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  1. Are there any variations or modifications to MVS where the vendor and of course shipping selections presented to the customer are based on the quantity currently in stock and the customers order quantity?

    If not, how do others deal with an item you normally have in stock which can also be direct shipped from vendor to customer?

    In our situation, it's going to depend on both our stock and order quantity, and it needs to change the shipping quote.

    Another example is an item we sell individually, in case quantity, or by the pallet.

    Our costs, price quotes, and shipping all depend on quantity. Any thoughts on this?

    This would require significant modifications to MVS or even standard osC shipping code to work. It has been requested, but I don't believe anyone has done it yet. It could be fairly tricky work, so good luck with it if you decide to tackle it.


    Let us know how it goes, Craig :)

  2. Thanks for the help bluecollarguy,

    What an excellent contribution MVS is! I needed the ~MediaHound 19 Sep 2007~ help for admin/includes/database_tables.php but otherwise had no issues combining this with a very modified site.


    I'm still thrilled with that vendors products report page, even though it only displayed about 6700 of over 70k products. It didn't occur to me that all would be Vendors Products ID = none specified. I wonder about limiting the page lengths?


    Next up is UPSXML 1.2.6 for MVS ~ wish me luck!

    Your welcome, the products report page needs to be modified to use the "split_page_results" class in order to break down the list appropriately, I just haven't had time to get it done yet, still working on getting a fully updated package of MVS up for download.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  3. has anyone noticed that the vendor emails do not automatically get sent, (must be done manually in admin-customers-orders) or is this just me?

    where do i look to find that piece of code so i can start debug.

    also is there a way i can debug the xml output sent to ups so i can see how the xml is being written by my store, i need to see this for debugging purposes.

    The code that sends the email is in checkout_process.php, and it should work as is. Does on the close to hundred sites I have installed it on.


    In the UPSXML file, you will find a line that can be uncommented to send a debug email.


    Good luck, Craig

  4. Hello Jim & all,

    Recently downloaded and began testing Multi_vendor_shipping MVS-1.1 and noticed it has a really cool feature in the file prods_by_vendor.php (Product Reports).

    There in a very standard looking osc/admin page you can sort by name, ID, quantity, and price simply by clicking on the list heading.

    I’ve been searching for a contribution that lends this functionality to the standard osc customer & order pages but have so far come up empty.

    Anyone know where to find it?

    Here (I believe I have this right) is the non-clickable code from orders.php with one line of commented code from MVS-1.1 prods_by_vendor.php the clickable part.


    <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    		<td valign="top"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
    		  <tr class="dataTableHeadingRow">
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_CUSTOMERS; ?></td>
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ORDER_TOTAL; ?></td>
    <!--next line added from prods_by_vendor.php
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="left"><?php echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODS_VENDORS, '&vendors_id=' . $vendors_id . '&line=pid') . '">' .  TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_ID . '</a>'; ?></td>
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="center"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_DATE_PURCHASED; ?></td>
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_STATUS; ?></td>
    			<td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right"><?php echo TABLE_HEADING_ACTION; ?> </td>

    Try this for the customers:


    and this one for the order:


    Be careful with both, pay close attention to the code changes as they may not match any of the newer versions of osC.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  5. Having tried everything suggested and made NO progress at all getting MVS to work with 2.2 RC1 I appeal for help from anyone who has successfully done it. I am willing to PAY for help in getting this job done. Any takers?



    There should be no need to pay anyone for it. Email me(use my profile) and we can probably get it worked out.



    Craig :)

  6. Hello,


    Sorry if this has been asked in this thread before i have had a look and i couldn't find it.


    I've installed MVS 1.1 all seems to work fine however I no longer have a login screen to my admin pannel ?


    It simply just goes strait into my admin and once in there i have no link/option to log out either.

    Leaving my store admin open for whomever hits that url.


    I have installed.


    osc 2.2 ms2

    sts 4.5.8 for ms2


    All work'd fine untill i installed MVS 1.1


    Any ideas ??... Probably something easy I have overlook'd

    Sounds like you may have inadvertantly deleted the ".htaccess" file from your Admin directory. You can reset it through you cPanel, look for "Password Protect Directories" or something of the sort and follow the instructions for selecting which folder you want to protect, and set up a new username and password.


    If you had another form of Admin Access installed and you simply uploaded the MVS version of the "admin/includes/application_top.php", you may simply need to check it for the proper edits.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  7. okay...I finally got the vendor module working....I had a couple files in the wrong place...some minor corrections in code as well.


    So now I have set up a sample vendor 1 ...but I see no shipping option to choose from for each particular vendor I use...like ups or flat rates or table rates...


    I see a place for handling charges....tare weight...etc...but no shipping option to choose from for each vendor.

    where do I do this at?




    In the Vendor list, highlight the Vendor you want to add shipping to, and select the "Manage" button from the right. Then you will see a listing of all the shipping modules available, they will be worked with the same way you work with "Modules" in osCommerce.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  8. Sorted this, I can now see in the header is MVS is on or off :)

    I pasted in your code above, and I no longer have any error pages :) However...... with MVS switched off, I don't get any vendor emails :( Any idea where I should be looking to make good please?


    Thanks once again for your help :)

    Well Steve, this would be where things get complicated. With MVS turned off, no vendor information is populated in the database, so in order for you to get vendor emails, you will need to do some real work now.


    The function we have been referencing over the last page or so is the function that sends the emails, in order for the emails to be sent, there needs to be vendors in the order(which won't happen with MVS turned off), so you will need to make changes to several parts of the code to pass enough information in the order to get the vendor information to be added to the database and then to send the email. I think this is what several people have asked about. I have looked at this a few times recently as you know Steve, and I think I know how to do it, just don't know if I have the time right now.


    Look through the checkout_process.php file for all the Vendor related data, then track it back through the checkout to collect it. This really should only product and Vendor specific information related to each product.


    You will probably need to "artificially populate" an array or 2 to make this work. I expect you can do it if you have done as much as you have posted about here, so go for it. Just remember to backup every file before you start editing, trial and error is a major educational tool.


    Post here with specific questions and maybe between Jim and myself and everyone else, we can get it worked out.


    Good luck :thumbsup: , Craig :)

  9. Sorry Craig, that line is not in 1.0 or 1.1. I think it was added in one of the subsequent patches. I really need to find the time to do a patch rollup for MVS....







    Well now we know the problem don't we! LOL


    Oh boy, we really do need to get this updated properly, I am trying to make time but it is very difficult. By the time I get to it it will be time for a re-write for MS3!


    oy! Craig :blink:

  10. SNIP......

    With regards to your follow up

    I can only find one occurance of SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING in my database.

    Sorry, this bit has gone over my head. Can you advise further please?





    Ok, this is a pretty simple debug technique, with "global constants"(a constant that is set in "application_top.php" and is available to EVERY page throughout the site) you can simply add that line code to the includes/header.php file, like this:

      if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['info_message']) && tep_not_null($HTTP_GET_VARS['info_message'])) {
    <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
     <tr class="headerInfo">
    <td class="headerInfo"><?php echo htmlspecialchars($HTTP_GET_VARS['info_message']); ?></td>
     echo '<br>This is the MVS setting: ' . SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING;

    Note I added it before the closing php tag, go to any page on your site and it will "print out" on your screen and you will see what the site thinks that constant is.


    I don't think you need to do this though, your second point

    Which appears the same as from the original contrib. but without your second line of code shown in your suggestion

    	  if (SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING == 'true') {


    So I'm wondering if I've missed an up-date somewhere?

    Is what is allowing that block of code to execute even when MVS is turned off, which it shouldn't. So change that block to this:

    if (SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING == 'true') {
    //MVS - added insert for new orders_shipping table
    	$shipping_array = $shipping['vendor'];
     foreach ($shipping_array as $vendors_id => $shipping_data) {
    $vendors_query = tep_db_query("select vendors_name
    							   from " . TABLE_VENDORS . "
    							   where vendors_id = '" . (int)$vendors_id . "'"
    $vendors_name = 'Unknown';
    if ($vendors = tep_db_fetch_array($vendors_query)) {
      $vendors_name = $vendors['vendors_name'];
    			$shipping_method_array = explode ('_', $shipping_data['id']);
    			if ($shipping_method_array[0] == 'fedex1') {
    					$shipping_method = 'Federal Express';
    					} elseif ($shipping_method_array[0] == 'upsxml') {
    					$shipping_method = 'UPS';
    					} elseif ($shipping_method_array[0] == 'usps') {
    					$shipping_method = 'USPS';
    					} else {
    				$shipping_method = $shipping_method_array[0];
    $sql_data_array = array('orders_id' => $insert_id,
    						'vendors_id' => $vendors_id,
    						'shipping_module' => $shipping_method,
    						'shipping_method' => $shipping_data['title'],
    						'shipping_cost' => $shipping_data['cost'],
    						'shipping_tax' =>  $shipping_data['ship_tax'],
    						'vendors_name' => $vendors_name,
    						'vendor_order_sent' => 'no'
    tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS_SHIPPING, $sql_data_array);
    }// end if MVS enabled
    //MVS End

    And it won't execute if MVS is turned off. I am fairly confident that "if" statement has been there since the first release, but I could be wrong about that.


    Good luck Steve, Craig :)

  11. Craig, I could kiss you!


    Thanks to your suggestions I have FINALLY got it working the way I want!!!

    Don't know what I would have done without you bud!


    If anyone is interested, I can post the code for my heavily modified vendor email (must say it looks darn good if I do say so myself)


    Thanks go out to you to Jim, the two of you have helped immensely and I can now stop banging my head against the wall :-)

    I appreciate it, but you can keep the kisses! LOL :lol:



    Enjoy! :thumbsup:


    Craig :)

  12. I've been running MVS for over a year or so without problems.


    Please bare with me on this... I've now discovered you can 'switch' MVS off which the treats all the products as though they were being supplied by the one supplier, so the customer only gets charged one shipping charge.


    Right, I've switched off MVS and the check out process works fine up to the order conformation page, then I get an error message

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mydomain/public_html/store2/checkout_process.php on line 168
    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mydomain/public_html/store2/checkout_process.php:168) in /home/mydomain/public_html/store2/includes/functions/general.php on line 33

    If I do a couple of page refreshes, I then get presented with the cart page (product have gone). From this process, the customer receives their email, but there are no products listed, though the total price and shipping charges are there. Nor do I get the admin email detailing the customer and what they ordered.


    I've replaced the two files which were listed in the error message (which are about a year or so old when I first set up MVS) but the errors are the same.


    Can anyone give me any indication of where the problem/s may lie please?


    Thanks for baring with me, and thank you in advance for any help and guidance you can give :)

    This really shouldn't be able to happen if MVS is turned off. Look for this block of code

    //MVS - added insert for new orders_shipping table
      if (SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING == 'true') {
    	$shipping_array = $shipping['vendor'];
     foreach ($shipping_array as $vendors_id => $shipping_data) {

    That is most likely the "foreach" warning you are getting, but if "SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING" is off(or false in the database when MVS is turned off) it won't execute, so there should be no warning. Double check that you hadn't accidently added two lines to the database for this "key", I have seen that happen a number of times. You can check by "printing" out that constant on any other page, say the header.php file for instance:

    echo '<br>This is the MVS setting: ' . SELECT_VENDOR_SHIPPING;

    And find out what the site thinks it is.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  13. I feel just like the icon for Craig's user info.

    I'm banging my head and getting more frustrated by the minute.


    I have tried all 3 suggestions, in various forms and positions in the code and I'm always getting the same suffix added to each vendor email.


    When looking for code ideas from other pages, i think I have found the solution, but noooooo.


    even this bit of code returns the same value in each vendor email, yet it works perfectly in other pages.


     $package_num = sizeof($vendor_products);
     $box_num = $l + 1;
    for ($l=0, $m=sizeof($vendor_products); $l<$m; $l++) {
    $packageno = $box_num[$l] .' of ' . $vendors_count;


    what the above returns for ALL vendor emails (when I test with 3 vendors) is 1 of 3


    The same code (or very similar) works perfectly in includes/vendor_order_data.php, includes/vendor_order_info.php, admin/orders.php, order_history.php etc

    but I can't get it to work in checkout_process.php for the life of me.

    think I'm gonna lose my mind over this stupid little issue of appending an a, b, c etc to the vendor email order numbers



    Have you been working within the "function" that actually sends the email or the "call" to it? What I mean is this: if you are working within the function itself, that is your problem, only one vendor at a time is called during the checkout process to send the email.


    Outside the function(around line 445 in an unmodified checkout_process.php file) you will find this:

    	  if ($order_sent_ckeck == 'no') {
    	 $vendor_order_sent = false;
    	 vendors_email($vendors_id, $oID, $status, $vendor_order_sent);

    This is the section where you should modify the order number($oID=$insert_id;). This is wthin a "while" loop, so you should be able to create a count and get your letter to add properly.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  14. Hi Jim,


    I've managed to get it to work somewhat. I can append the Vendor ID to the order ID, but that does not match my existing order number format for multiple vendors.

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to have the "a" appended to the 1st vendor order and "b" appended to the 2nd vendor order etc.


    anything I have tried just appends the same value for all vendor emails

    ie: 1st vendor order 1234a, 2nd vendor 1234a etc when what I want is

    1st vendor order 1234a, 2nd vendor 1234b etc


    thinking this must be set up near this part

    		   while ($vendor_order = tep_db_fetch_array($vendor_data_query)) {
    $vendor_products[$index2] = array('Vid' => $vendor_order['vendors_id'],
    						 'Vname' => $vendor_order['vendors_name'],
    						 'Vemail' => $vendor_order['vendors_email'],
    						 'Vcontact' => $vendor_order['vendors_contact'],
    						 'Vaccount' => $vendor_order['account_number'],
    						 'Vstreet' => $vendor_order['vendor_street'],
    						 'Vcity' => $vendor_order['vendor_city'],
    						 'Vstate' => $vendor_order['vendor_state'],
    						 'Vzipcode' => $vendor_order['vendors_zipcode'],
    						 'Vcountry' => $vendor_order['vendor_country'],
    						 'Vaccount' => $vendor_order['account_number'],
    						 'Vtelephone' => $vendor_order['vendors_phone1'],
    						 'Vinstructions' => $vendor_order['vendor_add_info'],
    						 'Vcost' => $vendor_order['shipping_cost'],
    						 'Vmodule' => $vendor_order['shipping_module'],
    						 'Vmethod' => $vendor_order['shipping_method']);


    but I can't seem to get it right.


    any suggestions?




    You could also do something like this:

    $alphabet = array("A","B","C","D","E","F","G","H","I","J","K","L","M","N","O","P","Q","R","S","T","U","V","W","X","Y","Z");
    for ($l=0, $m=sizeof($vendor_products); $l<$m; $l++) {
    $vendor_country = tep_get_country_name($vendor_products[$l]['Vcountry']);
    $order_number = $oID . $alphabet[$l];

    This would add the corresponding($l is the start of the loop throught $vendor_products) letter from the $alphabet array to the $oID.


    For the $alphabet array you could also use

     $alphabet = range('a', 'z');

    If you wanted to for whatever reason.


    I have done a few of these as well, and have had to come up with some pretty complicated strings too, very much fun.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  15. I have looked...one english file was missing...but I fixed that...I am still getting the same error. I have checked all the adminstration files with no luck this morning. So maybe I could narrow my mistake down. Where is the tep_href_link function located?


    Sorry if that sounds like a silly question. It is just that I thought tep_href_link functions were most usually in the english.php files.



    No, "tep_href_link" is defined in "includes/functions/html_output.php"


    This is a function built to make sure sessions id's and other background data is being passed properly.


    Check that file and see if there are any issues there, Craig :)

  16. Hello,


    I just uploaded the MSV contribution.


    I am getting this on my www.mysite.com/catalog/administration page...it is preventing me from getting to my site administration.




    Unable to determine the page link!


    Function used:


    tep_href_link('', '', '')


    However, I do have access to my cpanel to change code.



    Janet, you will need to double check your edits to the files concerned with MVS. If you simply uploaded the files included with MVS, then I would suggest you upload them again and make sure your FTP is uploading using "ASCII", this should be set to "automatic" in your FTP program but some will need you to set which files need to be uploaded that way.



    Good luck, Craig :)

  17. Update to my problem!!


    I have upsxml + dimensions installed and it works good with multi-vendors is turned OFF, but as soon as I turn it ON, none of the vender's shipping modules work.


    Any ideas on what might be happening here or how to fix it?

    jyacks, UPS not too far back made a number of major changes/updates and the UPSXML module was also updated. Are you working with the new version or the one that was included in the MVS distribution?


    I've set up the mulit-vendor shipping and it works well. One problem though; the Order comments aren't showing up on the emails that go to the vendors. any suggestions? Thanks!

    gretchen2u, the "order comments" from the customer are not included in the Vendor's email the way things are set up now. One could fairly easily add them. I am not sure you would want all the comments from a customer to show to the Vendor though, I would think about that again if I were you.


    Good luck to you both, Craig :)

  18. Thanks Craig. Version 1.0 of this thing has my initials on it, but I don't remember doing it. I certainly didn't mean to steal your code. You're perfectly welcome to it.


    I was aware of the zone not being set for customers that are not logged in. We could either ask the customer for that information or calculate it from the Postcode. The last would require an enormous database table -- the US table alone is over 43,000 rows. I would be very pleased if you could come up with a better way to do this.


    The problem here is that the zone still doesn't work if the customer is logged in and that value is populated. I'm still trying to track that down. Not much time to look at it, so I haven't gotten very far.


    The forum periodically deletes my notifications, and sometimes fails to email me even when the notification is still set. Go figure. I'm keeping some of the more important ones (like MVS) open in browser tabs so that I can go check them every day or two. I still miss things, so feel free to PM or email me a reminder if you need me.




    You didn't steal anything, if it is something I did, I probably didn't intend it to be released in that condition.


    I had to do something of this sort(finding a zone_id) with some other project I was working on some time back, I will see if I can remember what I did. The fact that the zones still don't work when the zone_id is populated certainly complicates the bug hunt. I may have some time later tonight(if I don't simply pass out at my laptop again) and I may play with it a bit.


    Maybe simply request the state form a dropdown perhaps. But I guess one of the points is to ask as little of the customer as possible.



  19. My goodness things have been busy here. For some reason I haven't been getting my emails. The Estimator looks pretty good Jim, I like the version from the product_info page, very cool


    I am guessing from just a quick look through the code here, but the issue with the "Zones" not allowing quotes could be caused from not setting "zone_id" as part of the "order" class.

    The "zone_id" is in the $order-> array from the "cart" function in the order class. One would need to populate that value in order for the shipping modules to function correctly. If you can't find it I will try to make some time over the weekend to look more deeply into the code and work out how to populate that value.


    Very nice work though. The original version that was uploaded looks like some code I rushed through a long time ago, but I can't remember who I did it for and can't find it in my notes or archives. I had done a quick version of a popup estimator and had intended to go back and re-write it later, but never did. It seems you have beaten me to it one way or the other.


    Craig :)

  20. Yes, other shipping methods work but still get this error using MVS verison of upsxml.php:


    Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_INSURE_ in

    /home/username/htdocs/includes/modules/vendors_shipping/upsxml.php on line 420


    Replacing $vendor_id with $vendors_id in upsxml.php removes the error, but checkout fails with the "no shipping selected" error; also replacing the 8 occurrences of $vendor_id with $vendors_id in checkout_shipping.php does not fix the "no shipping selected" error.


    I think it's a register_globals=off issue, so do you know how I define the shipping method selected with register_globals=off?




    Try this:

    put an "@" sign in front of the call to the constant, in the UPSXML file, like this:

     @constant('MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_INSURE_' . $vendor_id)

    This is just a warning however, so it really shouldn't effect whether or not you can get a quote logged in or not.


    The fact that you don't have a number at the end of the line(MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_INSURE_) shows that you need to change the "$vendor_id" to "$vendors_id", there should be a number at the end of that line.


    It could be a "register_globals" issue, you would need to add some print statements within the areas of code that are being called when a user is logged, to see what data is missing and causing the error.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  21. At the risk of appearing EXTREMELY stupid can some point me to the exact download url for MVS. I have click3ed on various links and get to the contributions page but there are many download links there, some additional hacks etc.


    What's the score here? Do I need to download the original file and add all the bug fixes?


    Like I say, EXTREMELY stupid... :blush:

    Go here and download MVS 1.1, and pay attention to "Another Bugfix for MVS 1.1 /admin/includes/database_tables.php", as I screwed up the "Manual Install" instructions. The best thing to do is to do a file comparison using software, and free one is WinMerge, I use it(as well others) and it does the job just fine.


    If you have trouble, come back and the community will try to help out.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  22. Hi,


    Great contribution! One question - my client sells stationery from a variety of different vendors across the US. If someone orders say - 4 items - each from a different vendor - than that's four lots of shipping - which is extremely expensive! My client is concerned that this is going to put people off (and to be honest I can see her point...). Is there any way to combine shipping costs of orders shipped from different vendors so the amount is not so high?





    As far as I know Jason, noone has done this though we have seen a number of other users request the same feature. It is on my "wish list" for MVS, but I have not had the time to get it done. It would require a fair amount of work. It would also have many dependent factors to be dealt with, making things more difficult.


    The simple answer for you at this point though, no, it cannot be done.


    Sorry and good luck, Craig :)


    The problem was a missing } at the end of the 1st mvs edit. Now I run into the problem of my purchase without account not working with this mod. Again, any help would be much appreciated.

    Chances are you have simply messed up some code from PWA during MVS installation. MVS doesn't actually change anything involved in the customer's account creation or management, so MVS didn't break PWA, you will simply need to go back through each file and double check that you didn't undo any of the changes for PWA during MVS installation.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  23. :-" After the installation i have facing this error in admin side. i know there is some solution but i tried with different ways but nothing found. error is this.


    Not Found

    The requested URL /catalog/admin/FILENAME_STATS_VENDORS was not found on this server.


    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request


    and how can a vendor login and register into my site as a vendor. can any one help me plz?




    this one should be defined in admin/includes/filenames.php. look at the copy that was included in the distribution package

    i have facing this error in admin side


    1146 - Table 'town9com_emall.TABLE_VENDORS' doesn't exist


    select vendors_id, vendors_name from TABLE_VENDORS order by vendors_name


    [TEP STOP]


    even i add code in database_tables.php file both in admin and catalog directories. i am not a php programmer so its very diffecult for me to debug this php software. plz help me in easy way.




    Double check that the code you added matches the code in the copy of the file that was included in the distribution package


    Good luck, Craig :)


    I recently discovered that I had commented out the lines in column_right.php that displayed the bestsellers box... and uncommented them and discovered why: my bestsellers list is blank!


    I manually updated the products_ordered field in the products database just to get something listed in the infobox, but this can not be a regular activity for me. One would think this should be updated automatically.


    My question then is: which file should be updating the products_ordered field and where might I look to fix it? I have installed MVS some time ago and I wonder if this may have any effect on the issue at hand.



    This get's updated in checkout_process.php, double check your edits there. If you need to, download a fresh copy of osC, and use a comparison tool to locate the code in question.


    Good luck, Craig :)

  24. Is there a way to add Google Checkout into MVS?

    At this point, MVS and Google Checkout are ENTIRELY INCOMPATIBLE. Google Checkout bypasses that standard shipping system from osC, and therefor also bypasses MVS. Why it was designed the way it is, I don't know, but I do know it is an evolving thing, and may at some point be better to work with.


    Good luck, Craig :)