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  1. donthecat

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hi Joey, :thumbsup: Good to see that the contrib support has crossed 9 pages :D . I am one of the 1st users I guess and though I dont concentrate on adding new stuff (contribs) to my store anymore, yours is a major help to me anytime. Keep in touch -Murali B)
  2. Hi netfrugal, I installed this contrib on 2 and its working fine. Though I'd to spend several hours before I figured out what was going on. The problem is that each one of us add contribs as per our requirement and so a standrad solution cannot be documented, I think. You gott figure out most of the solutions through trial and error. :'( I'm yet to figure out some after I Installed WYSIWYG Mailer contrib, which includes miles of code.
  3. donthecat

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Hey Joey Good to see the contrib online man. It's really useful and thanks for asking me to test it out while you were playing around with the codes B) You probably made a 10% programmer outta me :D Cheese
  4. Can anybody tell me why my webpage slows down and my mouse pointer does the rumba when I enable Ultrapics and open a new product page ? Also, when I edit and then change the images, all I get is the ugly X mark. The X and a truncated http:// . I'm forced to delete the entire product and start from scartch. SOS Also, just about no one came out with a solution to my query as to how to access an image stored in another webserver using this contrib. Is it not possible at all? One thing is certain, this is Uno Numero contrib, MaxiDVD B) Cheers
  5. Exactly. It would be gr8 if the person with restricted priveleges are not presented with all the options. They are sure to get confused. Ideally, most of my sub-admin are given rights to the Catalog Box, which I presume will be the same for most users. Can they directly go to the Admin without the opening screen? Cheers
  6. OOps about the previous qusery ! I got the solution. This is one great contrib. Keep the party alive......
  7. Hi folks, I downloaded and installed the Multi Admin Contib and it?s a great help to me. I?m just setting up the store and I want to give access to select friends and foes so that they can share the mullah. J I just have one doubt. How do I allocate passwords to new Admin? I mean I create a new Member, but I don?t see any place where I can allocate a password. But, when I try to test login with that Admin password, it asks me for a password and I notice it creates one in the DB also. Right now I?ve created an alternate Login using the Guest admin, but what happens when I need to allocate more admin? Would appreciate any help in this regard Cheers and keep the party alive??
  8. donthecat

    Paypal Include Fee Mod Parse Error

    I'm the new babe in the woods or should i say New Kid on the Block. Learning php only now (never too late) and it's very interesting. B) I downloaded the Paypal Include Fee Chargrge Mod and installed it. When I run, however I get the following error message. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\catalog\includes\modules\payment\paypal.php on line 17 Can you suggest a solution, pls?