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  1. If the package is returned you also lose the initial shipping costs and depending on the shipper the return shipping costs (which are often higher than the original). I agree with Burt that the easiest thing to do is no longer ship to the UK. However, that's not the most profitable solution. If something similar is going to go into effect for the EU then we really need the ability to implement minimum order valve per country. Also, when you do an international refund the customer almost always ends up shorted because of exchange rates and such. Then they want you to make them whole which costs you more. So, I really need to prevent orders that fall under the £135gbp from being submitted.
  2. In the U.S. we have been informed that WE, the e-commerce merchant, selling into the UK from the U.S. must have a VAT number and collect the 20% VAT on orders under £135 (~$180 USD) and then remit collected VAT taxes quarterly to the UK. We have been told that failure to collect VAT with a VAT tax ID will result in the package being sent back at our expense. Orders with a value over £135 VAT will be collected by the UK. This is why we are looking to have a minimum order value of $190 USD for orders shipping to the UK.
  3. UK is indicating any package from outside the UK under the stated value that has not collected VAT will be returned to the sender. So, asking for forgiveness will cost you all the shipping charges involved.
  4. Thanks Nigel. Let's hope the entire world does not follow UK's VAT collection model for not UK e-commerce. I can't imagine having to collect and maintain taxes like this for ever country we ship to. Nightmare!
  5. Thank you Burt for the reply and information. I do utilize Hooks and use them for the PayPal and Braintree modules. While I am fairly capable at modifying modules and code for my purposes I am not a "developer" of code. So, either method is out of my capabilities. If there is an existing hook or a header_tag module that does something that would be relatively easy to modify let me know. Otherwise, if there's someone you recommend that might be interested in developing it for the community or for me (for hire) let me know. Thank you again!
  6. I'm a U.S. based company that ships to the UK. With the new UK VAT requirements I've decided I won't be accepting orders less than $200 USD. This allows me to avoid having to have a UK VAT number and collect and send collected VAT to the UK. We're running OSC v2.3.4 and need a Minimum Order Amount that is ZONE activated. I believe other U.S. companies who ship to the UK will be interested as well. I searched and found a could Minimum Order Amount modules. However, none were activated based on Zone(s). Any suggestions or modules that already exist would be greatly appreciated. Kenny
  7. kennyk

    Braintree Webhook/IP Changes

    I received this email from BrainTree about up coming changes. Will either of these BT changes require changes to the OSC BT implementation? If so, anyone know what changes will be required? Thanks...KennyK HTTPS webhook update On November 1, 2019, Braintree will require that all webhooks in production are served with secure HTTPS endpoints rather than HTTP endpoints to align with industry best practices for security purposes. (This change is currently live in our sandbox environment.) We have contacted all affected merchants about this change, and your team will need to ensure all webhooks used in your integration are created from HTTPS endpoints by the above date, as HTTP webhooks will no longer function post-deprecation. Braintree IP address changes effective January 2020 As part of our effort to increase stability and extend our global footprint, Braintree will update the IP addresses we use for sandbox and production API traffic on January 15, 2020. If you whitelist Braintree IP addresses in your integration, you must include these new addresses to ensure that you will be able to process transactions. Read our blog post to learn more, and notify your developers about this change so they can take any needed action
  8. kennyk

    Payment Zone Not Working

    Excellent work @Harald Ponce de Leon! I have applied this fix and can confirm it does indeed work! Thank you!!!
  9. kennyk

    Payment Zone Not Working

    In my shop we only accept credit cards from US and Canadian customers. BrainTree is ignoring the Payment Zones configured. I used this same payment zone with Authorize.Net without issue. Anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you @JcMagpie for the reply and information. I am not knowledgeable enough to know how to make these changes. Nice add-on and wish I could use it. Oh well, thank you again for the reply.
  11. osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 is the version. It's heavily modified. I do use FA icons in many places. I don't have the date of the original ZIP package and I'm not in a place right now where I could provide the date of an unaltered file.
  12. Thanks for this excellent add-on! I am having a few issues: 1. None of the font awesome icons are showing 2. Initially all the cart items were on one line. I moved the following line of code to be the last line of the 'foreach' structure: echo '<div class="dropdown-divider"></div>' . PHP_EOL; However, I am not getting the divider at the top or the bottom. 3. Your Cart is there but in color white so it can not be seen. 4. "Your Cart" is not left justified and "3 items, $65.04" is not right justified. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. kennyk

    Enhancement Requests

    Anyone have any input on this request? Anyone willing to work for hire to add these?
  14. kennyk

    Enhancement Requests

    First, a huge thank you to @Harald Ponce de Leon for this excellent payment module! Just looking at all the code that was necessary tells me this was no small effort. So, thank you!!! Second, there are two enhancements that would help me win order processing: 1. Transaction status in the 'Status History' to contain AVS results. 2. Ability to send email with Order info, transaction results, AVS results These two enhancements would allow us to quickly evaluate an order for credit card fraud risk. Authorize.Net sends an email for each order with the following information (see below). In the morning with a lot of orders received this allows us to print the orders and use MS Outlook to scroll through each Authorize.Net email with the MS Outlook/Preview Pane turned on to quickly evaluate each order for AVS/Billing/Shipping address for credit card fraud risk. Without these enhancements we have to log into BrainTree, click various menus and then scroll to see the information we need for risk assessment. If you are verifying just one order it's not too much trouble but when it's a significant number of orders it is time consuming and tedious. I have discussed this with BrainTree and there is no way to do either of these things from their side. It would have to be implemented in the OSC BrainTree payment module. ========= GENERAL INFORMATION ========= Merchant : MYSTORE.COM Date/Time : 27-Jun-2019 15:57:28 MDT ========= ORDER INFORMATION ========= Invoice : 12345 Description : My Store Amount : 123.45 (USD) Payment Method: MasterCard xxxx1234 Transaction Type: Authorization and Capture ============== Line Items ============== Item: 1 Description: Good Product Quantity: 2 Unit Price: $16.10 (USD) Item Total: $32.20 (USD) Item: 2 Description: Better Product Quantity: 1 Unit Price: $64.55 (USD) Item Total: $64.55 (USD) Item: 3 Description: Okay Product Quantity: 4 Unit Price: $24.95 (USD) Item Total: $99.80 (USD) ============== RESULTS ============== Response : This transaction has been approved. Auth Code : 012345 Transaction ID : 0123456789 Address Verification : Street Address: Match -- First 5 Digits of Zip: Match ==== CUSTOMER BILLING INFORMATION === Customer ID : 12345 First Name : JOHN Last Name : DOE Company : Address : 1234 BILLING LANE City : DOELAND State/Province : Iowa Zip/Postal Code : 12345 Country : United States Phone : 555-555-5555 Fax : E-Mail : email@domain.com ==== CUSTOMER SHIPPING INFORMATION === First Name : JOHN Last Name : DOE Company : Address : 1234 SHIPPING LANE City : DOELAND State/Province : Iowa Zip/Postal Code : 12345 Country : United States ======= ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ====== Tax : Duty : Freight : 0.00 Tax Exempt : PO Number :
  15. kennyk

    Installing app-braintree-2_010

    FYI, I was successful in upgrading to the latest version and do have it working now.