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    Language Pack Problem

    Hi, I have dowload and upload the portugues package. When i change it apears this message: HTTP 500 error​ Now i cant enter in the admin anymore. What can i do ? I just put the package in the same dir as english. I use ubuntu server and apache. Best Regards
  2. rhercules

    Language Pack Problem

    Thanks. I will se that and lets se. I think i put the same files in both dir so that might be a big problem. Lets se if i correct that and things goes well. Regards
  3. rhercules

    Language Pack Problem

    Well i have look for the file and it apears like the english one. Everything looks fine. But then HTTP 500 error. I now se that we need files in Admin/includes/language and in include/language. Do i need to put the same on both dir ? What i have to do here ? Regards
  4. rhercules

    Language Pack Problem

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have download fron the site and upload in Filezilla. The files look like the other .php but didnt look for spaces. I'll se that thanks. Lets se if this works :) Regards