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    TITO4 got a reaction from valquiria23 in Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)   
    Now I found another bug. When you add a link to aproduct or a category in the slide, it doesn't work in an EDGE version, since FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO and  FILENAME_DEFAULT wasn't changed. To fix it, go to the template file of every module and change 
    $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $url_2); To
    $link_slide = tep_href_link('index.php', 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $url_2); Also, I suggest to create a directory inside catalog/images to keep all slides together. In my case, I have them inside catalog/images/banners
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    TITO4 reacted to raiwa in Modular Checkout   
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    TITO4 reacted to burt in default shipping method change.   
    It would be nice to allow shopowner to select which module should be selected?
    Use phpmyadmin or similar
    INSERT INTO configuration ( configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) values ( 'Set Default Shipping Method?', 'SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD', '', 'This will make shipping selection default to the selected method.', '7', '5', 'tep_cfg_pull_down_shipping_methods(', now());  
    return $cheapest; Add ABOVE it:
    if ( defined('SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD') && (SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD != '--none--') ) { $shipping_method = basename(SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD, '.php') . '_' . basename(SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD, '.php'); for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($rates); $i<$n; $i++) { if ($rates[$i]['id'] == $shipping_method) { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } }  
    function tep_cfg_pull_down_shipping_methods($shipping_method, $key = '') { $name = (($key) ? 'configuration[' . $key . ']' : 'configuration_value'); $shipping_array = array(array('id' => TEXT_NONE, 'text' => TEXT_NONE)); $ship_array = explode(';', MODULE_SHIPPING_INSTALLED); foreach($ship_array as $k => $v) { $shipping_array[] = array('id' => $v, 'text' => $v); } return tep_draw_pull_down_menu($name, $shipping_array, $k); }  
    Untested, but should work.  Feel free to optimise it to something more elegant.
    If it works, you should be able to go to admin > configuration > shipping/packaging and select which module should be used
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    TITO4 reacted to ArtcoInc in default shipping method change.   
    If your suggestion works (and I see no reason it shouldn't), maybe this should be added to the core?
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    TITO4 reacted to raiwa in default shipping method change.   
    Even more simple:
    Add a configuration setting if cheapest or first shipping method should be selected by default:
    INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) VALUES ('Set Default Selected Shipping Method?', 'SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD_FIRST', 'true', 'Choose if default selected shipping method is cheapest (false) or first(true) in the list.', '7', '7', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'true\', \'false\'), ', now()); Then use sort order to show the desired default method first.
    And in includes/classes/shipping.php:
    if ( defined('SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD_FIRST') && SHIPPING_DEFAULT_METHOD_FIRST == 'true' ) { $cheapest = $rates[0]; } else { $cheapest = false; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($rates); $i<$n; $i++) { if (is_array($cheapest)) { if ($rates[$i]['cost'] < $cheapest['cost']) { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } else { $cheapest = $rates[$i]; } } } return $cheapest;  
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    TITO4 reacted to raiwa in default shipping method change.   
    Between: the above will also do it for different default selected shipping modules for different shipping zones.
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    TITO4 got a reaction from oscMarket in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    I.e., VAT number is obligatory in a B2B environment here in Spain, as an invoice system, etc. Sort order or featured, if you want  to put in first place what youwant, etc. Some local shipping companies, Spanish banks, and so on. Here you are a list. Of course, some are unnecessary, but appreciated for some reason, since SEO purposes to make a better experience for my customers.
     00 Español para OsC Responsive BS EDGE    15
    01 Contribution Tracker for osCommerce 2.3    15
    02 Store Hotline BS (Click para link)    15
    03 Store Pickup Shipping Module    15
    04  Featured Products BS Tsimi    15
    05  State Selector BS 1.1 Actualizado a vers 1.3    15
    06 Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search    16
    07 Modular Shopping Cart BS  v1.2    16
    08 Ship In Cart BS reloaded v3.7    16
    09 Europe Confidentialities Cookie Law    16
    10 Redsys sha256    16
    11 Horizontal Categories Menu BS    16
    12 Ultimate Seo Urls 5 for Responsive Oscom    16
    13 Holiday-Promotional Message BS v1.4 BS    16
    14 Sloppy Words Cleaner reloaded v3.0    16
    15 Discount Codes BS vers 4.2.1.    16
    16 Theme Switcher  Vers. 1.5.3 24 mar 2016 kymation    17
    17a PDF Customer Invoice v1.0    17
    17b 31 PDF invoice  packing slip message    17
    17c NIF v2.3    17
    Ver Invoice Editor 1.0    18
    18 Payment Type Charge   v1.8_1    18
    19 Simple Master Password for OSC 2.3.1    18
    20 CKEditor osC 2.3.1 (CKEditor Image Upload 2.3.4 mommaroodles 24-8/2014)    18
    21 Product Sort / Order geoffreywalton 27 SEP 2012    19
    22 Edit pages via Admin    19
    23 Advanced Special Offers and Discounts for OSC v2.3.1    19
    24 Display Tax Info V3.0 3.4    20
    25 URL redirects    20
    26a Multiple dropdown configuration    20
    26b Recover Cart Sales for OSC 2.3.1    20
    27 Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)    21
    Tb: Sidebox Banners (35e7o6b)    21
    Tb: Module Display Order Matches Sort Order in Admin    21
    (28 Easy Call for Price 2.3.1-ver1.0)    21
    29 Notify when back in stock    21
    30 Points and Rewards BS    21
    31. Margin Report para 2.3.4 por quetevendo    21
    32 Order Total excluding VAT    22
    33a 35e7p5n4 Dynamic Template System    22
    33b 35e7o6b Multi Sidebox Banners 8 x (NEW)    23
    34 Scroll boxes    24
    35 Product Availability Options for 2.3.1 2.3.4    joschi    9 Aeug 2014    24
    36 Content Templates Manager    24
    37 Multi Products Manager v2.8    24
    38  35e7p5n5e FAQDesk for v2.3    24
    39 Categories Module for modular Navbar fro    24
    TB: about plus en navbar adaptado a BS edge    25
    40 Related Products BS    25
    41 35 e7p5n5j Modal Info Popup Layer - for Bootstrap only!    25
    42 Recently Viewed Products 4.5 BS    25
    43 Value Proposition for osC2.3.4 BS Edge    25
    44Categoy Images    25
    45 Store Mode BS    25
    Ver esta: Store Times BS    26
    46 Sitemap SEO    26
    47a  order_editor_for2.3_v1.0    26
    47b Create Account & Manual Order Maker For OSC 2.3.1 V3.0    26
    48 Customer Testimonials    26
    49 Purchase without account BS    26
    50 Anti Robot Registration Validation v4.0    26
    51 Google Links Dashboard module    27
    52 Reset Database v1.0    27
    53 Header Tags SEO V 3.0    27
    54 Customer Service Portal    27
    55 Article Manager v1.0    27
    56 KissIT Image Thumbnailer r27    28
    57    28
    58    28
    Tb: Nueva versión de order editor    28
    59 Wholesale (SPPC lite)    28
    60 Alternative Administration System AAS    28
    61a Google XML Sitemap SEO ver 1.11    28
    61b Google_XML_Sitemap_Admin_Module_231_v1.0    28
    62 Google Base / Froogle Data Feeder v1.00    28
    63 AJAX Attribute Manager BS    29
    64 Simple Photo Gallery    29
    65 All Manufacturers BS    29
    66 Price List BS    29
    67 Admin Login Box osC 2.3.4 BS    29
    68 View Counter    29
    69 Wishlist BS    30
    70 Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator v2.3    30
    71 Bundled Products    31
    72 Customer Sort (Admin)    31
    73 Customers Export List    31
    74 Horizontal Megamenu (Bootstrap)    32
    75 Shipping table module update    32
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    TITO4 got a reaction from valquiria23 in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Dear Santa... :-D
    To have my shops minimally operative, I have to install 70 - 100 addons. I don't know anybody with a live shop using the stock version. One thing can be having a "clean" version, and another completely different having a almost empty version, useless for the majority of shopowners because of its lacks and difficulties to add those modifications needed.
    As a suggestion, I think that it could include some sort of template system,like Theme Switcher  does. Yes,I know it is not a complete one, but it does a good job when you want to change from summer to autumn, i.e. Following with the aspect of our shops, I think that Dynamic Template System is a must. I consider a nonsense to have every box activated in every page of our shops. For example, I use it to keep the whole checkout process clean of disturbances for my customer in their path of buying something to me. And of course, regarding checkout, the best would be a one page checkout. Combining this last with Multi Sidebox Banners 8 x (NEW) (and making blank boxes for the left and right columns), you can show clean columns in both sides, and even more, can make that some pages have a column on the right, some others on the left, other in both sides, etc. You can see it working in http://www.tiendingtopics.com/  a site that I have for testing purposes. It is only in Spanish, but you can check it and see differences between pages. And It could apply for header modules, as raiwa does in his addons, and that way you can change also the header of every page, if needed. 
    The above is just regarding the appearance of our shops. There are some other improvements needed, as some other have said before. Emails, orders editing, etc. Oh my, but if you even have to make modifications for adding something so needed as the product cost. 
    But overall, a great big thank you to all of you who have made OsC possible to the actual version. Thanks for sharing your time, hard work and knowledge with all of us.
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    TITO4 reacted to frankl in Shopowners Club - Core Suggestions   
    Are you a shopowner? Help make the core osCommerce software better!
    This is the place where you can let the osCommerce team know about an idea (or ideas!) to improve the core software.
    First a definition: "core" osCommerce software is the package that is downloaded and installed by default. This isn't the place to write a wishlist of addons you'd like to see in the base osCommerce. Don't forget that lots of functionality is able to be added with addons that can easily be uploaded and turned on due to the modularity of osCommerce. The last thing we need is a bloated package full of "features" that will never be used by a large majority of shopowners. If you have an idea for an app, post it here.
    What is welcome here is ideas that can, for instance, make it even easier for addons to be installed. Perhaps you (or your developer) have found developing and adding a particular addon is too difficult because you need to dive into core code. In that case, let the developers know!
    Perhaps you can't find ways to turn things on or off. Or something you want to do is way too difficult because of the way the core code is structured.
    We as shopowners who deal with the day to day running of stores and have the knowledge as to how osCommerce can be improved for both us and our customers. This is our opportunity to have some input into the direction of the software. Anything to do with the core code that would make your life easier as a shopowner, let the team know by posting it here.
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    TITO4 reacted to kymation in Horizontal Megamenu   
    @TITO4  Sorry, I thought I had replied to you. Thanks very much for reporting the bug, and for giving me the fix. I've been very busy, but I'll add your code to my master and release it as soon as I get a chance.
    Again, my apologies for ignoring you.
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    TITO4 reacted to piernas in Addon installer concept   
    Now that oscommerce community version allows more an more addons with no core code changes I feel an uploader/installer would make things simpler and also help a lot those newcomers that does not have the knowledge to ftp files.
    We don't have a repository adapted to it, but we could ideate a simple system that allows to upload a zip file by browser, uncomprees it, do some preliminar checks like if the addon is currently installed and is compatible with the system and with copying files/making registry entries when user press "install".
    Been playing with the idea of something like the paypal app updater and came up with this:

    Would like to get feedback from developers about it. It would need, of course, that developers agree with packaging the addons with a certain structure and provide with a file that performs the tasks.
    Do you consider interesting to make a similar system?
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    TITO4 reacted to piernas in Shipping table is now a real table :)   
    Today I decided I got angry for the last time updating a table rate based module. Afer several tryouts to change the shipping rates just to see I had a typo in the values string  -damned colons- and having to manually calculate the net prices for each row from the gross that came from the table provided by the courier... I had enough and modified the table rate module to show a real table where you can see what you're doing. Uses some javascript to update net/gross, add or remove rows and do some basic checks.
    It can be adapted to any other module that uses the same system.
    Note: The net pice is caclulated based on the tax class from the module. It will apply only to the countries in the module's zone and it's not savet to database but calculated on the fly. For this column to work you need to set up the tax rate first, save and enter the module configuration again.
    Here is the file: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wyYLv&sgipping-table-module-update
    @burt you can replace the stock one if you consider it fits the community project.

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    TITO4 got a reaction from valquiria23 in Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)   
    Now I found another bug. When you add a link to aproduct or a category in the slide, it doesn't work in an EDGE version, since FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO and  FILENAME_DEFAULT wasn't changed. To fix it, go to the template file of every module and change 
    $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $url_2); To
    $link_slide = tep_href_link('index.php', 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $url_2); Also, I suggest to create a directory inside catalog/images to keep all slides together. In my case, I have them inside catalog/images/banners
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    TITO4 got a reaction from leatherdealer in Admin responsive sidebar with bootstrap   
    Qué chulo!
    Really nice!!
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    TITO4 reacted to GLWalker in [Contribution] Customer Support Portal   
    This is the support thread for the Customer Service Portal  https://apps.oscommerce.com/xihXD&customer-service-portal
    The primary goal of the Customer Support Portal is to allow osCommerce shop owners to allow their employees to work on order fulfillment and customer support inquiries without having to allow direct admin access. Additionally it serves as a full fledged order placement system that will work with a shops existing payment methods, as well as a couple of new payment modules that could be useful in case alternate means of payment processing are desired, or in person cash sales are needed.
    The Customer Support Portal also allows  a true guest checkout option. No customer is created if this option is used. All customer information is stored only in the actual order information. There is a quick link in the Customer Portal Header menu that allows guest orders to be viewed separately from the rest of the store orders. Please note that in the ht_customer_service module settings there is an email field to fill out, by default it uses the store owners set email address. This email is used for certain functions within the Customer Service Portal, such as a placeholder email in guest account creation. It will always be populated on the guest customers information field, just to skip the additional step of gathering an email address from a guest.
    Whenever done with guest accounts, or even logging into an existing customers account always go back to the dashboard. This resets the session for that particular customer. If you are in a customers account, then you have to take on a session allowing you to access their info, the dashboard kills any sessions that are not related directly to you the customer service agent.
    If you are using the cash payment option, you will need to adjust the sort order of you order total module sp that the order totals and cash back amounts are computed correctly.
    Helpful Videos:
    Known issues:
    This plugin has been used in working shops for a number of years and proven to be stable. There are howver 2 issues I am aware of.
    1) If a product in the cart has attributes, the update quantity field wont work properly. If a different quantity is desired, just delete it and add the correct quantity from the product listing itself.
    2) I have not noticed this until testing on PHP 7.0, when using the cash payment option, the update button needs to be clicked twice.
    Feel free to post with comments or suggestions.
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    TITO4 reacted to piernas in Admin responsive sidebar with bootstrap   
    This is a admin sidebar that replaces the stock menu. It can be expanded or condensed on a column of icons. It also adds bootstrap framework to admin. Hope you enjoy it.
    Please comment here if you have any improvements or find any problem.
    Download: https://apps.oscommerce.com/ebjVY&admin-responsive-sidebar-with-bootstrap

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    TITO4 got a reaction from raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Congrats Rainer, and many thanks again for your work.
    I've not tested it. I'm just writing to share a hack that I used for a similar purpose. Installing Dynamic Template System you can leave any page without boxes. It is not exactly the same as your proposal, since you still have header and footer in your pages, but you get it clean enough (at least for me). Also, you can install Multi Sidebox Banners 8 x (NEW), and by making an empty sidebox (with a transparent pixel, i.e.), you can play with the way that pages are shown. Certain pages can have a column of boxes at the right (which in fact can be empty, simply an space, like an indent), some other at the left, other pages can have both or none. Specially interesting for me is the possibilities offered by that "empty box", which gives more options for designing your shop.
    Hope this can be helpful for someone. 
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    TITO4 reacted to raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    pushed the spanish language fixes, thank you @TITO4
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    TITO4 got a reaction from raiwa in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Rainer, translation updated. You'll find it in Google Drive. Changed "Cabezera" to "Cabecera". Also, point 15 at help file, now translated.
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    TITO4 reacted to Tsimi in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Regarding 1.
    Should such fixes for various addons be mentioned inside the install manual?
    I don't really want to add code fixes for 265165433818 addons which might clutter up the files. I remember, the Order Editor addon was one of those addons that had various code pieces inside to fix compatibility for addons that maybe a few use.
    Mention it inside the install manual however seems to be a good idea don't you think?
    Regarding 2.
    I thought about a similar approach, add an empty entry inside the HT module where admins/shop owners can doe the following.
    Add a Status ID activates that function and confirms the pending points if the order is set to that certain Status ID. If the setting entry is empty then no auto confirmation happens at any Status ID.
    Not sure what and Que and Delete do function wise.
    and Que means confirm points and add it to the My Account listing? and Delete means confirm points but don't show inside the My Account listing? Is that correct?
    If that is the case then maybe if selected Status ID = true  -> and Que only. So that customers can see that their points have been added to their account.
    Regarding 3.
    Is that fix ( get_pages_pr ) something you gonna implement into the current code base of the addon?
    Or is this like case in 1. ?
    Thanks for your help with the Spanish language files, very appreciate it.
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    TITO4 reacted to Tsimi in Converting Points and Rewards system for osC BS   
    Addon is now available. Congratulations!

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    TITO4 reacted to Jack_mcs in View Counter   
    This s an error that only occurs in pre-2.3 shops, or maybe early 2.3 versions. To fix it, In admin/includes/boxes/view_counter.php, find
    '<a href="' . tep_href_link(view_counter_tools.php, and change it to
    '<a href="' . tep_href_link('view_counter_tools.php', And in view_counter_tools.php, there are four instances of view_counter_tools.php that need to be changed to 'view_counter_tools.php'  (add apostrophes around them).
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    TITO4 reacted to greasemonkey in Paypal Express or Standard opinions wanted   
    @@John W no question - Express. All the issues of days gone by seem to be fixed, with Express Enabled you can 1) you can take advantage of PayPal Checkout, 2)
    you can take advantage of Login with PayPal and 3) if required, you can now use PayPal Pro.
    You can refer to this link for more details on how I have it set up; http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/410909-paypal-app-and-234bs-gold/?p=1755266
    Note: if you need to use a Discount Module this one works with Express.... http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9460
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    TITO4 reacted to Jack_mcs in View Counter   
    Since it only occurs on your local setup, it is most likely due to that setup. This thread may help.
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    TITO4 reacted to ThaChad in Wholesale (SPPC lite)   
    This add-on is the best I've ever done, in terms of ease of install, documentation with CORRECT INFORMAITON and it works first go with no issues!
    That NEVER happens with contributions.    If all contributions could be like this, our would would be a happier place! 
    Unfortunitly the "Full" version of this SPPC, I haven't been able to get working on 2.3.4 RESPONSIVE Edge.   Hopefully someday I will be able to get the "Full" version working as I have no doubt it will be a great add-on also!