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  1. ddragin

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Thank you one more time i solve my problem and learn something. Great help mister
  2. ddragin

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Thank you Mr. Jim i clear cache and now i have all sub-categories. But i notice another problem www.pakraprom.com and www.pakraprom.com/index.php its different. First without index.php is looking like before cleaning cache and with index.php is locking correct.
  3. ddragin

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Ok Mr. Jim i will try to clear cache and i hope that solve a problem
  4. ddragin

    [Addon} Superfish Categories Box

    Hi to all, I have a problem with superhish category box. Everything is working perfect till last Monday, i was add two new subcategory and they are not visible in menu tree. But when I click on a category which includes the two new sub-categories , they can be seen in the central part of the site. Also i try to create new category and have same problem not visible in category tree menu. Url of my web site is www.pakraprom.com Name of category is (Rucni alati), and names of sub-categories are (Pinovi and Zatezaci ekspenderi) "see attached pictures" Please help. I was try to find why is that hapend but no luck. If more information needed ask please i will provide it.