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  1. [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    @GLWalker The order status drop down doesn't match the status in the database.
  2. Merging Two Addons

    @Tsimi @raiwa @burt Any thoughts?
  3. Merging Two Addons

    This is the link to the working page http://avowed-business.000webhostapp.com/admin/orders_fournisseurs.php?action=new_order This is the link to the none working one http://avowed-business.000webhostapp.com/customer_service.php?page=new_po&action=new_order Both have a username of Test and password Test. ******This is not a production site ******
  4. Merging Two Addons

    Hi All, I am currently building a shop and have added in the below module for creating Purchase Orders https://apps.oscommerce.com/ItUOq I have also added the module below https://apps.oscommerce.com/xihXD&customer-service-portal I am now looking to embed some of the functions from the PO module into the Customer Service Portal however some functions triggered by dropdown don't work. Selecting a supplier here works and redirects you to the PO form Selecting a supplier here doesn't, it redirects to a 404 page. None of the core functionality has been changed between the 2.
  5. Product Notifications

    I don't need it at the moment. this is something that is expected on most modern ecommerce websites. Good work
  6. Buy now, Pay later

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but as I believe this is a payment question I'd say so. I am working with a client who provides goods and services and bills them via invoice afterwards, he is wanting a way to be able to raise the invoice and to allow the customer to login to the website after the invoice to pay for it via the 'My Account' page. Is anyone aware of a module that allows this? Thanks
  7. Credit Account

    Does any one know of an add on that would let me add a 'Pay Later' option when creating an order and then have a 'Pay Now' option against the order in the users account section? I've seen one (https://apps.oscommerce.com/nPwYw) but don't believe it will work as I wish.
  8. [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Define missing on address page And Checkout Confirmation page Which I am guessing is being caused by the below on installation.
  9. [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Seeing a lot of undefined constants still aswell and the use of FILENAME_
  10. [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Just installed and getting the below error when I try to create a new order
  11. [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Never mind, I was right, it was some of the changes I'd made along with others I'd not taken into consideration and this is now working admin side.
  12. [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    I managed to get around that and am now trying to make it work from the admin section via another add on however I am getting the below error now. Though I suspect this is more to do with me moving it to the admin section than either of the addons
  13. [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Next step is to make it work via the admin console.
  14. [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Yeah I just realised the same.