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  1. Du9dley1

    Paypal Express not taking payments

    it's working now?
  2. Du9dley1

    Paypal Express not taking payments

    installed app in payment modules but get error: Warning: constant(): Couldn't find constant OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_EC_STATUS in/public_html/store/onlinestore/includes/apps/paypal/OSCOM_PayPal.php on line 200
  3. Du9dley1

    Paypal Express not taking payments

    I am having problems with Pay pal Express not accepting payments. I contacted paypal and they replied " Upon my checking through your website nor account API flow log, all steps to make payment are working fine Except I can't see any DoExpressCheckout has been called to complete the payment." Any Ideas what I need to do. Was working fine with Moved to new domain and started fresh with new copy of 2.3.4 and added a couple addons but none that had anything to do with Paypal. thanks for any help.
  4. Du9dley1

    [add-on] Discount Code (support)

    Hi Anyone using this with Osc 2.3.4 and having the the correct tax applied? Rick
  5. Hi I am using Oscommerce 2.3.4 and added this addon. It works but I am having problems displaying the correct tax with Discount Code 3.2. I have checked & rechecked Discount Code 3.2 mods couldn't find a problem. I decided to start over again and when I was doing the mods for PayPal Express Checkout for Discount that ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php file was different. It had been change for Osc 3.2.4 and that the code where i was suppose to add your code does not exist. ***Find: // don't recalculate currency values as they have already been calculated $params['SHIPPINGAMT'] = $paypal_express->format_raw($cheapest_rate, '', 1); $params['AMT'] = $paypal_express->format_raw($params['ITEMAMT'] + $params['TAXAMT'] + $params['SHIPPINGAMT'], '', 1); $params['MAXAMT'] = $paypal_express->format_raw($params['AMT'] + $expensive_rate + 100, '', 1); // safely pad higher for dynamic shipping rates (eg, USPS express) Is there an update for the new version of Express.php or can your code be added to it and where. Rick Stimers