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  1. Just downloaded (PHP 7.4.0) run installation and it freeze on step "Testing database connection". Both spinners turning but nothing happens. Server restarted, not help. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Solved. There was string: "%store_owner_name%" <email@@address> in "Configuration" -> "MyStore" -> "E-mail from" field. Have doubts osCommerce assemble this string itself by instalation or initial configuration. After deleting everything but email address, it sending mails OK. BTW: There was not outer <> in original configuration, only store_owner_name enclosed in doublequotes. Could the problem arise because doublequotes is special character on windows platform?
  3. oscommerce sending mails out via SMTP by phpmailer module. Mail address in packet (captured by wireshark) is: <"company name"<email@@address>> in smtp server log doublequotes are stripped: <company name<email@@address>> but the SMTP server refusing to send mails with error 503 "sender address missing". In database is "mailbox@@host.com" only (without doublequotes), where the prefix is added? I am new in both oscommerce/php so please be patient with me... L.