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    1- Simply copy the files in /catalog

    2- Go to the Admin section, under "Modules" -> "Payment" -> "AlertPay". Click "Install" and configure it.

    That's all!

  2. Hello,

    We see that you have created the download for Alert Pay. Could you tell us how we could intergrate Alert Pay to our website. We have down loaded it to the computer. We just need help with the next step.

    Thank you.

  3. The Alertpay module has been chnaged by another contributer, if you are having problems with it you should contact the current contributer. If the Payment module is no longer working, then contact me with an email and I will take a look at the code.


  4. herrgray

    MONEYBOOKERS HACK: Be careful!

    I said alot, not all... chooch is pretty much correct here... If your not a programmer familiar with php(object) then there is no other way other than trial and error. so, play it on the safe side and: alot of payment processors do not have the funds or the man power to develope modules for all the open source web shops out there. Gray
  5. herrgray

    MONEYBOOKERS HACK: Be careful!

    Hi, This is a common problem with the OS commerce script. All shop owners should check to see if a payment has actually been made before they ship any products. Alot of payment processors have not implemented ways to check for a sucessful transaction - (ex. returning a hashed value) - the check out functions usually default return (ie. no checks made) so unfortunatly there is not a way to stop the checkout_process.php bug. It should be noted this is a OSc bug aswell and such functions should take place in a protected class. not in a public php doc. Gray Appleton
  6. herrgray

    AlertPay payment module?

    Hi, there is a new Alertpay contribution...... You can down load it here:Alertpay Gray