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  1. IMHO, some effort should be invested in making the default installation (demo) more "beautiful"/modern. If nowadays I want to build a webshop and I check the state of the art, after reviewing demos of Oscomerce, Prestashop, Magento,etc etc I would surely discard Oscommerce the first. It looks like very ugly (and old) by default. Of course it can be tweaked with templates later but the first impression does not help (And I mean the Community Bootstrap Edition, the "Official" one better I not speak) My point is , that much of the effort behind the scenes that you're speaking of now it can go unnoticed by shopowners. Many ideas may make life easier for developers or "shop admins" of legacy projects but not for new adopters (because there will be almost none soon). Summarizing, my suggestion is to make oscommerce sexier (sorry to be so shallow! )
  2. Hi! First of all, thanks to all of you for your effort and great work. @burt I have just pulled your last commits and make some tests. I have noticed that the new login page does not show any login form. In admin->modules->content modules->login Form->Enable Login Form Module is set to True. I have reviewed login.php source code and I can't see something like "$oscTemplate->getContent('login');" Maybe it's missing? (I'm sorry, I'm still not up to date with all the changes you're making)