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  1. updated certificates

    Thanks @John W for the reply. I am not familiar with updating the certs for Authorize.Net. Is there a step by step instruction on doing this? Ken
  2. updated certificates

    Hi John, My site was failing to connect (test connection) and I had to turn off the " Verify SSL Certificate" to get it to connect. It was working yesterday just fine with this set to true. Could this be a result of new certs? If so, 1. How do I fix this? 2. What are the ramifications of running with the Verify SSL Certificate set to false? Thanks!
  3. Merge Accounts

    Excellent! I look forward to being able to use this very useful mod. Thanks Jack!
  4. Merge Accounts

    I was able to increase the php memory and this fixed this error. With the number of customers I have it takes a very long time to build the lists and actually causes the browser to stop responding to build them. In fact, the browser never did compete the build of the customer selection menus. I would imagine once built it would not easy to find the accounts you want to merge. If I might venture an enhancement/change would be to provide Merge From and To fields for searching for the customer accounts to merge rather than build selection menus. You could still have the option to click for menu selection based on one of the three criteria you offer for those who want to select them using that method. For me I would know the email addresses of the accounts I want to merge so this would be quick and assured to get the correct two accounts. Thank you for your efforts with this excellent addition! Ken
  5. Merge Accounts

    Thanks Jack. Yes, I have more customers than 8K. I'll check in to this further and see if there's something I can change with my server configuration.
  6. Merge Accounts

    Hi Jack, I installed the Merge Accounts add on and am getting the following error: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /home/admin/web/mydomain.com/public_html/catalog/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 103 Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks for any help. Ken
  7. Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    @BrockleyJohn, I'm using Admin Only Comments Box v1.2 on osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4. It is implemented on the "Status History" tab. You can see below the Admin Comments text entry and Update and then the Admin Comments history with Date Added. What I envision is an Admin Comments Tab in this format "Admin Comments (2)" where the (2) indicates two Admin Comments have been entered.. For example, if no admin comments have been entered the tab would be "Admin Comments (0)". Having the number of comments on the tab would lead an admin to click on the tab to read them. Zero would indicate no reason to take the time to look at the tab. On the tab would have the Admin Comments text box and update button with the comments history under it. Thanks for considering this mod. Personally I think your Orders Tab and this Admin Comments w/ Tab should be core OSC technology. Both are extremely useful. Thanks again!
  8. Customer Orders Tab in Admin Orders (hook)

    Thank you for this very useful Orders Tab mod. It installed very easily and works very well. I added the following to what is displayed by default: Order Number CC Number (only last 4 digits) Reason for these additions: Order Number: For customers that have many orders with us they often refer to an order number or we are looking for order details by order number. CC Number (only last 4 digits): This allows us to quickly see what credit cards have been used previously which assists us determine if there should be any credit card fraud concern. These modifications were very simple due to this mod being so well written. So, thank you! REQUEST for a TAB mod for the Admin Notes mod. We use the Admin Notes mod which allows us to keep order notes with the order which are not visible to the customer. It would be very helpful to have this moved to a tab to write and see these notes. Again, thank you for an excellent mod! Ken
  9. Thanks @burt! Yes, their server(s) must have been having issues as it has resolved itself. Ken
  10. Just in the last few hours our USPS module is not returning domestic quotes. It is returning international quotes quickly and accurately. On the domestic quotes there's a long delay before it apparently timeouts and then continues to display the checkout_shipping page with the other carrier quotes. I know this because I tested with USPS disabled and our FedEx quotes some back quickly (as do the international USPS quotes). Anyone else having this issue or know what is causing it? I'm guessing it is a USPS API issue but none of the websites that monitor the USPS API are indicating any issues. I'm hoping something hasn't changed with the API that would require a rework of the USPS module. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ken
  11. ShipStation Shipping Integration Software

    I haven't used ShipStation and don't mean to hijack your thread, however, I thought it might be helpful to mention that ShipWorks has a OSC integration. I've used it for years and recently upgraded OSC to 2.3.4BS Responsive and am still using ShipWorks. I ship to the U.S. and internationally via USPS, FedEx, UPS and OnTrac and ShipWorks handles it all.
  12. I need to upgrade from MySQL 5.5.54 to version 5.7.18. QUESTIONS: 1. Will this break my my v2.3.4 version of OSC given I am running 5.5.54 now? 2. Will I have to do anything to the OSC databases or code after the MySQL upgrade? Thanks in advance, Ken
  13. Upgrading OpenSSH

    Thank you John for the reply and information. Yes, port has been changed as well as other measures to secure ssh. QUESTIONS: 1. I need to upgrade from MySQL 5.5.54 to version 5.7.18. Will this break my my v2.3.4 version of OSC given I am running 5.5.54 now? 2. Will I have to do anything to the OSC databases or code after the MySQL upgrade? Thanks, Ken
  14. Upgrading OpenSSH

    I am currently running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4. I need to uprade Openssh. I don't believe Openssh has anything to do with OSC but I thought I would ask if there's any risk to OSC by upgrading Openssh to version 7.4. Thanks in advance!
  15. Feedback for wHiTeHaT

    My dedicated server running a very old and highly modified OSC 2.2 was coming to the end of support. As a result, I was forced, in a very short timeframe, to migrate to another server. This necessitated that I abandoned my beloved OSC 2.2 and either bail on OSC and go with a hosted shopping cart or upgrade to OSC 2.3.4. In either case it would be a huge effort considering I have nearly one hundred thousand customers and orders. Not to mention many significant modification requirements for both the front end and the backend. If all this wasn’t complex and challenging enough we also have custom integrations to shipping and help desk applications! All of that was just the OSC side of things. We also have a message board with tens of thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of posts. As well as other community pages. Both were also part of this project. As you can see it doesn’t get more complex and challenging. I posted for recommendations of an expert who was qualified to help with this project. Henry was one of the first to contact me and was extremely responsive to my many questions and concerns. I hired him for this project he began immediately. Perhaps you are like me. I had previously done all my OSC 2.2 work. This would be the first time I would provide anyone access to my server, code and data. To say I was apprehensive is an understatement. However, Henry was able to set my concerns at ease and he quickly earned the trust I placed him in. I now have a new 2.3.4BS OSC site that is fully responsive. It looks great on a desktop, tablet and mobile. It’s FAST and easy to use regardless of the device you are accessing it from. The server is configured to run completely over https. Henry also migrated the message board which was no small task and it too looks and functions great on a desktop, tablet and mobile. Henry also help with Google analytics and search console and historic Google impressions and clicks were maintained and are trending up. He was able to maintain link consistency throughout my website (OSC, message board and other content) so priceless links hosted on other websites to my website are fully functional. Many of the OSC addons I was using in OSC 2.2 had to be tweaked, in some cases significantly, to work with 2.3.4BS. Mods like CCGV and Ajax Attributes just to name two. The bottom line is this project was very complex and challenging in many ways and I could not be more pleased with Henry’s expertise, creativeness, and determination to deliver a high quality and functional OSC site based on my specific needs as an existing store owner. I would HIGHLY recommend Henry for any OSC related project regardless of the size or complexity. In fact, Henry went so far above and beyond and I am so pleased with the effort and result for the price originally quoted I sent him an unsolicited bonus! If you are stuck on an old version of OSC that is showing its age time to engage Henry and move to a fully responsive OSC. You will be very happy you did and so will your customers! Again, I highly recommend Henry for any OSC project.