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  1. NUKE1989

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    Thanks for your reply again. One more thing. Almost all the IPs i get are actually bots. How do i exclude them? Because so far it is not being done automatically.
  2. NUKE1989

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    First of all thank you very much for your prompt reply and i feel ashamed for taking me so long to reply back. The date setting works fine! Found the data on database too. Cool :) About the ignore list problem i mentioned, it is probably me not understanding how it works. So no worries. Now here is what i find important. Here is a part of my monitor page: http://postimg.org/image/k74b9zrkx/ All of these data is from the same IP. It would be nice if there was only 1 line for this IP's data and when i click on that IP to "expand" all the data it has for this IP. I hope you understand what i mean. Because now i get pages and pages with data of the same IP and it is not easy to find things i want. Finally is it possible for "?" button to search in "ip-lookup.net" instead of whois? Thank you very much again!
  3. NUKE1989

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    A few questions. I put my address on ignore list but i can still see what i do on viewcounter. So it doesnt seem to filter addresses. Any thoughts? Can i download storage somehow? Or where is the file located? Is it possible to show just every IP and then if you press the IP to see "expanded" what exactly this IP has seen on the page? Because right now i get too many pages with the same IP so it is difficult to work with it. Thank you. Edit: Also why dont you also add "Month" on the date?
  4. NUKE1989

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    I fixed the problem. It was a mistake because of a failed copy paste. And notice must because of another module. Now i can edit categories, and it seems to work, except that i still cant hide categories...
  5. NUKE1989

    Simply Hide Products (SHP)

    I just installed the module. It works fine with products. But not with categories and now i cant even edit categories at all :( Any ideas? Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_print_shp_menu() in /var/www/html/eshop/admin/categories.php on line 1097 Notice: Undefined variable: sorting in /var/www/html/eshop/admin/categories.php on line 1045
  6. NUKE1989

    [Contribution] Admin Notes

    Anyone managed to fix the style of admin_notes.php so that it has the style that 2.3.4 has? Thanks.
  7. NUKE1989

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    Okay, i almost did everything that i had to do. Before i turn it on i would like to ask some questions about Install.txt: 2) view_counter_install.php wasnt on New Files folder but on database folder. So i just put it on catalog folder and seems that it worked. I believe this needs a bit more clarification. 4) admin/languages/english.php should be admin/includes/languages/english.php right? 6) In admin/includes/column_left.php, look for require(DIR_WS_BOXES... or include(DIR_WS_BOXES..., I cant find this line... EDIT: I just saw your post The left column change only applies to shops that have the old style of left_column.php (before 2.3.3, I think). 8) If oscommerce version 2.3 or above, if the ckeditor is installed, .... i have no idea if ckeditor is installed so i changed nothing for now. I assume i would know if i had it installed. 11) In the root's .htaccess file,.... Thats what i am mostly afraid. What do you mean by root's? There is one .htaccess file on /catalog and another on /catalog/admin. You mean the first one? And if my name is "abcde" instead of "admin" does that mean that line RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} "/admin/" should be RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} "/abcde/" ? 12) I dont seem to have a robot.txt file anywhere... Thanks a lot.
  8. NUKE1989

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    Hello to all. I am thinking of installing this module. However since i am not experienced, and this module requires many changes, i am a bit afraid. My question is, does this module generally works or at least doesn't destroys something else? Thanks! Edit: I received a reply in another thread and i am going to install it right now.