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    saxcbr reacted to BrockleyJohn in Paypal Standard Payments Failing   
    Thanks Martin, that fixed it for my customer's site.
    @saxcbr @Cary @cdetdi @Mac Fly please try copying the above file into your shops.
    You can then try resending an IPN from your Paypal account (finding it is tortuous):
    log in to PP, hit cog > Account settings
    scroll down to website payments on left menu
    choose Update next to Instant Payment Notifications
    in the middle of the first line of text, hit the link IPN History page
    This shows you a list of IPNs, defaulting to the last 24 hours - change the period if necessary and select one to resend
    [fingers crossed]
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    saxcbr got a reaction from burt in Paypal Standard Payments Failing   
    I'll do it tomorrow morning because I don't have direct access to Paypal account since I am the webmaster.
    I need to do it with my customers.
    I posted here to inform that is not a single case.