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  1. I've just upgraded PWA to 0.80 and it fixed quite a few bugs I was concerned with, however the one thing that you said it fixed, didn't seem to get fixed in my case. When I checkout with PWA, it isn't supposed to show the My Account and Log Off in the header, howerver it still does. Anyone have any ideas? I did replace the includes/header.php file if that's what you're thinking. Any help is appreciated.
  2. 1nsane

    Orderlist contrib

    I tried this, did not work. Has anybody else discovered a fix to the CSV output in SSL?
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    Orderlist contrib

    I tried the CHMOD 777, didn't work though. Anybody else have any ideas?
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    Orderlist contrib

  5. 1nsane

    Orderlist contrib

    Has anybody had any problems outputting the CSV file when using a secure SSL admin tool? If so, what was your solution?
  6. 1nsane

    Monthly Sales & Tax version 2

    Has anybody figured out the problems with the CSV output when using SSL? I have this same problem and a solution would mean a great deal to me.