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  1. Is there a mod/contribution or a way already built in to have an Admin or a "store" login so this software can be used for both net sales and a retail store POS? also is there a mod for inputing the cost of an item as well as the price into the database for a profit/loss report? i currently use quickbooks and it is looking like it will be a nightmare to keep the inventory striaght between the 2 systems even using easy populate. id like to use OSC for both but not lose some of the QB reports. any ideas are most appreciated. thanks kevin
  2. vtec

    QTPro Contribution question

    has anyone taken over this contrib or working on it at all or a similar mod?
  3. vtec

    QTPro Contribution question

    the above fix works for subtracting from the main stock, but if you go into the admin section and select a product, then click the stock button where the attribute stocks are, the values havent changed, which will still allow someone to add an out of stock item to their cart contents. i am glad to see this contrib is still kinda alive and kicking and maybe it will be a part of the OSC install eventually.
  4. i have gotten some test items in the db and quantities for their attributes and i am getting the same result as wwwclaes, the stock does not adjust to it being sold. i peeked at the table products_attributes and there is no cell(for lack of better term) denoting quantity. is someone still working on this contribution still or should those of us wanting to use this seek other coders and pay them? this is a great contrib and i'd hate to see it die.
  5. did you add the tables to your sql database using phpmyadmin?
  6. i have another question. when i add a new product and change its stock levels for the attributes for the first time, when i click the 'add' button it doesnt go to the proper url. eg instead of www.domain.com/catalog/admin/stock.php?blahblahblabh , it goes to just /catalog/admin/... so i get a page not found. it still works when i insert the full url, but is there a way to make it do that automatically. also, i get an error when i try to zero out the last attribute. eg i have a blue and a black widget. i can zero out one, and it goes away just fine, but when i try to zero out the other with no more attributes, it gives this. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'where products_id=49' at line 1 update products set products_quantity= where products_id=49 [TEP STOP] the first one isnt really a pressing issue b/c i can manually enter the url, but the second one is a little more important b/c i sell things in the retial store which shares the same inventory as the web store will. i understand that if i am zeroing out the last attributew for that item i can just turn the item off(same result no more item in the catalog on the client side) but i just wanted to give a heads up on a bug. kevin
  7. I made QTpro to function on cPanel and not on ENSIM and Plesk because of how difficult it is to work with them. really? i have this installed in ensim and its works great except for the error when adding that to the cart. thanks for the fix Joe, you rock!
  8. yeah, thats exactly what this is doing, but we never tried selecting one then the other to fix that. great find staci! hopefully this will be an ewasy fix.
  9. now i am really confused. some items stock work some dont. SHopping Cart View Inventory Admin View db view through php myadmin of products_stock please help!
  10. also, the first time i try to update the stock of an item, any item, the url does not complete itself correctly and gives a page not found error. eg instead of going to http://www.domain.com/catalog/admin/stock.php it gives http://catalog/admin/stock.php if you can point me to where the code for this is i could change it, thanks,
  11. i am getting errors when trying to update the stock levels of an item, mainly when i try to zero out the item so there is a quantity of 0 in stock. here is an example of the error. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'where products_id=42' at line 1 update products set products_quantity= where products_id=42 [TEP STOP] i will be needing the ability to zero an item out b/c both my retail and web store will be sharing the smae inventory... i am also still recieving an error when i add an item to the stock, but on the client side of oScommerce the item is said to be out of stock once placed in the shopping cart. any suggestions would be much appreciated on what the solution could be. thanks kevin
  12. well, as i clicked post, my partner figured out a fix. remove all stock that have a quantity of 0 for that attribute, then all the other attributes for that product ID should work. ie red 1 blue 2 black 0 should be red 1 blue 2
  13. i am having some problems with the contribution. when i try to add an item with attibutes(color, size, etc) it always says the item is out of stock. from looking at the links to add to the cart, it seems that it only uses the product ID from the db to add to the cart. i took a peek at the db in phpMyAdmin and the item, which has 3 colors to choose from, all have the same ID in the db but different attibute IDs. any help would be great. thanks, kevin
  14. any updates on this contrib?