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  1. hi how to add self-referencing hreflang tag to href lang module bcz This SEO error show on my website No self-referencing hreflang tag This is the most common issue in this section. We found out that if a website has a conflict within a page source code, in 96% of cases, the page doesn’t contain a self-referencing hreflang in its set of hreflang attributes. That means that those attributes may be ignored or interpreted incorrectly. To fix this mistake, make sure to include the page’s URL and language code in your set of hreflang attributes.
  2. function tep_reset_cache_data_usu5($action = false) { //line 1702 if ( $action == 'reset' ) { $usu5_path = realpath( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/../../../' ) . '/' . 'includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/'; switch( USU5_CACHE_SYSTEM ) { case 'file': $path_to_cache = $usu5_path . 'cache_system/cache/'; $it = new DirectoryIterator( $path_to_cache ); while( $it->valid() ) { if ( !$it->isDot() && is_readable( $path_to_cache . $it->getFilename() ) && ( substr( $it->getFilename(), -6 ) == '.cache' ) ) { @unlink( $path_to_cache . $it->getFilename() ); } $it->next(); } break; case 'mysql': tep_db_query( 'TRUNCATE TABLE `usu_cache`' ); break; case 'memcache': if ( class_exists('Memcache') ){ include $usu5_path . 'interfaces/cache_interface.php'; include $usu5_path . 'cache_system/memcache.php'; Memcache_Cache_Module::iAdmin()->initiate() ->flushOut(); } break; case 'sqlite': include $usu5_path . 'interfaces/cache_interface.php'; include $usu5_path . 'cache_system/sqlite.php'; Sqlite_Cache_Module::admini()->gc(); break; } tep_db_query( "UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value='false' WHERE configuration_key='USU5_RESET_CACHE'" ); } } // end function i got this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 1702
  3. not a image name its sub folder name on image folder
  4. hi how to remove images sub folder links from image sitemap bcoz google search console get crawl error /images/Tedy Googlebot couldn't crawl this URL because it points to a non-existent page. Generally, 404s don't harm your site's performance in search, but you can use them to help improve the user experience.
  5. hi i want hide products and categories on hidden categories on sitemap how to do it
  7. This module developed for Facebook comment for Products Facebook
  8. other way seller can send reference number to customer for order tracking like this site
  9. if you can create mobile verification system its best method for order tracking login