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  1. modeltronic

    SPPC - for 2.3.4

    Thank you very much, @@raiwa! It's a great contribution, Thank you very much, @@greasemonkey. For any reason, now it works great! Actually I don't remember if the problem was that I forgot to activate it after been installed or anything else. In any case, it works. But I have a doubt, the pop-up window for choose between groups isn't showed. In my current Store, if your account is a wholesaler, when logging, this pop-up is showed and lets you for choosing if you want to login as a Retail or as a Wholesaler (or any group that were created). Now this option is out. Why? (OF COURSE I have set activated Alert off option of Switch off alert for authentication: in admin panel -> customers -> Edit this specific customer. Guys, there are 2 files left and after this, everything will be ready: unfortunately, SPPC 2.3.4 upgrade download files are a directory tree for fresh installations without explanations for previous modified files... and as includes/modules/product_listing.php and new_products.php are hard to deal with them, when I get it, I will upload a step-by-step explanation .
  2. modeltronic

    SPPC - for 2.3.4

    Oh sorry, as you are in Barcelona, I spoke in spanish. Well, you're right, better in english for that the others can understand and follow the solutions and maybe the successes :-) The steps were very easy, I did the same changes as explained in the readme.html attatched inside the contribution. In fact, there are only 4 steps, 4 bunches of code easy to paste. Two of then in the login.php and the other 2, inserted in the cm_login_form.php file. But as @@greasemonkey says, no success. When login, the price is the same as the Retail price. After that, I put the login.php 2.3.3 (modified with SPPC) and however, and THIS file works properly! But of course I cannot let this file since is not a bootstrapped code, is a <2.3.4 version. After that, I found your contrib. 9090 and tryied with it, but failed again. Your contrib. seems to do nothing, or I am doing something wrong... I have a scramble with login.php, products_listing.php and products_new.php because their codes are absolutely different than previous versions, I mean, 2.3.4 versions of these files are so different, and the SPPC instructions for the 3 files are useless, forcing to be set up by an expert developer until a future step-by-step update of SPPC 2.3.4 (for non vanilla files). But now, login.php is the file that makes me worried.
  3. modeltronic

    SPPC - for 2.3.4

    Hola @@raiwa, estoy migrando de la 2.2 a la 2.3.4 y para el login no funciona, tal como comemtas arriba, dices que hay de alguna forma que integrar los 4 cambios en el cm_login_form.php, pero el resultado es desfavorable. Por otra parte he instalado tu contribucion http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9091y no hace nada, no funciona. ¿Alguna idea? Un saludo.