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  1. TITO4

    Horizontal Megamenu

    Don't worry at all. In fact, I'm flattered for your consideration. I understand that we are all in similar circumstances.
  2. TITO4

    Addon installer concept

    Hola JUanma. For those of us with scarce abilities in coding it would be a dream come true. I liked Contribution Tracker for osCommerce 2.3 At least you had an easy way to track for updates of your installed addons. I had it on my Gold versions, but it doesn't work in the newest EDGE shops.
  3. TITO4

    Horizontal Megamenu

    Hi Jim, many thanks for this! I'm still testing and understanding it. On a BS EDGE (August 2017) it throw an error regarding FILENAME_DEFAULT. As you know, all those DEFINE_ETC has disappeared in the latest versions. The fix is simple, change it for 'index.php' in every instance. For the convenience of users, here you are that file modified. It seems to work for me. category_tree_megamenu.php
  4. TITO4

    Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)

    Now I found another bug. When you add a link to aproduct or a category in the slide, it doesn't work in an EDGE version, since FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO and FILENAME_DEFAULT wasn't changed. To fix it, go to the template file of every module and change $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT, 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $url_2); To $link_slide = tep_href_link('index.php', 'cPath=' . $url_2); } else if ( $url_1 == 'p' ) { $link_slide = tep_href_link('product_info.php', 'products_id=' . $url_2); Also, I suggest to create a directory inside catalog/images to keep all slides together. In my case, I have them inside catalog/images/banners
  5. TITO4

    Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)

    Oh, my... To all of you, please, excuse my lag. I didn't know that this topic was opened. Thanks Valqui for doing it! Well, I've just tested on a EDGE (august 2017 version), and at first sight everything seems to work fine for me. I can add and show slides in the desire place, etc. Overall,I'm not a coder. When I made this addon copying and pasting from here and there, I tested on a BS Gold. For sure, there are things to do on it and problems pending to be solved. And thanks to all of you who have checked it and give ideas and support. I think that, after all, it is the spirit of OsCommerce: lot of people cooperating together.
  6. TITO4

    Article Manager v1.0

    Thanks, Jack. I'll go to the threads for it.
  7. TITO4

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi, Excellent addon, really impressive. I've been using it since years ago as a way to get more SEO juice and for engagement purposes with my customers. When trying to share an article on Facebook, there is an extrange text that says "You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser." It happens both doing it through Header Tags or simply copy-pasting on a browser, or even through the Social Share addon. It only happens on Fb. I mean, it doesn't happen when sharing with Linkedin, or Google+ etc. Also, it doesn't show the title of the article nor the image of it (and this is always, no matter how you share it). I think that I've done something wrong. Can anyone give me an idea or clue about it, please? Regards
  8. Hi again, In cs_invoice.php and cs_packingslip.php, at the end of the file, change the line with DIR_WS_INCLUDES to <?php require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?>
  9. Hi G.L. Looks really nice. Thanks! Just installed and testing on BS Edge (August 2017), on Wamp Server. Issues I found: · I needed to change everywhere from DIR_WS_INCLUDES to "includes/.. etc.". The same with CLASSES, IMAGES, etc. · The file admin/includes/classes/http_client.php was missing. If I'm not wrong, it is not part of the last BS Edge version. Taken and added from previous Osc versions. · In php7 (v. 7.0.10), when clicking on Customers or Orders nothing happens, and the same when refreshing. It works if I delete in the URL the oscid (i.e ?osCsid=irl141pd59dngrhurivgsbh520). On the other hand, under php5 (v. 5.6.25) it works properly. · I remeber that I also had to change/correct something in Invoice and Packing Slip files. Sorry, but now I don't remember what. I'll continue testing it, and if you wnat, I'll be telling you what I find on it. Again, thanks!
  10. TITO4

    Slim Checkout for BS

    Congrats Rainer, and many thanks again for your work. I've not tested it. I'm just writing to share a hack that I used for a similar purpose. Installing Dynamic Template System you can leave any page without boxes. It is not exactly the same as your proposal, since you still have header and footer in your pages, but you get it clean enough (at least for me). Also, you can install Multi Sidebox Banners 8 x (NEW), and by making an empty sidebox (with a transparent pixel, i.e.), you can play with the way that pages are shown. Certain pages can have a column of boxes at the right (which in fact can be empty, simply an space, like an indent), some other at the left, other pages can have both or none. Specially interesting for me is the possibilities offered by that "empty box", which gives more options for designing your shop. Hope this can be helpful for someone.
  11. Hi, Rainer, translation updated. You'll find it in Google Drive. Changed "Cabezera" to "Cabecera". Also, point 15 at help file, now translated.
  12. Thanks @Tsimi, a pleasure. @raiwa, I'll send it to you as soon as I have it ready. And your fix worked perfectly. Thanks! Also, I forgot to say that I found a couple of mistakes in the installation instructions. STEP = 2. catalog/languages/english/includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php I think it should read: CATALOG STEP = 2. catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_information.php As you'll see, "includes" is not in the right path. The same happens in CATALOG STEP = 4.
  13. First of all, Congrats!!! What a great work! Now, just installing and testing. On my side, I realize that some minor bugs to be fixed in the Spanish translation. Also, I found this when installed: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_pages() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\TT2TEST\includes\modules\store\st_swcleaner.php:620) in C:\wamp\www\TT2TEST\includes\modules\header_tags\ht_points_rewards.php on line 843 It seems that there is some kind of incompatibility with Sloppy Word Cleaner. First, I disabled SWC with the same result. Then, I uninstalled it and now is working. Again, many thanks for your work.
  14. TITO4

    View Counter

    Thanks! Works really nice!! My shop is a BS Gold. Thanks again, Jack.