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  1. Hi again, In cs_invoice.php and cs_packingslip.php, at the end of the file, change the line with DIR_WS_INCLUDES to <?php require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?>
  2. Hi G.L. Looks really nice. Thanks! Just installed and testing on BS Edge (August 2017), on Wamp Server. Issues I found: · I needed to change everywhere from DIR_WS_INCLUDES to "includes/.. etc.". The same with CLASSES, IMAGES, etc. · The file admin/includes/classes/http_client.php was missing. If I'm not wrong, it is not part of the last BS Edge version. Taken and added from previous Osc versions. · In php7 (v. 7.0.10), when clicking on Customers or Orders nothing happens, and the same when refreshing. It works if I delete in the URL the oscid (i.e ?osCsid=irl141pd59dngrhurivgsbh520). On the other hand, under php5 (v. 5.6.25) it works properly. · I remeber that I also had to change/correct something in Invoice and Packing Slip files. Sorry, but now I don't remember what. I'll continue testing it, and if you wnat, I'll be telling you what I find on it. Again, thanks!
  3. Slim Checkout for BS

    Congrats Rainer, and many thanks again for your work. I've not tested it. I'm just writing to share a hack that I used for a similar purpose. Installing Dynamic Template System you can leave any page without boxes. It is not exactly the same as your proposal, since you still have header and footer in your pages, but you get it clean enough (at least for me). Also, you can install Multi Sidebox Banners 8 x (NEW), and by making an empty sidebox (with a transparent pixel, i.e.), you can play with the way that pages are shown. Certain pages can have a column of boxes at the right (which in fact can be empty, simply an space, like an indent), some other at the left, other pages can have both or none. Specially interesting for me is the possibilities offered by that "empty box", which gives more options for designing your shop. Hope this can be helpful for someone.
  4. Hi, Rainer, translation updated. You'll find it in Google Drive. Changed "Cabezera" to "Cabecera". Also, point 15 at help file, now translated.
  5. Thanks @Tsimi, a pleasure. @raiwa, I'll send it to you as soon as I have it ready. And your fix worked perfectly. Thanks! Also, I forgot to say that I found a couple of mistakes in the installation instructions. STEP = 2. catalog/languages/english/includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php I think it should read: CATALOG STEP = 2. catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_information.php As you'll see, "includes" is not in the right path. The same happens in CATALOG STEP = 4.
  6. First of all, Congrats!!! What a great work! Now, just installing and testing. On my side, I realize that some minor bugs to be fixed in the Spanish translation. Also, I found this when installed: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_pages() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\TT2TEST\includes\modules\store\st_swcleaner.php:620) in C:\wamp\www\TT2TEST\includes\modules\header_tags\ht_points_rewards.php on line 843 It seems that there is some kind of incompatibility with Sloppy Word Cleaner. First, I disabled SWC with the same result. Then, I uninstalled it and now is working. Again, many thanks for your work.
  7. I think it worth a pitty to have look at @@Jack_mcs 's Article Manager v1.0 It is fantastic, and that way everything is under Osc: same .htaccess, same database, etc. It includes xsell between articles and your products, comments, etc. Really great job, as usual he does. I have installed it in my shops, with a nice result. Anyway, as I do sometimes, you can have a local installation of WP with Yoast plugin, just for checking my posts on the blog. I mean, to see what are its suggestions, and correct them if needed.
  8. View Counter

    Thanks! Works really nice!! My shop is a BS Gold. Thanks again, Jack.
  9. View Counter

    Many thanks, Jack. Done! I simply wanted to post it as a warning for other users. In the case that somebody, just testing on a local server, could think that it doesn't work, to let him/her know that it was not true. Further testings. Checking "Send a message to a customer" (admin->view counter->tools), it gives me an error, and call my attention that the url shown is my-site/admin/view_counter_toolsphp (It seems as if a dot is missed before "php"). This is on my webserver. Regards
  10. View Counter

    Hi Jack. Many thanks for your great job, and for sharing it. I'm testing it on my local server (under Win7, Wampserver). When installing database, it gives some errors on some tables like this: 1101 - BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'session_msg' can't have a default value The tables are view_counter_flags, view_counter_session_kill and view_counter_settings. After some googleing, it seems to be due to mysql on windows server. And yes, when installing on my webserver no problem at all, and it works fine. Sorry, I'm unable of giving any solution or suggestion. Simply, perhaps somebody can find this info useful. On my side, the hack was simple. Installed on a webserver, made a copy of DB, and an SQL creating them on my local server for the tables above (after commenting them in the install file). Regards
  11. Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator Please help

    Sorry, I made I mistake. The addons installed is this: Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator
  12. Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator Please help

    Hi, I was trying to install it, with the same result as Alexis. Simply, in admin/index.php, instead of putting the piece of code above require('includes/application_top.php'); I've put it beneath it, and voila,all that errors dissapeared. Just visiting admin/index.php, and a couple of new files appeared in admin/cronjobs folder, as a sort of log, telling date of execution etc. Now, I'll try to test it in a real website. NOTES: Installed version for osc 2.3 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5471), on BS GOLD
  13. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Yes, Jim, that was the first thing I did. Anyway, don't worry at all about it. I'm not changing Easing every day, and it is quite easy to do it directly on the db. Regards
  14. [Addon} Modular Front Page

    @ kymation Hi Jim. I've just installed this new version, but in my case still with the same problem when changing Easing type. It doesn't have any effect from admin. If I go to the db and change it manually, then it changes, and the change remains @@mattsc Please, can you tell me how to get that fading effect? I love it! I have it working in Scroll boxes, but don't know how to get it in banner rotator. Regards