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    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    Thank you so much. Firebug was exactly what I needed. It took me about 10 hours, but it gave me a much better understanding of what was going on. Awesome tool. Combined with stackoverflow.com and jsfiddle I was able to nail the problem down to javascript...jquery to be exact. I had a template installed that was using an outdated jquery, maybe even a custom one. Not only that, but your banner and one of my previously installed sliders were colliding due to how and when the functions were being called. I didn't figure any of this out until I was halfway into replacing the Beacon 9 jquery banner rotator with the Unslider jquery slider inside of your BannerRotator install. Long story short, I tweaked a few settings for the new jquery script, updated my jquery files, moved the javascript ready function from the default location in your bannerRotator.php file (I was having problems with a line in bm_banner_Rotator.php where the argument passed to the javascript function is a class) into the header as pure javascript and now everything is working ok. Thanks again for your quick responses. I appreciate all of your help. I learned a lot.
  2. v8pers

    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    well, I checked my source code and all of my banners display properly on a blank html page ie. the banner array loaded by the bm_banner_rotator.php module is good. The only thing left now that I can think of are the arguments that are being passed to the javascript function. I think that for some reason empty arguments are being passed to the javascript function. This would explain why the banner controls display, but no images display when I set rotation to true. Actually could the problem be that I am using jquery for another function on my page? The banner rotation function depends on jquery right? Is it ok or possible to use jquery for multiple functions at the same time?
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    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    I've been looking it over for a few hours. Everything looks good. I tried playing around with where the javascript ready function was being called in bm_banner_rotator and got the first banner to load, but still could not get banner rotation. Probably dumb luck. Would it be possible for me to see the html source for a webpage using the rotator function? Also, if one of my banners was bad (eg. bad id number, bad code) would that stop the other banners from displaying in the rotation?
  4. v8pers

    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    The names are matching. I even changed them to a new name for the group just to double check and still no luck. I uninstalled and reinstalled the module and still no luck. It almost feels like a javascript problem I'm having because everything works fine until I change Banner Rotate to "True". Also When I check my bm_banner_rotator.php file the variable var $enabled = True is not being changed from "false" to "true" when I change the value in the admin panel. I changed it to "True" manually, but that didn't change anything.
  5. v8pers

    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    Thank you for this contribution. It works great until I set Rotate Banners to "True". For some reason the banners don't show up nor the navigation controls. The only thing that displays is a small 5 pixel dark square where the banners should be. Seems to be independent of browsers.