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    I have a PROBLEM (big for me but surely easy for you to resolve :rolleyes: ) with CGDiscountSpecials 1.4b. I installed osCommerce and CGDiscountSpecials. I have imported the new sql file CGDiscountSpecials.sql and ran it. New table CUSTOMERS_GROUPS created with CUSTOMERS_GROUPS_ID, CUSTOMERS_GROUPS_NAME and CUSTOMERS_GROUPS_DISCOUNT. DEFAULT and WHOLESALE rows have been added. CUSTOMERS table has a new row, CUSTOMERS_GROUPS_ID SPECIALS table has a new rows, CUSTOMERS_GROUPS_ID and CUSTOMERS_ID When I enter the shop as a Guest, I select a product and click buy and I have the following error: 1146 - Table 'shop_masy.table_customers_groups' doesn't exist select g.customers_groups_discount from TABLE_CUSTOMERS_GROUPS g inner join customers c on g.customers_groups_id = c.customers_groups_id and c.customers_id = '' [TEP STOP] Do you guys have an idea ???????? THANKS IN ADVANCE !!!