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  1. I think it worth a pitty to have look at @@Jack_mcs 's Article Manager v1.0 It is fantastic, and that way everything is under Osc: same .htaccess, same database, etc. It includes xsell between articles and your products, comments, etc. Really great job, as usual he does. I have installed it in my shops, with a nice result. Anyway, as I do sometimes, you can have a local installation of WP with Yoast plugin, just for checking my posts on the blog. I mean, to see what are its suggestions, and correct them if needed.
  2. Thanks! Works really nice!! My shop is a BS Gold. Thanks again, Jack.
  3. Many thanks, Jack. Done! I simply wanted to post it as a warning for other users. In the case that somebody, just testing on a local server, could think that it doesn't work, to let him/her know that it was not true. Further testings. Checking "Send a message to a customer" (admin->view counter->tools), it gives me an error, and call my attention that the url shown is my-site/admin/view_counter_toolsphp (It seems as if a dot is missed before "php"). This is on my webserver. Regards
  4. Hi Jack. Many thanks for your great job, and for sharing it. I'm testing it on my local server (under Win7, Wampserver). When installing database, it gives some errors on some tables like this: 1101 - BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'session_msg' can't have a default value The tables are view_counter_flags, view_counter_session_kill and view_counter_settings. After some googleing, it seems to be due to mysql on windows server. And yes, when installing on my webserver no problem at all, and it works fine. Sorry, I'm unable of giving any solution or suggestion. Simply, perhaps somebody can find this info useful. On my side, the hack was simple. Installed on a webserver, made a copy of DB, and an SQL creating them on my local server for the tables above (after commenting them in the install file). Regards
  5. Sorry, I made I mistake. The addons installed is this: Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator
  6. Hi, I was trying to install it, with the same result as Alexis. Simply, in admin/index.php, instead of putting the piece of code above require('includes/application_top.php'); I've put it beneath it, and voila,all that errors dissapeared. Just visiting admin/index.php, and a couple of new files appeared in admin/cronjobs folder, as a sort of log, telling date of execution etc. Now, I'll try to test it in a real website. NOTES: Installed version for osc 2.3 (, on BS GOLD
  7. Yes, Jim, that was the first thing I did. Anyway, don't worry at all about it. I'm not changing Easing every day, and it is quite easy to do it directly on the db. Regards
  8. @ kymation Hi Jim. I've just installed this new version, but in my case still with the same problem when changing Easing type. It doesn't have any effect from admin. If I go to the db and change it manually, then it changes, and the change remains @@mattsc Please, can you tell me how to get that fading effect? I love it! I have it working in Scroll boxes, but don't know how to get it in banner rotator. Regards
  9. Well, astonishing, as usual. Justa wanted to say publicly A BIG thank you!! So now you give us your PRO versión... I only can say thank you. (I didn't find instructions for update from Lite versión. Anyway it seems very easy to install, so I'll first uninstall, and then install this new one).
  10. Forgot to say it, but needless to mention... If anybody know about something similar, PLEASE, TELL ME!!!!
  11. Many thanks for that info, @@Jack_mcs, I didn't konw, but I suspected something similar. Well, in fact I was more concerned about been considered spam. I'm in the process of merging the addon mentioned with Mail Manager for v2.3 It allows to stablish a sending delay rate that, it seems, avoid this kind of problems. In some testing, I've sent up to near 2000 emails with a delay rate of five seconds between emails, and without any noticeable problem. So, agree with you, @@MrPhil; up to now, and in my case, I don't feel that I could need an external service for that. Regarding emails (communicating with my real and/or potential customers), now I'm searching for an autoresponder. I mean something more elaborated, that can make a chain of emails. I.e. a new subscriber receive a welcome email. Five days later receive an special offer only for new subscriber, ten days later recevie an ebook, 20 days later receive an special coupon or gift voucher, etc. Or another customer receive after ten or fifteen days (after his/her order been stablished in Sent, i.e.) a letter asking something like "Did your new "something" fullfill your expectations? If so, please comment to let it know for other people, or share in Facebook, etc."; Or, "You bought "This", and that's why we think that you could be interested in "That"...". To make it short, a lot of marketing possibilities, improve your engagement with your customer, etc. Searching for it, I found this: But it is no longer available. Also, I found this: Request a Review (I've not tested it). As it seems, it can do part of that requirementes.
  12. I'm testing this: Newsletters Subscribers Manager I don't want that one treasure, my customers' data, can be in someone's other hands. Also, here in Europe recently there were an issue regarding data on foreign servers, if I'm not wrong. Hope this can be helpful...
  13. I've just upload a new module. Banner Rotator in Header and/or Footer ( A simple adaptation of that great addon made by @@kymation. I have it working on a 234 BS Gold. Not tested on Edge version... If you want to have a look at it: Note: @@valquiria23, translations into spanish included... ;-)
  14. Really Happy with my 234 Gold, plenty of addons. Now I am dealing with my last challenge: points and rewards. A couple of years I decides to move from 2333 to this versión for a reason mentioned above, stability, since I am not a coder. Also it is much easier (at least for me) to install and make adaptations older add-ons, so I have much more tools availables. I don't know very much about Edge, but as I've seen, it has lot of changes that make harder for me to make this adaptations of old add-ons.