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  1. @@modeltronic, Have you activated the newly installed SPPC login content module in the admin? Are u sure you are using the correct login module ( the original login content module will not work with sppc).

    Thank you very much, @@raiwa! It's a great contribution,


    Thank you very much, @@greasemonkey. For any reason, now it works great! Actually I don't remember if the problem was that I forgot to activate it after been installed or anything else. In any case, it works. But I have a doubt, the pop-up window for choose between groups isn't showed.


    In my current Store, if your account is a wholesaler, when logging, this pop-up is showed and lets you for choosing if you want to login as a Retail or as a Wholesaler (or any group that were created). Now this option is out. Why? (OF COURSE I have set activated Alert off option of Switch off alert for authentication: in admin panel -> customers -> Edit this specific customer.



    Guys, there are 2 files left and after this, everything will be ready: unfortunately, SPPC 2.3.4 upgrade download files are a directory tree for fresh installations without explanations for previous modified files... and as includes/modules/product_listing.php and new_products.php are hard to deal with them, when I get it, I will upload a step-by-step explanation .

  2. Hello @@modeltronic,


    Could you please explain for which add-on you try to add the login support and which steps you did for installation.


    The link you posted is for:

    Activation Code login content module for osC 2.3.4


    This thread is for the SPPC add-on.

    The SPPC content module download link is this:

    Separate Pricing per customer login content module for osC 2.3.4



    The above posted codechanges are also for SPPC.


    Otherwise the forum language is english and other users may be interested in your post too, so it is preferable to use english for all posts.

    You can send me private messages in spanish, of course. :)




    Oh sorry, as you are in Barcelona, I spoke in spanish. Well, you're right, better in english for that the others can understand and follow the solutions and maybe the successes :-)


    The steps were very easy, I did the same changes as explained in the readme.html attatched inside the contribution. In fact, there are only 4 steps, 4 bunches of code easy to paste. Two of then in the login.php and the other 2, inserted in the cm_login_form.php file. But as @@greasemonkey says, no success. When login, the price is the same as the Retail price. After that, I put the login.php 2.3.3 (modified with SPPC) and however, and THIS file works properly! But of course I cannot let this file since is not a bootstrapped code, is a <2.3.4 version.
    After that, I found your contrib. 9090 and tryied with it, but failed again. Your contrib. seems to do nothing, or I am doing something wrong...
    I have a scramble with login.php, products_listing.php and products_new.php because their codes are absolutely different than previous versions, I mean, 2.3.4 versions of these files are so different, and the SPPC instructions for the 3 files are useless, forcing to be set up by an expert developer until a future step-by-step update of SPPC 2.3.4 (for non vanilla files). But now, login.php is the file that makes me worried.