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  1. patchgill

    Constantly returned to FailureURL

    Ah apologies I didn't realise that was the case, I just assumed with the add-on been Oscommerce this was the place to be. Thanks for your help. J
  2. patchgill

    Constantly returned to FailureURL

    Hi there, I am trying to update my gateway on loaded commerce and it is currently using version 1.2 of the form and works fine. I have updated to 2.00 to get Sagepays v3 api working, this works fine the payments go through into my sage but no matter what I am doing I always get returned to the failure URL with :- There has been an error processing your order transaction Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. Has anyone else experienced this issue? OTher than that it seems to be processing the payment and refunding fine. Just the failure message and it doesnt store in the Backend but I assume this is because it thinkg it has failed. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Jamie