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  1. The code the 'you' sent me came from Joseph Olson ----- Original Message ----- From: Joseph Olson To: Vlad Levykin Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 11:30 AM Subject: PayFlow Link latest SnapShot Hi Vlad, I have the code for both the updated Payflow Link and PayFlow Pro payment modules. I have attached the zip for the PayFlow Link (works with latest OSC SnapShot), please put this code through the paces and let me know if there are any bugs so I can have my programmer fix them. I have a couple others testing this and hope to release the final code soon, I hope this is it -enjoy! Best regards, Joe
  2. by the way i sent an email about it not working to Joseph Olson? Are you him or not?
  3. I did email you! You just did not reply. What was not working was that I tested it with my credit card number in test mode, while in test mode, as it turned out later, ONLY Verisign test numbers are accepted. I believe it is 4111* I am not using it on live site yet, but the test transaction did go thru when i tried it again a few days ago! Thanks
  4. I can send you the code if you want, it did not work for me last week when i tried. I have to get back to it and try it again. If you want the code email me and i will send it to you.
  5. Hey I would like to try the module as well, I can help with testing it too. Paypal is just not enough to have these days! :lol: Vlad