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  1. evbeej

    Fatal error php Tools - Security Checks

    Ah, i have found a solution to my problem from this thread: Sorted!
  2. evbeej

    Fatal error php Tools - Security Checks

    I recently ran through the release notes to update my store, and I am experiencing the same errors as HollisterCA . Unfortunately, I can't just install this new one version that was suggested as the site is so bespoke. Is there certain files i can update to get it working on PHP 7?
  3. evbeej

    Changes to how we can get subscribers

    After some digging, ive found this: What Europes new privacy law means for email marketers Which is an interesting read for anyone interested :)
  4. evbeej

    reCAPTCHA V2 - Looks So Cool

    Hey @@burt, I just had another look and realised where i was going wrong, i hadnt seen the section at the bottom of v2_hooks. I have it working on both pages now. :) Have to say this is an brilliant module, and really easy to add.
  5. evbeej

    reCAPTCHA V2 - Looks So Cool

    @@Gyakutsuki Yea, i saw that this morning on their recaptcha admin page. We have not long purchased this module from @@burt though and would at least like to see if we can get it working on the create_account page seeing as we have the module. *fingers crossed
  6. evbeej

    reCAPTCHA V2 - Looks So Cool

    @@burt out of interest, you say you have only added this recaptcha to the contact page, is there a reason you don't have it on anything else? ie the create_account page? would that be harder to implement with your module?
  7. :- new problem! I have it set up so that the customer gets free shipping if they spend over £30. I have 2 items in the shopping cart, which totals £33.48 I add a discount of 50% which takes the total to 16.74 which now pushes the purchase to below the £30 free shipping limit, so i get the error: Your calculated shipping charges have changed. I have seen a couple if people mention this on theirs, and my version of the module (3.34 plus bug fixes) seems to have all those fixes incorporated already. as far as i can see, this bit of code which is on classes/discount_coupon.php, is meant to sort this... static function is_recalc_shipping() { global $order, $language; //calculate the order total: $order_total = $order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']; if( DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX != 'true' ) $order_total -= $order->info['tax']; //check if there is free shipping if( strtolower(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING) == 'true' ) { include( DIR_WS_LANGUAGES.$language.'/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php' ); //if free shipping is enabled, make sure the discount does not bring the order total below free shipping limit if( $order->info['shipping_method'] == FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE ) { //if free shipping is the selected shipping method if( $order_total < MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER ) { //if the discount lowers the total below the free shipping limit return true; } } } //check if table rate shipping has changed if( strtolower(MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_STATUS) == 'true' ) { include( DIR_WS_LANGUAGES.$language.'/modules/shipping/table.php' ); if( substr($order->info['shipping_method'], 0, strlen(MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE)) == MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE && MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_MODE == 'price' ) { $table_cost = split( "[:,]", MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_COST ); for( $i = 0; $i < count( $table_cost ); $i += 2 ) { if( $order_total <= $table_cost[$i] ) { $shipping = $table_cost[$i+1]; break; } } if( $order->info['shipping_cost'] != $shipping ) { //if the discount lowers the total below the table rate return true; } } } return false; } But it just doesnt seem to be doing it.. any ideas anyone? E
  8. Sorted it!! i had exclude specials as true in the setting :thumbsup: :blush:
  9. Following the link you send me Loic , i didnt get it working. However i have found something that might point to the issue. While checking at every point i have found that doing a var_dump here (in checkout_confirmation.php): The following comes up: It looks as though whenever i have an item in my cart, it adds it to the 'exclusions' list? Anyone have any ideas? E
  10. @@Gyakutsuki Thank you, i will do that - i really appreciate your patience, and help.
  11. @@Gyakutsuki Please forgive me if i have misunderstood but... i have added the var_dump to the following code in ot_discount_coupon.php: This has added the following to the top of the confirmation: string(6) "erika2" array(0) { } :(
  12. if i add the var_dump in the first lot of KGT code on that page : it appears with string(6) "erika2" at the top of the confirmation page... does that help?
  13. @@Gyakutsuki Hmmm.. ive re installed this about 4 times, and its always the same. never appears in confirmation. Following this module ive added the following bits of code to order.php: Are you suggesting i have something else missing from this page? - sorry im not to good with the order total
  14. @@Gyakutsuki Nope, doesnt look like i have that, and when i add in the var_dump on classes/order.php it breaks it! Do you want to see my order.php file?
  15. EDIT: i edited the code to match the one above and it made no difference. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @@Gyakutsuki sorry, actually reading the code compared to the one you posted, its actually different, dont know how much a difference that will make but here is the code i actually have