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  1. Error with installasion

    It actually stops here. admin/includes/application_top.php // initialize configuration modules require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'cfg_modules.php'); -> it stops here $cfgModules = new cfg_modules();
  2. I'w installed the 2.4.2 and the admin/includes/languages/english/modules/cfg_modules/cfgm_navbar_modules.php is missing so my admin login gives me a blank screen. What's in that file?
  3. Any tips on how to avoid setting language each time i open the database: $link=mysql_connect("","nobody",""); mysql_set_charset('utf8',$link); mysql_select_db("oscommerce");
  4. v2.4.2 Online Update Available

    My online update does not work. Where can i find the files to upgrade manually?
  5. v2.4.2 Online Update Available

    Have been using OC for about 10 years, so well not actually new user. I know SQL and PHP quite good if i may say so, and like the OC project. I have implemented full accounting and other facilities to my OC, but due a upgrade to my Ubuntu box made the old OC to stop I like the interface to the 2.4.0 and would like to get my new 2.4.0 to automatically upgrade, but it gives me a blank screen. I could find the bug myself after getting the system to work again, but kinda lazy. Is there any zip file or DL page where i could get the new 2.4.0 to 2.4.3 files?
  6. v2.4.2 Online Update Available

    Online Update gives me a blank screen. Where can i download update files from 2.4.0 to 2.4.(newest)
  7. I'w had the 1.3 something and upgraded my computer to ubuntu 17.04 Then my OC did not work. Have done some tuning on the source code to adapt it to my need. Also altered the databases. Did install the 2.4.0 and have some seriously work ahead to import the sql data and everything working. Did decide to separate my programs ( accounting, cash register etc ) in a separate directory instead of editing the OC code. This is something giving me just a blank screen: Online Update, Deleting a category. In admin/home screen the dropdowns do not work. I have to chose "New Revenue" to get them to work. Another tips: I made a "send me a mail when a new product is registered in a category". Any chance to add that in a future edition?
  8. I would rely love to see a better feedback system for customers. Maybe a customer can chose to get mail if: - Theres a new product in a specific categorie ( chose-able from root categorie and down ) - There's been some change with a product. ( new price, ordered, or whatever change etc. ) - A product is set as not shown ( out of production ) Much of these can be triggered by the "save" button in the "categories.php" file.