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  1. Trying to get back on this project.  Needing to revisit my new shop, and figure out what I did back in MAR/APR timeframe.  My shop is not showing rates, but I believe it is due to the key. Last I worked on it, I had labels printing from my Zebra printer, and all was good.  The store was just not ready to go live - need to do this because I'm getting tire of all the PHP issues with RC2 when my host upgrades PHP. 

  2. I've been making mods to the FedEx Label Add-on. I've got it working, and have passed FedEx Certification (everyone printing labels must now be certified by FedEx). As soon as I get it working 100%, I plan to give it back to the community.

  3. Ok - well, thanks for the responses.


    Figured it out - it was indeed bad characters in the title of my products. I had a ® symbol in the title and the Linkpoint API didn't like that.


    That fixed the Bad XML error, and combined with other things changed (uncommenting the CURL) the contrib works with the new store.

  4. Just downloaded and installed this contribution in a v2.3.3.4 store, and so far so good.


    Got a "Enter ZIP Code" for rate when I was using the development key. Went and got my production key and now I get rates.


    Only problem - it's adding a 3lb tare to all my products. There's no specification in the setup for a tare, so I imagine it's in the code.


    Update: Nope - it's in the "Package Tare Weight of the initial store setup:

    Configuration > Shipping/Packaging


    Answered my own question.


    Now, to get FedEx Labels working with this contrib...


  5. Has anyone been able to get the Linkpoint API working with the latest version of OSC (v2.3.3.4)?


    I've installed the API and the first error encountered was a deprecated "split" function with PHP. I've changed that to 'explode' and have got by that error.


    Now, it appears that the OUTGOING XML is bad. I get an error SGS-020003 on the INBOUND PreAuth.


    The Checkout_Payment page is reloaded with a red banner at the top with the following text:


    PREAUTHORIZATION FAILED - Card not approved, please contact your bank for detailed information or use another card. Please correct the listed problems and try again or contact us by phone to process this order.


    Anyone got any idea's?

  6. I suspect there may be a rounding issue somewhere in this contribution.


    I had added a 5% handling fee to all shipments, and when I tried to process an order for a customer, my gateway came back with an error. I processed the order by hand, and when I added up product subtotal, shipping, and sales tax manually, the grand total came back $0.01 lower than what OSC reported as the total. I went back and removed the 5%, and everything added up.


    Can someone please check? I would - but I have no idea where to even start.

  7. I must say, after waiting until the 11th hour, I DL'd this contribution and copied the files to my server. After getting my Key/PW from Fedex, adding my acct number - BINGO. It works.


    Cudo's to ROADOCTOR for his efforts and everyone else who contributed before.


    I now have realtime FedEx Quotes running, but now the bigger question:


    Is there any way to get this contrib to work with the FedEx Automated Labels contrib?

  8. It is great to see that someone has finally put together a module for Web Services. My Rep has been on my rear for months. I have been using the Fedex Automated labels mod for years. Is anyone else using this and has anyone heard of a web services version that will print labels.


    Yes - I'm using the FedEx Automated Labels. I use that contrib every day to ship orders. Gonna suck if it no longer works with WebServices...

  9. John: There are no docs, other than this thread, that I'm aware of, you should read through it before you decide to install the module. The install is pretty simple though, just extract the zip file and put the files in the same directory on the server that they are in on your local machine. Then just go to the admin area and install the shipping module. Fedex is phasing out the old api and gateway, so you'll need to update your account with fedex if you haven't already. Once the module is installed you should be able to put in your account info and select the shipping options you want to offer.

    So it truly is a module that can be turned on/off in admin, which allows for existing FedEx module to work as well, right along side (while bugs are being worked out)?


    You need php 5 and php soap support, there is a php file in the package that tests your server for soap support.

    I see this as an issue - my host is not keen on PHP5 due to security issues.


    It doesn't print labels, there are some older contributions that do, but I doubt they will still work with the new fedex web services api.

    So, all this contrib does is get shipping quotes based on the customer's addy?

  10. I would like to install this contribution in my store to replace my existing FedEx API. However - I have some questions:


    (1) There doesn't appear to be any text doc for the install - am I missing something?

    (2) Does this contrib print labels?

    (3) What are the serverside requirements? PHP5?


    Thanks to all who have labored to get a replacement for the API!



  11. Did you receive a letter in the mail from Fedex about the New Web Integration?

    Yes I did. This is at least the second letter I've recieved from FedEx.


    If so, I was wondering if anyone had plans to implement this new structure? I guess the old API method is going away. Just looking for some feedback as the the future of the Fedex Real Time Quotes addon.

    I guess the bigger question in my mind is what are the options? If the FedEx Ship Manager API and the FedEx Ship Manager Direct are going away what do we need to do? I'm using the FedEx Direct contrib - is this going to stop working soon? What do I need to do to "migrate" to a new solution?

  12. Just received a notice from FedEx that the FedEx Ship Manager API and the FedEx Ship Manager Direct solutions will be retired on May 31, 2012. Does this module use either of these two solutions from FedEx? Do I need to be worried about loosing the ability to ship via FedEx after 6/31/2012?

  13. Does not mather that much, encryption is just a small part of PCI compliance....


    The server environment, physical access to server, physical access logs, data access logs and much more also comes into account.


    One of the issues that I'm having is that the login script needs to be on the https: rather than http: - I seached the contribs, but don't see anything for a secure login box. How is everyone getting by with this issue?

  14. Anyone integrated eBillme into their store? A quick search of the contributions and of this forum yield nothing. Wondering if integration is possible. I've also contacted eBillMe, but have yet to receive a response.

  15. Well, I thought it was fixed, but now, I'm still getting orders via GCO with $0.00 shipping charges using the FedEx shipping module. Logging into GCO, and looking at the errors in the integration tab, I have two:


    We timed out waiting for your server at https://www.mydomain.com/catalog/googlechec...onsehandler.php -- the error we got is: Read timed out Your server must respond faster to merchant calculation callback requests.


    We encountered an error trying to access your server at https://www.mydomain.com/catalog/googlechec...onsehandler.php -- the error we got is: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out


    What's the fix for these two?

  16. Update:


    Shipping now works - it was an issue with my testing, and using my own GC account. Basically it was being shipped from and delivered to the same address.


    Now, GCO is telling me there an issue the the response handler:


    We timed out waiting for your server at https://www.xxx.com/catalog/go...onsehandler.php -- the error we got is: Read timed out Your server must respond faster to merchant calculation callback requests.