13. LeeFoster

    Modules Control

    Doesn't appear to work on Phoenix
  14. LeeFoster

    Article Manager v1.0

    Are we ready to test yet? Really want this before I launch my site.