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  1. LeeFoster

    Option Types BS

    @Tsimi any chance this is going to be updated for Phoenix?
  2. Has anyone added the option to upload images using the contact us form? I'd like to add a way for customers to send an image, for example if they receive an item damaged.
  3. LeeFoster

    Minimal create account page

    Is this for oscommerce or phoenix?
  4. LeeFoster

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    Right I have this working but I want to add to it. I'd like to set a default page for a group, I have a content creators group and I'd like to send them straight to info_pages.php. Any thoughts on how to achieve this before I start digging?
  5. LeeFoster

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    @hungryfrank As soon as I create a group and add someone to it I get this error. I'm on Phoenix
  6. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    Yeah I think the issue is that the hook I was using has been removed/replaced $OSCOM_Hooks->call('system', 'preActionApp');
  7. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix, the issue seems to be with get_products() function
  8. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    The upgrade to has caused issues with this add on, is any one interested in working together to get this fixed?
  9. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    Did neither, I'll carry on looking though. The wishlist addon has its class file that contains it's own count_contents function.
  10. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    Finally got this on a live site and now getting the below error on the first visit to the site. Any ideas? Or can I just suppress it?
  11. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    Yeah that did it, thanks.
  12. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    Still struggling to get this fully hooked. The final piece is just out of reach, the application_top.php change still isn't working. I have created the hook file however it doesn't seem to be passing the session data even though it is passing data to the database. Do any of the core dev's have 5 mins to help @ecartz @burt?
  13. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    It's writing the data to the database as it should but it's not showing on the wishlist page.
  14. LeeFoster

    Wishlist For Phoenix

    I managed to hook in the application_bottom.php changes thanks to @burt adding some more hooks, however, it doesn't fully work. The page redirects to the wishlist as it should but nothing is added not. The code is below class hook_shop_system_wishlistApp { var $preActionApp = null; public function listen_preActionApp() { // BOF WISHLIST // wishlist data if (!tep_session_is_registered('wishList') || !is_object($wishList)) { tep_session_register('wishList'); $wishList = new wishlist; } //Wishlist actions (must be before shopping cart actions) if (isset($_POST['wishlist'])) { if (isset($_POST['products_id']) && is_numeric($_POST['products_id'])) { $attributes = isset($_POST['id']) ? $_POST['id'] : ''; // php 5 $qty = isset($_POST['qty']) ? (int)$_POST['qty'] : 1; // php 7 //$qty = (int)($_POST['qty'] ?? 1); $wishList->add_wishlist($_POST['products_id'], $wishList->get_quantity(tep_get_uprid($_POST['products_id'], $attributes))+$qty, $attributes); } if (WISHLIST_REDIRECT == 'No') tep_redirect(tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $_POST['products_id'])); tep_redirect(tep_href_link('wishlist.php')); } // EOF WISHLIST } }