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    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hello people, First of all thanks to kymation for this excellent addon. I installed it after installing "Protected Images for oscommerce 2.3.4" and I had to make some modifications so that my images would display correctly. when I finished I thought that I didn't like to only have the option to disable or enable the Heading Title, so modified fp_heading_title.php to allow me to write whatever I wanted in the Heading Title for each language. I didn't do much though as I just copied the method from fp_text_main.php and made the necessary modifications. I feel it's 'more' complete now :) :) :) :) installation is simple as usual make a copy of your original fp_heading_title.php file remove the "Heading Title module" from oscommerce admin if you are already using it copy the new file at catalog/includes/modules/front_page and overwrite the original **BACKUP your original FILE - you have been reminded!!!** install "Heading Title Module" again to see the changes all credit goes to Kymation for making this addon... fp_heading_title.php