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  1. Jeffrmarks

    EZ Quickbooks

    Trying to install the EZ Quickbooks module, and having a terrible time. I'm fairly decent at debugging issues, but when I try to import the inventory file, I am getting a HTTP 500 error message, which really doesn't tell me much about how to fix it. The import screen is available. The import button is visible, and when I click on that button, it goes to the HTTP 500 message. The documentation is not the best for this module, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with this module and might point the way in how to fix that error. Thanks Jeff
  2. Jeffrmarks

    editing footer

    I looked there, but only the copyright statement is there. The lines above it regarding webmaster@ etc are not. Jeff
  3. Jeffrmarks

    editing footer

    Hi A company has just moved from VA to OH, and I'm trying to change the business information at the bottom of the page. However, I'm not finding it in the files I've searched. I am finding the copyright information, but the 3 lines above that have text that is not in that file. What file would have this information? Thanks Jeff
  4. Jeffrmarks

    Warehouse location

    I added an add-on that would put a warehouse_location field on the order_products table. The field is there and the field now exists on the pick list. However, it's not being populated from the product_description table. What module should be doing this? I'm having trouble in locating the appropriate module where the fields for the order_products table are populated. Thanks in advance. Jeff
  5. Jeffrmarks

    New Product input

    Thanks. I thought it would have to go this way, but I wanted to check before paying for the code.
  6. Jeffrmarks

    New Product input

    I'm working on a new website using osCommerce. It's for a specialty publisher, and when a new book is added, there are a group of customers (identified by a customer discount > 0) which automatically are shipped a copy of the book. I would like to know if there are any add-ons which would run a set of invoices for these customers when a new product is added (and hopefully create the appropriate shipping labels. They're all billed manually, so there would be no billing interface needed. Is this an add-on (or similar to an add-on) that currently exists? Thanks Jeff
  7. Did you ever get a resolution to this? I'm having the exact same problems with this.