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    Sage pay Server Error 5006

    I have been trying to solve this 5006 error for the past few days with a developer. The error happened in the final stage after the 3D secure password. When my woocommerce site was http it seems fine, only when I made it https with a valid https certificate, I am getting this error 5006. Sagepay done a VPSTxld on a few failed transactions and their response is as below. " I have investigated the all the log and each time the transaction are timing out due to the fact that we cannot connect to the following URL (http://www.mywebsite.com/?wc-api=woocommerce_sagepayserver) I would advise on investigating the URL in question to see if it is active and responsive." When I click on the above link I get this: Status=INVALID StatusDetail=SagePay Server, No VendorTxCode posted. RedirectURL=https://www.mywebsite.com/wp-content/plugins/sagepay-server-gateway-for-woocommerce/includes/pages/redirect.php?page All my plugin were fine and working, only when switch over to https. Can anyone help me and pinpoint the actual place where I have to put this url in? I mean should it be automatic? I never created this url. I would really appreciate if someone can help and explain how I can do this in simple english and not coding. thanks