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  1. Arhhh ... To Mr Phil and Manfred. The original question (I thought) was pretty simple. Can I upgrade 2.2 to 2.3.4? When someone replies using my request for help as an opportunity to give the developer a massive slap in the face... Where I come from that is simply rude. My reply congratulating myself was to let Phil know that I didn't take kindly to being told osCommerce was so far out of date I was pretty much wasting my time hoping to upgrade the Softaculous version. That is an opinion I don't share. The politics of open source software is not and never was something that should be voiced in a forum supposedly dedicated to discussions about installation of the software. Nothing at all wrong with my ego. I've never used a request for help to dump on the software being asked for help with. BTW Manfred... Your reply to my later request for help was wrong. I fixed that myself too. If this were a newsgroup, you and Mr Phil would be branded trolls.
  2. Thanks for the reply Manfred, Sometimes its the simple stuff that caused the greatest mess. It wasn't the language file. When I added my PayPal email address the error went away. Your sig says it all!
  3. Hello all, I've just installed a templated version of osCommerce 2.3.4. THe template came from Theme forest its called TechnoStore. It differes from another "trial" version of OC 2.3.4 in that I need to install the Paypal App to get anything other than Paypal express which requires a buyer to firstly have an account with my store and then one with Paypal so I want a different paypal app. When I tried to 'install' the website standard payment module I get an error message. Writing to the developer of the template revealed PayPal is restricted in his home country and he was of no help other than to refer me to OC help. The first try at installing the addon prevented me from seeing the administration page when I logged on. I fixed that by doing a restore but I still need to get paypal website standard functional. I can't find anywhere in the help or documentation explaining how to install an addon. In this case Could someone please explain to me how, after downloading this zip file to my desktop, I install it on a working version 2.3.4 site? I'll be grateful for any help. paypal-error.pdf