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  1. This is kinda what I am looking for.
  2. The issue with that is as you've said. I'm not a coder.
  3. What version of OScommerce are you installing on?
  4. I can imagine. I'm hoping to make something similar using the Customer Product builder as a basis.
  5. Of course. I think it could get messy using item by item assembly fees, especially if you want to charge a different fee for each item.
  6. We could do a checkbox for them to choose if it is an item fee or a whole fee but that would mean making the same changes on the front end and that could be messy for the end user. I personally would off a whole build or no build, that said I'm not going to be offering an assembly service anyway.
  7. I'll install your version once I've finished my sausage butty
  8. Agreed This should be shown as an option to the customer but should not be a product. This way it allows for the customer to build it themselves or pay to have it built. I hadn't considered that. Agreed on these points. Would rather add in the files and keep the code changes to a minimum. This would probably be the best option Agreed I can't remember what this is so I'll have a look and come back to you Hopefully not needed HT is probably the best bet. I agree it is not the easiest to understand, I think it would be a worthwhile addon once it works well.
  9. @Tsimi Yeah that's the one. My idea for it is to have a base product, in my case a box of 6 cupcakes and the graphics card, RAM etc be replaced by different flavour cakes.
  10. Thank you. I'll get some more done on it later today I hope.
  11. With that in mind, here are the files and instructions. Custom Product Builder for BS.rar
  12. Oh and I have no idea how to use Github
  13. I agree, I'm a bit rubbish at planning ahead like that.
  14. @raiwa @Tsimi I am working on converting the below addon to work with BS Edge, with some minor changes. I will be updating this post with my progress if anyone is interested in a collaboration. I have so far managed to get it to work but would like to be able to have multiple instances of it. My aim is to have it work in a mix and match way for example you can buy cupcakes in boxes of 4, 6 or 12. You choose your box size then add the cakes you want but you can only add as many as the box size.
  15. Was it fully custom or did you work from an addon?