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  1. After some digging, ive found this: What Europes new privacy law means for email marketers Which is an interesting read for anyone interested :)
  2. Hey @@burt, I just had another look and realised where i was going wrong, i hadnt seen the section at the bottom of v2_hooks. I have it working on both pages now. :) Have to say this is an brilliant module, and really easy to add.
  3. @@Gyakutsuki Yea, i saw that this morning on their recaptcha admin page. We have not long purchased this module from @@burt though and would at least like to see if we can get it working on the create_account page seeing as we have the module. *fingers crossed
  4. @@burt out of interest, you say you have only added this recaptcha to the contact page, is there a reason you don't have it on anything else? ie the create_account page? would that be harder to implement with your module?
  5. Hello Guys, We have a modded site that uses the table rate module to give customers the option for free delivery when ordering over £150. All is fine with it when customers order using a debit/credit card or a credit account, however when they use paypal to purchase, and click the free delivery option. The database isnt being sent the postage selected, which then kicks up an error on our database. We have another site which has the same thing and it is working fine! so completely at a loss. Any ideas of where to look would be greatly appreciated! E
  6. Thanks guys, didnt realise i had a response on here. I did as suggested, I removed this from the order total module and used the table module for the free shipping option! Thanks for your help guys! E
  7. @@Mikepo not sure if im just being an idiot cos its monday or what but looking at the link, you mention; I was looking at ot_shipping.php - is this the file i should be looking at? as i cant find the line you are talking about. I also tried adding it to the table.php and nothing worked. Reading through the second option (as you suggested) it looks like you would be allowing all shipping options to be available after you have reached the free shipping amount. Is it possible to just have collection available regardless of total? Sorry hope that made sense? E Sorry to be a pain.
  8. Thank you @@Mikepo and @@raiwa I will have a look at both links today :)
  9. Hello Everyone, I have a shop which is using order total module, and have a free shipping after £150. Everything is fine, except i want the option to collect in store to still be available after they have passed the free delivery bracket. I have had a look at a few modules, but each one only works with flat rate module and no matter what i do, order total always seems to override it when they reach the free shipping amount. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! E
  10. :- new problem! I have it set up so that the customer gets free shipping if they spend over £30. I have 2 items in the shopping cart, which totals £33.48 I add a discount of 50% which takes the total to 16.74 which now pushes the purchase to below the £30 free shipping limit, so i get the error: Your calculated shipping charges have changed. I have seen a couple if people mention this on theirs, and my version of the module (3.34 plus bug fixes) seems to have all those fixes incorporated already. as far as i can see, this bit of code which is on classes/discount_coupon.php, is meant to sort this... static function is_recalc_shipping() { global $order, $language; //calculate the order total: $order_total = $order->info['total'] - $order->info['shipping_cost']; if( DISPLAY_PRICE_WITH_TAX != 'true' ) $order_total -= $order->info['tax']; //check if there is free shipping if( strtolower(MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING) == 'true' ) { include( DIR_WS_LANGUAGES.$language.'/modules/order_total/ot_shipping.php' ); //if free shipping is enabled, make sure the discount does not bring the order total below free shipping limit if( $order->info['shipping_method'] == FREE_SHIPPING_TITLE ) { //if free shipping is the selected shipping method if( $order_total < MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_SHIPPING_FREE_SHIPPING_OVER ) { //if the discount lowers the total below the free shipping limit return true; } } } //check if table rate shipping has changed if( strtolower(MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_STATUS) == 'true' ) { include( DIR_WS_LANGUAGES.$language.'/modules/shipping/table.php' ); if( substr($order->info['shipping_method'], 0, strlen(MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE)) == MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_TEXT_TITLE && MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_MODE == 'price' ) { $table_cost = split( "[:,]", MODULE_SHIPPING_TABLE_COST ); for( $i = 0; $i < count( $table_cost ); $i += 2 ) { if( $order_total <= $table_cost[$i] ) { $shipping = $table_cost[$i+1]; break; } } if( $order->info['shipping_cost'] != $shipping ) { //if the discount lowers the total below the table rate return true; } } } return false; } But it just doesnt seem to be doing it.. any ideas anyone? E
  11. Sorted it!! i had exclude specials as true in the setting :thumbsup: :blush:
  12. Following the link you send me Loic , i didnt get it working. However i have found something that might point to the issue. While checking at every point i have found that doing a var_dump here (in checkout_confirmation.php): The following comes up: It looks as though whenever i have an item in my cart, it adds it to the 'exclusions' list? Anyone have any ideas? E
  13. @@Gyakutsuki Thank you, i will do that - i really appreciate your patience, and help.
  14. @@Gyakutsuki Please forgive me if i have misunderstood but... i have added the var_dump to the following code in ot_discount_coupon.php: This has added the following to the top of the confirmation: string(6) "erika2" array(0) { } :(
  15. if i add the var_dump in the first lot of KGT code on that page : it appears with string(6) "erika2" at the top of the confirmation page... does that help?