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  1. Hello, Mads. How are you?

    I wanna you to help me about shipping tax issue. Please let me know can you help me.

     Thanks in advance

    from @Manoj Vayu

  2. MixMatch83

    Paypal Express writing new costumer address to OSC database?

    Well.. at this point I'll just have to manually delete every new adress added by PP express via PhpMyAdmin, because this messes up the address book seen by the costumers in "my account". Anyone know if there is a way to automaticly delete addresses added to the database by PP Express? A script or something?
  3. Hi. I have been playing with the Paypal Express module for a few days now, and everything seems to run smootly, exept.. In my store I only allow 1 address in the address book, so if the costumer wants to order to a second address, he/she has to edit the existing address. PayPal Express seems to automaticly add a second address to my database if the customer registers a different address with paypal than what he/she already has registered in my store. Does anyone know if this is the case? If it is, can it be deactivated so that no second address is automaticly added to my database?
  4. MixMatch83

    Do not skip checkout_confirmation.php with paypal express.

    I just tried the Paypal Standard module, but there was waaay to much trouble with that one.. After payment was made I got back to my shopping cart, no order was made in my store, and I had to confirm with paypal to go back to my store. Paypal Express FTW! Even if it means skipping the checkout_confirmation page :)
  5. Hi everyone. Is there a way to make paypal express not skip the checkout_confirmation.php page? In my store the last page shown before going off to paypal is checkout_payment.php I would like for my customers to see the checkout_confirmation.php page before they are sent to paypal. I have only tested the paypal_express module, maybe paypal standard does not skip the confirmation? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. - Mads